Hey guys it’s Aego here Hi, Hello. The end of the year is near, and there will be a lot of people either partying or traveling, so Today, I have here with me a very neat red lip point holiday makeup that you can do it very simply. When it comes to HOLIDAY MAKEUP, personally the red lips is the first thing that comes to my mind So I tried my own red lip makeup and I hope you’ll also like it. Then let’s start the moist sentimental holiday makeup right away. Well, I do have oily skin but in the cold winter, my cheeks and forehead get dry, so my cheeks and forehead are especially moisturized this season. Im gonna use semi-matte products so if you are a person with dry skin, it’s best to prep your skin by moisturizing it first. The product I’ll be using is The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation Slim and the color is N203 Natural Beige. I chose this product cuz I’m gonna do a
moisturizing look on my eyes and lips, leaving my skin clean and not glossy. First I’ll apply a flat foundation by using a foundation brush. The brush I’m gonna use is the PICCASSO COLLEZIONI FB17 and I’ll start by applying it on the center of my face very thinly and widely. Next Im gonna use the PICCASSO COLLEZIONI COLORTIP SPONGE in RED by dabbing it lightly to make the foundation adhere well onto my skin. Doesn’t this sponge have a unique shape? I’ve actually tried using this sponge several times before, and I felt that this sponge feels different from other sponges I’ve used before, so I really wanted to show it to you guys. This sponge is made with a RUBY-CELL puff which is the same puff material we often can see in cushion pacts. Compared to most other sponges, I feel that it doesn’t absorb as much product, so it does a great job adhering the product onto my skin. I was waiting for this moment, cus I really wanted to introduce this product when I make a makeup tutorial. I’ll apply a bit more on by layering it with this sponge where I need more cover. Next, I’ll use a powder to fix my base makeup. I’ll put on THE FACE SHOP’s APEACH OIL CONTROL WATER BLOTTING POWDER by using a big and soft brush to apply it on my face. The brush I’m gonna use for this is the
PICCASSO COLLEZIONI 103A. I’ll apply the powder by dabbing it and then wiping it very gently. Next, let’s move on to the eye makeup. The eye makeup is much simpler than you think, so if you were to follow this makeup, you’ll be able to do it easily. First, the product I’m gonna use for my base eyeshadow is INNISFREE’s MY CONTOURING NO.1 SOFT MERINGUE COOKIE. This is actually a contour product, but I chose this cuz the color is also great to use as a base eyeshadow. I’ll use the PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s No.224 which is a brush that looks like a nose contour brush. I’ll just apply it very lightly on my entire eyelids to the eyeholes. And I’ll also contour my nose and connect under the front of my eyebrow. Next, I’ll draw the eye line. Im gonna draw it with a natural feeling so I’ll use an eyeshadow. The product I’ll use is INNISFREE’s MY EYESHADOW MATTE NO.37 DRIED CHERRRY Im gonna draw a line that’s not too thick, so I’ll use a small and sharp brush. And the brush I’ll be using is PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s No.305. I’ll apply the eyeshadow on the brush and starting from the edge of my eye I’ll draw it a bit upwards but not too long. And blend the line a bit with the remaining. To make the line more natural, I’ll use
INNISFREE’s MY EYESHADOW MATTE NO.16 ALMOND and PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s No.777 brush. I’ll blend the line and make it look more natural by gradating it a bit. Next, I’ll use a glitter. This is HOPE GIRL’s 3D EDGE EYE GLITTER
and the color is W101 MOON LIGHT. Since this product has a small applicator,
I’ll use a slightly big and flat brush to apply it. And the brush I’ll use is from docolor but since the name or number isn’t written on it, it just looks like this. I’ll apply the glitters on the back of my
hand and put it on my eyelids. And then to make ensure the glitters don’t
