Hey guys, it’s me Aego here, Hi Hello. Recently, as I was out on a search for products that will be great review, I discovered that LALAVLA and SPAO BEAUTY have released WE BARE BEARS line products. I really enjoyed watching WE BARE BEARS and I’m especially a big fan of ‘ICE BEAR’, so I was really surprised when I saw these products. So let’s open and see the WE BARE BEARS line products together I have here with me today. So the products I have here with me from the
WE BARE BEARS line are 3 cushions, 3 tints, 3 lip balms and 3 hand creams. So, let’s start with the cushions. The cushions are the WE BARE BEARS LOVELY FACE CUSHION which are released in No.17 light, No.21 Natural and No.23 Beige. Doesn’t these cushions look so cute? Each one is designed with an individual character with ears made of silicone. This is so adorable. And I wonder if this silicone comes out … Ah~ it does come out. And you can just put it back like this. This is so adorable, I mean… Look at all the faces! Oh my gosh! So when looking inside these cushions, I can
see that each one comes with a puff with the name of each character, and their paw prints
on it. I think that they were quite delicately made. So now since I’m curious how the shades will look like, I’ll apply them on the back of my hand. No.17 Light No.21 Natural And No.23 Beige They feel quite light, and apply very moistly. And I think they also provide enough coverage at the same time, so I think they should be able to make my skin look natural with a bit of a pretty glow. When looking at the colors, I think No.17 Light seems to brighten up the skin like ICE BEAR with pinkish beige color, so I think it’ll be great for those who normally uses pinkish tone. No.21 Natural seems like yellow base tone with natural ivory color. And No.23 Beige is said that to be a pinkish beige color, but I personally find it to look like yellow-ish beige color. I usually use No.23 but No.23 here seems to be a bit darker than what I usually use. No.21 also seems to be a bit brighter… so… let me just apply No.21 and No.23 on each of my cheeks. So I removed my base makeup, and I’ll first apply No.21. I think it seems quite natural. Not too bright. Look at that glow! And now, No.23 Beige. This one’s not too dark either. I think this… No.23 looks more natural than No.21. No.21 kinda makes my skin look really bright. And I think that No.23 is a half tone darker than my skin tone. So I personally like No.23 Beige. Being that these cushions feel moisturizing, light and have coverage, I think they’re really great. And I personally felt that these foundations had a baby powder scent, which is a big plus for me cause I really love the smell of baby powder. And one thing that I was quite surprised was that when I applied these cushions on the back of my hand to see the shades, I thought that No.21 and No.23 would look a bit brighter and a bit darker when applied on my face, but when actually applied … Do you see these? This side is No.21 and this side is No.23. They just have that pretty glow and look at that coverage! I mean.. I think I found my MUST HAVE ITEM. This is so great. Like this, we are done with these cushions so now let’s move on to the next one. So I’m back with my base makeup and blusher so let’s really move on to the next prodcut. Next is the WE BARE BEAR’s VELVET LIP TINTS. There are 3 colors and the names of these tints are very cute in Korean, but I have no idea how to explain or translate them in English. Each of the names are a kinda of a play of
words. No. 1 is꽃길만 걷자곰, No 2 is 안아달라곰 and No. 3 is 사랑해 달라곰. As you can probably hear, each name ends with “곰” which means bear so it sounds very cute. So anyways, when translated the names No.1 is WALK ON FLOWER PATH, BEAR, No.2 HUG ME, BEAR and No.3 LOVE ME, BEAR. And also the design of these tints are just… so crazy, I mean, look at the bears on these tints! They are so cute! And there’s also a paw print on each tints, which I feel that they’re so detailed, I really really love it. when looking at the bears, I feel like I’m looking at the BABY BEARS.. you know? They are just so adorable.. So now, let me apply these tints to see the colors, No.1 Walk On Flower Path, Bear No.2 Hug Me, Bear No.3 Love Me, Bear So I think No.1 seems to have a bit of a dried and gray-ish blossom pink color No.2 seems to have a bit of strong and deep red
