ENG) 크리스마스 네일 트리, 스노우볼 쉽게 하는 법 / christmas nail art tutorial
ENG) 크리스마스 네일 트리, 스노우볼 쉽게 하는 법 / christmas nail art tutorial

Hello, Today I’m going to do Christmas nails. I will show you how to make two points (snowball, tree) on your thumb Have you seen Frozen 2? I was so impressed with Elsa that I made it a little light blue this time. It’s not difficult, so follow it slowly First, I apply color gel and cure it Now I’m applying pig top gel to set the snowball. I put a round frame and a ribbon without cure Then I’ll cure it Put a thin layer of glitter in this circular frame and put a snowflake on it Overlay the circular part with a clear gel and cure it for 30 seconds.I think I missed this part of this video.
So please understand in words I will add a three-dimensional effect.
Slightly apply clear gel to the surface Put another layer on top to add ornaments. Make a curve in advance so that it does not pop out to match the snowball curve Please put it in a suitable position I’m going to take blue as a whole and I’ll put these blue pearl beads here and there Dividing the layers and adding ornaments can double the three-dimensional effect please cure it for 30 seconds. Now we will overlay and complete the convex snowball. Put a lot of clear gel that doesn’t flow in a moment, then spread out from the middle If you keep the circular shape like this, you can catch the shape well Move the clear gel with the tip of the brush and overlay the clear frame filled with clear gel Rotate the angle around to see if it’s off, and where to touch to achieve a more perfect hemisphere shape. If you like the overall shape, just cure it for 30 seconds. If the shape of semicircle is not pretty, you can place it on top of clear gel once more. I’m going to finish it like this, so I’ll apply the top gel carefully and cure it for 60 seconds It was completed. The layers are stacked in three dimensions with different shapes depending on the angle. It is beautiful to make three-dimensional snowballs like this Now let’s make a tree. Use silver pearls on the nails with the underlying color to frame the tree When composing, it’s basic to have both sides mirrored. And always put a star on the top of the tree You have to choose the total height considering the size of the star. It’s hard to paint with a thin brush so I’ll use a square brush The reason I hold this guide without putting up the ornaments is that if I have a frame in advance, it is easy to compose the whole composition. And if the gap between the ornaments shines, it’s pretty. I’ll cure 30 seconds like this. Next, apply the clear gel as a whole and now you can put up various ornaments I’ll put the star It’s easier to frame the ornaments from the larger ones and fill the empty spaces with smaller ones. Position it in diagonal composition where color should be good, and balance it with Swarovski. Put this one between the pearls I’m going to put a big Swarovski on the empty space And then place another one in the empty space below Now fill in the gaps.I’m filling the empty blue ball shape that I used to decorate the snowball The bottom left decorated the smallest Swarovski size There’s another gap in between, so add the blue charms here Finally, put the charms between the stars and the pearls, and you’re done. I’ll cure it for 30 seconds like this.
I’m going to overlay using Clear & Top gel. As you know, Swarovski doesn’t cover everything. So wrap the rim of the jewelry with a brush You have to cover all the pearls.
There are many videos to overlay, so I’m going to skip it It was completed.
Happy Christmas everyone with Christmas nails If you enjoyed today’s video, please subscribe and like it. Thank you.

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    감기조심 하세요…

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    어쩜ㅎㅎ이렇게 예쁜아트만 알려주시는지
    혹시ㅋ 처음완성된네일보여주실때 아랫쪽에 같이나온 네일도 보여주시면안될까요?ㅎㅎㅎ

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