EASY Nail Art Designs WITHOUT TOOLS! At home for Girls | Easy NO Tool Nail Art Designs!
EASY Nail Art Designs WITHOUT TOOLS! At home for Girls | Easy NO Tool Nail Art Designs!

In this video I’m going to show you five
easy nail art designs without tools. Let’s dive right in. Hey guys it’s Clarice, welcome back to my
channel. And you know what to do, start out with a base coat and this is my UNT
peel-off base coat, I really like this one. By the way, if you’re interested in
what I do to take care of my nails, you can click on the video in the upper
right hand corner of your screen. But. moving on to the first design, we will
need a metallic silver polish. If you don’t have something exactly like this,
that’s okay you can just use some other silver or glitter polish you have, that
can work. So just paint the whole nail. Alrighty, so when that has dried, grab a
copper or an orange or even brown glittery polish it do,esn’t even have to
be glittery but I think it’s more interesting when it’s glittery. And
you’re going to make a little clump of polish at the end of the brush, like that.
And then you’re going to use that to make dots of the polish all over the nail. And
you don’t have to wait for this to dry to go on to the next step. So just grab a
black polish and then as you can see, what I’m doing here is I’m making the
brush very thin by brushing both sides of it against the edge of the bottle, and
then you’re basically trying to make yourself a little striper brush. So this
is a little bit tricky and don’t worry if it’s messy, mine got a little bit
messy there that’s alright. So I’m just using the thin brush now to just outline
a little bit and you can see that this is a leopard spot pattern. It’s a little
bit different here, but yes you can do this design without any tools. Although I
think a toothpick might be of a help. Already, for the next design grab a black
polish. Here I’m using in LA colors black. And then grab a white polish, and the
more opaque it is the better, but if it’s not totally opaque in one coat, that’s
fine. Okay so what I’m doing here is you might need to turn your finger around to
get the right angle, I’m basically making like a crescent shape with the white so
I’m covering up a lot of the black and I’m going to fill in all that area
and then leave just that rounded sliver of black
at the cuticle and at that one side and I’m just going on straightening up that line. Oh there’s my hair
coming in the way okay, and there we go! That’s so easy. For the next design, also
grab a black polish and you are going to make two kind of scalloped lines like
this above the free edge and then just fill in all of that tip. And you might
not see bu,t I put a little bit of latex on the sides of my skin to protect it
from the black polish which is kind of staining, and that is the finished design
I think this is a very, it has like a formal look to it. I really like that black, very
simple and and a little bit minimalistic you know. For any next design grab two
purples, or you could really use any color combination but in total you will
need a light, a dark, and then a glittery shade of that color. So what I’m doing
here is, you don’t have to wait for each side to dry but I’m just painting half
the nail light and then half the nail dark, like that, diagonally. And then when
that dries grab a glittery purple or whatever color for the color scheme you
are using, and just kind of like dry brushing, just dab some in between that
line so you see the line doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re just going to
cover it up. And if you keep going, it kind of gives it this gradient effect,
almost, sort of, maybe, okay. And for this one, whip out your red polish and paint be
whole nail red, easy peasy. Then grab an orange, I don’t use orange
very much do you? Anyways I’m dry brushing this down the
center of the nail. And I did another dry brushing design like this, in this video
right here, but I use pinks and purples in that one, so very versatile technique.
You can leave it like that or you can take it a step further and grab your
yellow polish and then dry brush some on, even thinner line down the middle and it
gives this kind of vertical gradient idea of fading from red to orange to
yellow. I think this one is really cool. Well that was fast!
I hope you enjoyed these designs, I do have a whole other video on no tool
nail art designs in the upper right corner of your screen too, if you’d like
to see more ideas. But you all seemed to really like my last fall nail art video,
so hit the notification bell because in my next
video,, I have a bunch more fall themed ideas to share with you! And quick
announcement, I have a little coupon code for you all from Born Pretty, five
dollars off your order from November 11th to the 12th. I’ll have
the code and any other details below in the description just, in case you were
thinking of picking something up from them.
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Wednesday and Saturday at 3 p.m. EST. Please feel free to share this video
with your friends, and comment below: which of these designs is your favorite? Mine
is the purple one. I always look forward to your comments and giving responses too.
Remember that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, so I hope to see you
in my next video, thank you so much for watching all the way to the end, you’re
really the best, and have a magical day!

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    Hey lovelies! What is your go-to nail art tool? For me, it would be toothpicks and my pair of tweezers. What would I do without them 😅 Comment your answer below!
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