#drawthisinyourstyle | Prima Confections Pastel Dreams First Impressions
#drawthisinyourstyle | Prima Confections Pastel Dreams First Impressions

Hello guys and welcome to my channel. I’m
Amanda and we are here with watercolor confections, Prima confections
review.I’m so excited to bring this to you guys. I’ve wanting these
watercolours for god knows how long. I love the colours. They’re pastel. It’s
really hard to get pastel colours in watercolour and I’m just so happy to have
these in my possession. For this video I just want to make a disclaimer. I am
doing the draw that’s in your style challenge but I kind of failed in that
regard because I did Katnipp’s draw this in your style from Instagram. I’ll post
it in the description below, but, I kinda did not draw it in my style. Well, I
didn’t draw it in her style either because it’s really hard to replicate
someone’s sale exactly but I didn’t really try hard to draw in the style
that I draw in because I feel like I don’t have a style and I didn’t know how
to draw it but I really wanted to draw it because I thought what better way to
promote these non sponsored watercolours than to use an illustration from Katnipp
because she is known for her pastel colours and her art is absolutely
beautiful I love it. So, if you don’t know who Katnipp is, you definitely should go
and check her out. This is not a collaboration or anything like that. I
just decided to do this for this video to test them out. I have used them in my
sketchbook as well and used them a little bit, but, I haven’t used them too much.. So,
I can’t say that this is a proper review it’s more of a first impressions video.
So, yeah. When I first opened these paints, I was blown away by the colours,
the way that they were aesthetically set up it was really nice and the tin is okay
I have taken them out of the tin since then and put them in my main watercolour
palette tin. The actual things that they come with, the pans, are not the best size
for universally switching them to different pans. I have the Winsor & Newton
Cotman Studio 42 pan set thing and they don’t really fit in there very
well but I rammed them and because I wanted all my watercolours together. I
really need to do some sort of recreation of a watercolour set thing, because I have
too many colours and it’s really overwhelming but look how beautiful
these colors are guys honestly they are so gorgeous and I have been doing a
little bit of a rebranding. I’m changing my name. I’m changing the colours that I
use I’m changing a lot of stuff and it’s really exciting and these colours are
really do speak to me in a personal level and the way that you can mix them
to get different colours and you can also get muted colours. it’s really nice I love
them. I definitely recommend them. I will say
though that they are a little bit opaque than normal watercolours and I don’t like
that. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t actually like Schmincke very much
I think that’s how you say it… Schmincke? Sorry about my computer. I cannot
do anything about that, if you can hear the whirring in the background. My
computer’s on the way out so I’m really sorry about that but yeah they
are a little bit more opaque but you can water them down to be a little bit more
transparent if you like and the colours are vibrant but also have a pastel sort
of vibe to them. They feel… cream. They don’t feel chalky. I thought they were
gonna be chalky because of the colours they are very much mixed pigments. I
don’t- I can’t tell you what pigments are in each colour I don’t know. I’m pretty
sure that somebody else that does watercolour videos has the pigment
information but there is a lot of pigments in each colour just to try and
get these colours to be pastel and beautiful like this. They’re not
really the best for a single pigment colours because you won’t get one with
single pigments in them. So that’s why I thought they were gonna be chalky but
they’re really not. They’re really nice to work with and they’re just beautiful
when you put them down on the page. I do recommend if you want to have a
pastel watercolor experience to get these. These are the best pastel watercolours I have tried so far… They’re the only pastel watercolours I’ve tried so far…[laughs]
but they are really good than I love them
and I think that it’s – it’s awesome and I feel like I am trying to get you’s to buy
these, which, I mean go ahead if you want! The link will be in the description
below but honestly I do recommend them for people that want a limited palette
and also want really nice colours. You can get really nice skin tones, you can get
really nice greys, reds, oranges, greens There is not a green in this palette
the paradise one is a little bit green. The one that’s in
between the two blues is a little bit green but it’s not a forest green
colour but anyway here I am watercoloring Katnipp’s illustration. I did draw it on
my iPad printed it out and then traced it onto watercolour paper I do have a
little snippet of me drawing it in my previous studio vlog video and if you’re
wondering why this video is on a Wednesday and not a Friday because I
usually post on a Friday then my channel is completely changing. I am so excited
to bring new content to you guys and to bring new stuff to you guys as well and
it’s just going through a lot of changes. It’s going through a growth spurt. I
believe and I’m really excited so instead of posting on a Friday I’m going
to be posting on a Wednesday but not every week but I will be posting a
studio vlog every week on a Friday instead and I think this gives me more
time to spend on editing and recording videos that I want to bring to you guys
and make them a lot better. I just feel like I am rushed every week to try and
make a decent video for you guys and I end up not happy with the results but I
post to anyway because I’m like oh my god I need to post a video for Friday
and that’s not the way that I want my channel to go. So, videos, art videos like
this and other types of videos like any type of video that I want to do that
comes up will be on this day. Posted at 7:45 p.m. GMT I have changed it to GMT and
the time will change in March to BST again so all confusing time zones but if
you are unsure just put and UK time and
translate it to your timezone so that you know when my videos are coming
out or you can hit the notification bell and it will notify you of all the videos.
I post sometimes a day later than I post them but that’s just the nature of
YouTube. I’m really excited today guys I’m really happy with the things –
shoosh phone. Sorry about that I’m really happy with the things that I’m doing and
I’m going to be doing in the future and I’m just excited and I think that’ll be
awesome. I’m really working hard on making
original artwork I know there is not original artwork in this video today but
I am really trying to find my way with art and I’m really excited about art at
the moment which is awesome. I am really happy with this. I did do another
draw that’s in your style and it was more my style than their style. It’s on
my Instagram if you want to follow me on Instagram.
Let’s just promote all my stuff, shall we… Instagram, Twitter, Facebook uh snapchat? I
don’t – I don’t use snapchat very often and etsy I do have an Etsy store which
I’m hoping I can change my name on Etsy because I’ve already changed it and then
I changed it back and now you’ve got a request to change it again so I’m hoping
that they understand that I’m in that kind of limbo zone just now and I just
want to change my name all the time but the name that I’m going to change my
channel to and stuff is going to be the last and I will talk about that in my
future studio vlog. I don’t know if I’ll make a separate video about it. I
don’t think it warrants a separate video I did make a separate video when I
changed my name before on my other channel and to be honest it didn’t do
very well so I don’t want to mess up my algorithm. I’ll just talk about it in my studio vlog because I think that will be awesome or I might doing a video of
me creating all the banners and the icons and the and the stuff for the name
if you want to see that how I came up with the name and all that stuff then
please do tell me in the comments below and I will make a video just like that
so you can guys can see all the creation of the things that are gonna be going
on on the channel in the future Katnipp just made a video and it came a
weird time because I was in the middle of trying to find a name for my channel
and she made a video about business names but will not talk about that in
this video this video is another Katnipp related video. You would think I was
obsessed or something. I am she’s awesome go and watch her but yeah I – yeah I love this
and I am having trouble with the brushes that I’ve been using. I really want to
try the silver black velvet brushes because apparently they’re
really good. I do think that the brushes that I have are good enough but I really
do want to try them to see if they’re better and to use them and just to have
a bad experience with watercolor so yeah but they’re expensive. so I’m just waiting
I’m just – every time I go on Amazon or Jackson’s are I like click Add to basket
and then I end up backing out and I’m like no, I’ll just buy what I need to buy
instead. I hope that you guys are enjoying this video so far. I am not
speeding this up it’s just complete real-time. I messed up on that little
tiny thing I used a number 8 or number 10 brush to colour in that little
leaflet that was a bad idea. These colours are awesome you can get
really good colours and I don’t think I mixed very much I did mix for the hair
and the jumper a little bit. Not the middle jumper the the yellow one. I mixed
a little bit for that just to make the Purples a little bit different and the
colour on this video went a little bit skew-wiffy (?) but it’s alright and I mixed for
the skin tone as well which turned out a lot darker than I wanted it to be but
you can get really decent colors with this color palette and I love it and I
just want to use it all the time. I’m gonna be using it to do some botanical
and floral illustrations soon because I really am into doing leafy strokes and
things like that I’m just excited. Are you excited? What have you been working
on guys? What are your colour palettes favourites… that sentence made no sense…
What are your favourite colour palettes? Do you like pastel colours? Do you like
muted colours? Do you like brights? DO you like other colours? Do you like limited colour
palettes? That’s the good thing about this is that they have millions of sets
for this set thing. They have the collection the classics, the tropicals,
there’s loads of them and you can just get them and the go well together they
mix well together they’re awesome. I think that that’s all I’ve got to
see it about the palette and stuff like that and all the updates and things and
I think I’ve been talking a little bit fast so I’m really sorry if you guys
cannot understand me but if you can’t there’s subtitles because I do subtitles
by hand every week so click on that. Make it worth it look at that little blush!
That’s awesome! Anyway guys I am gonna leave this video here I hope that you’ve
had an awesome day I hope that you have an awesome week and weekend and I will
see you for my studio vlog on Friday Remember at the end of the video I
always post a playlist and another video that you can watch as well as my Etsy
shop and a button that you can press to subscribe to me because we are really
close to 3,000 and I am so excited for that so again thank you so much for your
support guys and I will see you in my next video bye bye *oink oink* [Phone goes off] Shush, God! [Soft music plays]

