Dove | Real Beauty Productions #RealBeauty
Dove | Real Beauty Productions #RealBeauty

For too long the definition of beauty has been too narrow and let’s face it, unreal. This is one of the big reasons why I tell stories. Real stories that reflect the real world. Stories that show us as we truly are. And I think it’s particularly important for women and girls to know that they have an amazing story as well. I’ve teamed up with Dove as they launch Real Beauty Productions, a new kind of production company that helps real women like you, yes you, show the world what beauty means through your eyes. And Dove Real Beauty Productions is really about getting those stories told. Together we’ll challenge unrealistic ideas of beauty, inspire women to be themselves, and help all women and girls love the bodies they were born in. That feels important to me. As part of our team, you’ll be with us every step of the way as we bring your story to screens everywhere. So, if you have a story about you or someone you love that expands the definition of beauty, Share it at

9 thoughts on “Dove | Real Beauty Productions #RealBeauty”

  1. Anna Mai says:


  2. ew no says:

    Does Dove never use guys?

  3. Damien Parker says:

    Liberal propaganda

  4. UrGaynium says:

    Dove : "we appeal to garbage liberals so they can buy our garbage overpriced products" this is why I buy Irish spring and old spice. lol

  5. monicabun 09 says:

    Dove makes you happy😇😍😎😋☺😚🤥🤓

  6. sucpia • says:

    Honestly, you guys only made these “kind” and “inspiring” video to only make people buy your brand. If you honestly do care ABOUT futures lives, then you would start that stuffs like years ago.

  7. Genesis 13 says:

    can DOVE make make up

  8. Celine Douet says:

    Hey Dove, when will you start sponsoring people like this wonderful lady over 50 who is doing beauty makeup videos and showing the world that age really is just a mentality? When will the beauty industry give up ideals of young perfection and start adapting to the lifestyles of real women, and representing women of all ages?

  9. Roedy Green says:

    You have a youtube commercial showing a young gay man applying female cosmetics heavily and camping it up. I am the guy who started gay lib in BC. I find this commercial offensive. This is a Stepin Fetchit character who exudes the most unpopular gay stereotypes. He is designed to increase hatred and contempt for gays. Please cut it out.

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