Easy New Year’s Eve Nails | Glitter Waterfall Last Minute Party Nail Art!
Easy New Year’s Eve Nails | Glitter Waterfall Last Minute Party Nail Art!

Hello everybody! I’m Lily Rose and welcome back to a new nail art video. Today I wanna show you how to make these super
easy sparkly nails to rock on New Year’s Eve! And without further ado, let’s get into
the tutorial! Let’s start as always with a base coat to
protect our nails. This is especially important with blue nail
polish, since it is known to stain nails like crazy. Now, use your favourite blue to paint your nails. Since this is for new years eve, try to go
for a darker shade, it doesn’t even have to be blue. I just really like the idea of blue and glitter for new year’s eve, but whatever you like! Little trick, nail polishes with a slight
shimmer will with the matt topcoat look like they have a beautiful satin kind of finish that is luxurious. Depending on your nail polish, apply a second coat if needed. I didn’t show it in the video, but I used
a brush and some nail polish remover to fix the edges around the cuticle and then apply a topcoat. Let it dry completely and top it off with
a matt top coat. The normal topcoat will basically create a
smooth canvas on top of your nail polish allowing you to get that perfect smooth matt finish on your nails. And we are doing this now and not at the end because matt top coats take away from the glitter sparkle. And I really want that glitter on top to pop! For the waterfall stripes I used 2 different
glitter nail polishes that I think would complement each other. A more rose-golden
and a blueish-silver. Make sure to use very concentrated glitter
nail polishes, the ones that actually have tons of glitter when you apply them. Now with a fine brush, start making strokes from the bottom of your nail towards your tip. Make these longer, shorter, however you feel, just make them next to each other, but leave space in the middle. The first layer, I like to make these all a bit longer, so the ones that come next are a bit shorter, but still, give them some variation in length.. Next, with the other nail polish, fill the
in-between with some more strokes of glitter. Try to also fill the bottom of the nail, so
there are no blue spots peeking through. I only used these two nail polishes, especially
cuz the glitter is a bit coarser, but you can definitely play with more colors or more
nail polishes. There is no right or wrong. Btw, in the mean time, if you are new here,
don’t forget to subscribe Well, and, new year, new life, what are some
of your resolutions for the year to come? Mine will be definitely to start uploading
more! If you feel like some of the first brush strokes kinda got lost in all the glitter, just take again the first nail polish and make them even longer! And yep, that’s it! Super easy, right? I hope you guys enjoyed it, and leave me a thumbs up! If you recreate this, tag me on instagram,
@lilyrose.blog! And if you wanna get to know me a bit better, I now have a personal instagram account @lilyylema,with a double y. I see you next time, bye!

8 thoughts on “Easy New Year’s Eve Nails | Glitter Waterfall Last Minute Party Nail Art!”

  1. Lily Rose says:

    What are some of your new year's resolutions? My #1 is uploading more 😂 I'm also thinking about being that cliche and deciding to join a gym 😅

  2. Sofia says:

    Is to learn to dance with point shoes

  3. Madovernailart says:

    Love these😍

  4. Alice B says:

    My New Years resolution is to be nicer to my sister.

  5. Handmade Kitty says:

    hi beautiful.

  6. Sofia says:

    Lily I got a idea
    Paint your nails with makeup
    You add a layer of transparent nail polish the you need to make powder with the eye shadows and put it in a little container, put your finger inside take the exess and add another layer of transparent nail polish.

  7. acacia cayla says:

    Lily yr top

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