9 thoughts on “#drawthisinyourstyle | Prima Confections Pastel Dreams First Impressions”

  1. EmilyArts says:

    Awesome video! ☺️ Looking forward to hearing your new channel name and the future of the channel! My favourite colour pallet is blues and blue greens 😍

  2. Liz V. Art says:

    I love Katnipp too, she is so adorable! I've not attempted to do a draw this in your style because.. well, I don't have a style + I can't really draw people anyway ! I'm eager to get to a point where I can though. Good luck with the etsy name change!

  3. Julia McNeill Crafts says:

    Beautiful x

  4. Vela Noon says:

    So adorable!

  5. Bottle of Arts says:

    nice video

  6. monkeymintaka says:

    Yes! I am excited! 😁 I don't know about what yet, but I have a general feeling of excitement right now – it could be because it's almost breakfast time 😂

    I love these watercolours! I've wanted to try this brand for a while…but I just bought a bunch of acryla gouache, so they may had to wait.

    I would love to do one of these challenges, but I honestly don't think I have a style yet 🤔 Yours turned out great!

  7. Angie Hewitt's Artroom says:

    Beautiful colours. She's lovely

  8. Crafty Leeks says:

    Lovely painting, and I think you under estimated yourself and the drawing does have your style. Sometimes people don’t think they have a style but other people can see it.

  9. Rand'em -Emma Butcher says:

    oh my goodness!!!!! I totally totally want to get those watercolors. I think they will be the next art supply I buy, i want the complexions one! 🙂
    Awesome video <3 <3

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