hi guys and welcome to the family fudge
today on Thrifty Thursday I’m talking about saving money on makeup now for many years I only used cheap makeup products and I don’t think there’s anything wrong
with that most of my items came from either
Walmart or Target and I can’t think of anything that I used that cost more than
ten dollars it wasn’t until recently that I was able to try out some more
high-end makeup products and you know what I found out I actually like some of
the cheaper products better now a lot of times with makeup it’s true you get what
you pay for but sometimes you can find a makeup dupe have you guys heard of
makeup dupe basically a dupe stance for a duplicate or an item that’s very
similar to a more expensive product and that’s why today I’m doing the Dollar
Tree makeup challenge today’s video is part of a collab with the very crafty
Kelly over at Kelly Barlow creations you should definitely check out her channel
it’s all about crafting on a budget and you guys not only however things super
cute but a lot of her items come from the Dollar Tree she’s also going to be
doing her version of the Dollar Tree makeup challenge I will link it down
below now if you’ve come over from Kelly’s
channel and this is your first time here welcome my name is jennifer and on this
channel i shared all things mommy and family related things like grocery hauls
recipes DIYs money-saving tips and that sort of thing so if you’re into those
kind of videos please subscribe and now onto the challenge so for my version of
this challenge I have several rules number one I wanted
to try to stay ten dollars or under for the whole face number two I wanted to
find colors that were as close to what I would normally wear as possible so no
crazy weird makeup something that I would actually wear and number three all
of my products had it comes from the Dollar Tree from the same Dollar Tree so
even my own makeup brush and applicators I can’t use any of those
only Dollar Tree products yes it sounds a little bit scary I may be able to do
it and may not be able to do it let’s find out
now I shop at the Dollar Tree quite often but I usually don’t even go down
at the make up aisle so I was really surprised to see how much makeup they
had yet they still didn’t have a very large variety not a lot of shades it was
actually quite challenging to pick only ten items here is what I ended up taking
home first I chose the eye shadow this kit comes with 12 different colors and
they’re all called traditional it comes with a little teeny brush and the
colours actually aren’t that bad very close to what I would normally wear next
up is the bronzer I was actually surprised to find a really nice looking
shade not too bad then I found this really pretty pink blush it’s called jam
and then the pressed powder I could only find it in rose beige which actually
looks kind of yellow that’s all I could find I chose this lipstick that actually
comes with a nail polish so that was great and what I really like is that
this one’s actually cruelty free it’s a very pretty berry color I don’t remember
what it is called and then I have a compact makeup in the light shade light
was the only choice available in the store for the mascara I picked up this
wet and wild full lash very black mascara it says it’s enriched with Tam
PL and I have no idea what that is now for the brows they only had a dark
brown pencil which kind of scares me because I normally use a blonde pencil I
did pick up one makeup brush knowing that I couldn’t use any of my own
brushes so I chose this contour brush from Wet n Wild reading the back was
really funny because not only did it say that’s a brush with cruelty free but it
also said that this brush was gluten free and vegan let me know in the
comments down below if you have makeup brushes that are not gluten free
the last thing I forgot to show with the black eyeliner pretty standard
that’s everything I could get for $10 okay guys so here is how my makeup
normally looks I like to use a lot of it cosmetics and some covergirl products as
well so I’m going to go ahead and start by taking off all of my normal makeup so
here I am completely makeup free now normally I would start my routine with
some moisturizer and primer and some concealer but I can get any of that at
the Dollar Tree so I’m starting with this compact of foundation this was the
only color that they had and it looks pretty yellow so I’m going to start by
spot treating my trouble zone that way hopefully I can build the coverage and
then because I don’t have an eye primer I’m going to go ahead and put some
foundation on my eyelids as well so hopefully my eyeshadow will last a
little bit longer and I have to say you guys this makeup it smelled really weird
it felt very drying and the sponge was really stiff this is definitely not a
dupe onto my eyeshadow I’m going to go ahead and start with this kind of light
tan color and put it all over my lid oh yes and I can only use this small little
brush normally I would use several different types of eyeshadow brushes I’m
just going to take a little bit of this color
oh yes and I’m going to go ahead and put my eyeshadow on before the rest of my
foundation because I’m expecting a lot of this eyeshadow to fall
and sure enough it totally did so much of this eye shadow ended up on my cheeks