orange color And No.3 kinda reminds me of roses with its very deep red color. I think No.2 and No.3 will look great for cool tones since the colors feel a bit strong. And also, I think.. they have a slight floral scent that I think I’ve smelled this before… This smells very good. I think they have a very moussey velvet texture and when blending it with my finger, they blends just.. They just blend so softly. Overall I think the colors will look great for cool tones than for warm tones and I think it’ll be so pretty to mix No.1 and No.3 so I’ll try that out on my lips now. I’ll just remove the lip product I had on my lips. Apply No.1. Since it blends so softly I just can make my lips look very natural by roughly blending it. And then I’ll apply No.3 on the inner lips. Actually the color looks a bit darker in real. I really love this color. What do you think? So, since its been a while since I applied
the tints on the back of my hand, let’s remove the half of them to take a look at their staining. I think No.1 and No.3 has a bit of a stain and No.1 has the strongest stain of these 3. I had not expected them to really stain much seeing how they felt very smooth and moussey when blending it with my finger, so I’m a bit surprised. So let’s move on to the next product and that’s
WE BARE BEARS FIGURE LIP BALMS. These lip balms also has characters on each lip balm and the more I look at the products, the more I think it’s too fatal for those who love WE BARE BEARS. It’s too fatal for me guys.. HELP! The face of the characters bigger than I expected them to be and they also comes out like this. It’s said that ICE BEAR has a solid scent, GRIZZLY has a mixberry scent and PANDA has a peach scent. Since they ARE lip balms, they are very moisturizing and being that they’re bigger than I thought they would be, I think they’re great. I think ICE BEAR has almost no scent, so I think people who like scentless lip balms would this one. GRIZZLY has a very slight mixberry scent, and PANPAN has a bit of a strong peach scent which is not too strong but just a bit stronger among these lip balms. Since they all have no colors, it doesn’t matter if I don’t try it, but since my lips are a bit chapped right now because of removing the tints I applied, I’ll try it on my lips. It feels very thin and smooth so I really like it since I personally am not a fan of products that makes my lips feel stuffy when applied. So Im back with my lips again, and the LAST! WE BARE BEARS PAW HAND CREAM. I thought that it’ll just be a tube of hand
cream, but they also each come with a paw shaped holder. It’s so adorable. I can just place my hand cream down, but this paw holder gives off a much cuter feeling. The hand creams released are SUGAR PEACH,
BABY MILK and PINK MUSK. Since my hands feel quite dry, I’ll take a sniff of each hand cream and apply on the one which I like. First BABY MILK with ICE BEAR has a very strong baby powder scent. And SUGAR PEACH with GRIZZLY really smells like peaches. And PINK MUSK with PANPAN has a really faint musk like scent. I’m not sure whether it’s because ICE
BEAR and GRIZZLY’s hand creams had a strong scent, but PANPAN’s was a bit hard to smell. I personally like ICE BEAR’s so I apply this on my hand. This hand cream has a bit of a watery texure, so it’s great to apply and also does a great job moisturizing my hands. I personally like these kinds of watery textures and I like them even more cus they have the characters that I like and they have great scents. So this is the line haul of WE BARE BEARS
of LALAVLA and SPAO BEAUTY’s COLLABORATION products, and since the design of these products
are so cute, I think they’ll also be great to display like figures. The characters on each product are made with silicone and come out easily, so I think you can lose them easily, so you should be careful of that. I really enjoyed watching WE BARE BEARS and
was also very helpful for me to study English. I would’ve never imagined them to come out
as cosmetics. I really want to recommend these products
especially for people who likes WE BARE BEARS like me. Thank you for watching my video today🙏🏻 Don’t forget to subscribe▶️ Press the like buttons👍🏻 And please leave some comments for me💌 I’ll see you guys next time. BYE BYE


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