get too clumpy too and look natural, I’ll blend it thoroughly. And then I’ll use a small and short brush which is PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s No.221 to apply it on the head of my eyes. Next is the POINT of today’s eye makeup! I’ll put on the fake eyelashes, but I won’t spread it evenly, I’ll just add on long eyelashes to make my eyes look dolly. The fake eyelashes Im gonna use is EYE ME EYELASHES and to make it look natural I chose No.37. I actually use EYE ME EYELASHES very often and they are one of my favorite eyelashes. I think these eyelashes are great even whether they are attached whole or cut. So, Who’s ready for some arts and crafts? For this look, I’ll be cutting up these lashes before putting them on. It’s actually quite simple. Hold the lashes upside down between the index finger and middle finger and cut it to the desired length with a pair of very thin and sharp scissors. Looking at the roots of the eyelashes, you’ll see that lashes are grouped into different sized grafts; mainly large grafts and small grafts. For me, I’ll start off by cutting out a large piece; 4 large grafts from the side with the longest lashes. Then I’ll cut up the remaining lashes into small pieces
of 2 large grafts each. After that, repeat with the other piece. Now that I’ve cut up the lashes, I’ll be attaching a large piece of 4 grafts and 4 smaller 2 graft pieces on each of my upper lids. I’ll put the glue on the lashes and blow it to let it dry a bit and then I’ll attach it from the tail of my eyes. I’ll start by attaching the longer 4 graft piece slightly behind the tail of the eyes. And then attach the smaller pieces in the order of longest to shortest. When attaching the lashes to make them look as natural as possible, just put then on as close to the root of the eyelashes as possible. Now that I’m done with my upper lashes,
I’ll work on my lower lashes. I’ll be using the remaining pieces of 2 graft lashes for my lower lashes, but they’ll need to be further trimmed by cutting off the large grafts, as I will only be using the small grafts for my lower lashes. Like the upper eyelashes, I’ll also be using
about 5 pieces, and I’ll attach them in the order of longer lashes to shorter lashes from the outer corner of my eyes, in. Next mascara! The mascara I’ll use is ETUDE HOUSE’s HOLIDAY EDITION CURL FIX MASCARA, Black. I’ll apply it thoroughly from the roots to ensure that the falsies stick on tightly. I’ll also apply the mascara again only on the ends of the falsies by holding them like this. And then apply it on the lower lashes thoroughly. Like this, the eye make up is done, let’s move on to the blusher. The product I’m gonna use is the EASY POWDER’s
EASY LOVELY RUDDY BLUSHER, LILAC PINK. I picked this blusher because it has shimmery glitters in it, so it’s great to as a blusher and highlight at the same time. This blusher is very unique as when you open the container, you’ll see that it only has the puff. The blusher is actually in the puff. So, by dabbing it on the back of my hand, you can see the the blusher coming out like this. So, with this I’ll dab it on my cheeks, and use a soft brush to blend it naturally by spreading it around the cheek bone. This brush that I’m using is PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s
No.108 Then I’ll move on to contour. I’ll be using INNISFREE’s MY CONTOURING NO.1 SOFT MERINGUE COOKIE which was what I used for my eye makeup. I’ll contour the tip of my nose with the brush PICCASSO COLLEZIONI 224, and by using PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s 108, I’ll contour outer edges of my face, chin and apply it inwards to get mixed with the blusher on my cheekbone side. Now, I’ll draw my eyebrows. I’ll use BBIA’s SHADE&SHADOW #4 CINNAMON. I’ll use a brush to draw my eyebrows very naturally. The brush I’ll use is PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s No.302 I’ll just sorta smudge it on without really drawing the line of my eyebrow. And since the mascara would be dry by now, I’ll use a wooden stick and a lighter to curl the lashes. I’ll curl the upper and lower lashes very
carefully. Finally, the last step! I’ll apply the lip product. And the product I’ll be using is PERIPERA’s INK TINT SERUM NO.3 & NO.5 which I reviewed recently. I chose this cuz I really liked their moisturizing application and the color when applied. I’ll apply on No.3 as the base color And to make it look more moisturizing and glossier you can choose to use a lip gloss like what I’ll be doing. To do that, I’ll use INNISFREE’s JEWEL LIP GLOW. I’ll apply it by using this brush. Which is PICCASSO COLLEZIONI’s No.19 I’ll put the lip gloss on the back of my
hand and apply it thinly with this brush. Like this, my holiday makeup is done.I hope
you guys try this look out on a special day. Thank you for watching my video today🙏🏻 Don’t forget to subscribe▶️ Press the like buttons👍🏻 And please leave some comments for me💌 I’ll see you guys next time BYE BYE

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