so it worked out well they did not put my foundation on before now this wasn’t
a bad color but I really had to apply it on stick to be able to see it next I
chose this darker sort of purpley color for my crease as you can see I’m not
super impressed with this eyeshadow but we’re going to make you and I’m going to
try to build the color and blend it at the same time once it’s blended it’s not
too bad but definitely I had some scary moments there now I’m going to go ahead
and take this darker sort of gray color and put it in the outer corner of my eye
this color was definitely not as dark as I was expecting before I moved on to my
next step I went ahead and used my makeup remover to get all of that fallen
eyeshadow off of my cheeks and now back to the foundation I really feel like I
had used a lot of this product I was really not impressed with this
foundation definitely would not buy it again I’m going to go ahead and just
spread it all around and try to make it work
it is cancelling out a lot of the redness in my face but I definitely
don’t think it looks very natural at all now I couldn’t find any translucent
powder at the Dollar Tree so I’m going to go ahead and use this pressed powder
instead this was the lightest shade that they had and it still looks a little bit
yellow to me so I’m going to use my brush because I only have this one brush
to really kind of smooth out that foundation there was so much powder in
the air with tickling my nose now even though this powder didn’t feel great on
my skin I think it really did help the foundation to look better all right
almost done just a few more steps next we’re onto eyebrows which I’m a
little bit nervous about because they only had this dark brown color and
normally I use blonde or taupe and I’m going to have to use my side mirror here
oh my gosh you guys it was way way too dark
I was so ridiculous this is definitely not my shade now I had to figure out how
to fix it because I didn’t have any brow pencil brushes or anything so I decided
to do is take some of my pressed powder and just put it on top and it definitely
helped to tone down that super dark color now just as a side note you guys I
like to keep my eyebrows a little on the stick side because I’m hiding a scar
under there now on to the other eyebrow you really have to be careful with this
brow pencil brows are not my favorite thing you guys I’m so not good at brows
I try to even these up as best as I can and then of course I’m going to go ahead
and put some pressed powder on that one as well to try to tone it down and it
actually does help I think that looks a lot better and next on to the eyeliner
this is just one of those push up sort of pencil types but I definitely don’t
love this eyeliner I definitely would not call this one a dupe it wasn’t
terrible but I really had to go over the same spot several times the port would
show up I guess for a dollar it’s not too bad mascara is up next I’ve actually
used a lot of wet and wild products before and a lot of them actually work
pretty well I was super surprised by this mascara I thought it worked just as
well as my classic Maybelline mascara but it did smudge pretty easily so I had
to wipe that off overall a thumbs up on the mascara now
we’re on to cheeks I’m going to go ahead and start with this blush woah that was
super bright and not really in the right spot this brush was not very precise so
I really had to try to blend that out because it was super bright
now I’m a little bit nervous about this bronzer it could totally ruin my whole
face if it’s too dark but here I am using the same brush because it’s the
only one I have whoa you guys it really showed up definitely a little bit goes a
long way with this bronzer I think the biggest thing about this blush and the
bronzer is you really have to blend it out otherwise it kind of just looks like
a weird sunburn next up is lipstick now I was a little sloppy putting this
lipstick on but overall I actually really liked the color okay guys here’s
a final product what do you think you know my husband
just walked in and he said he didn’t notice a difference at all so I think
that’s a good thing I was actually pleasantly surprised
none of the ayahs were horrible but there’s only a few that I would say I
get so not a lot of Dukes in this bunch I thought the mascara was pretty good
the lipstick was actually one of my favorites I think the lipstick is really
good I think it needs a gloss on top overall for a dollar and this one
actually came with a nail polish as well so that’s a really good deal and then
both the bronzer and the blush I thought were really good the only thing is yeah
I would recommend using a better brush this brush does not do it if I use these
with my regular makeup brushes I think it will work out really well now two
things that I definitely would not buy again are these guys any sort of
foundation or powder I would not buy at the Dollar Tree not only is it hard to
find your exact shade but I really feel like this is just going to wipe right
off it’s not going to stay all day at all so stay away from those guys if you
like this video could you please give it a big thumbs up also don’t forget to go
check out Kelly’s version of this video thanks for watching and I’ll see you
next time you you

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