Evolution Of Body Art (Henna & Jagua Tattoos)
Evolution Of Body Art (Henna & Jagua Tattoos)

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder that the artist’s responsibility is to represent those unique moments and preserve them forever Some have modified those ideas Opening up a new world of creativity where art is not about admiring what the artist has represented from the outside but to become art, Using the body as the most personal canvas Tattoos have been used to remember moments in life, to personify art instead of just looking at it from afar But not every story is meant to last forever some are fleeting moments that are as valuable when they are created as when they disappear Nature provides fruits such as Henna or Jagua that allow the body to become an endless canvas Capable of representing the changing state of human complexity To unite the body and mind through art Unleashes the power to … do more more than we ever thought possible Be more. Capable and go further without looking back & stop at nothing Be better and work harder every day to reach the maximum potential of being That is art

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  1. Alvin Ryell Prada says:

    That looks nice mate

  2. Kardoso Media says:

    Nice work

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