Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 3 & 4 (GRAPHIC) | Stef Sanjati
Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 3 & 4 (GRAPHIC) | Stef Sanjati

– – is for Stef’s mom mostly, or other background voices Okay guys, I feel really gross. Physically I’m not in any pain. I just know that I’m swollen, and that I’m covered in really gross healing stuff. Like, I look disgusting. And I’m not exaggerating. Wait let’s just get- I’m gonna turn into the light. You ready? Oh my god. I have to do that sucking sound to keep myself from drooling. Because my lip is so big. Let me just adjust the lighting. So like, *clears throat* When the doctor was doing my lip and my jaw work, he had to clamp my mouth open. And that’s a burn. That’s a burn from holding my mouth open. And that’s okay, it had to happen. I’m not mad about it. But like, healing sucks, with that. I do feel like I’m getting some movement back in my face. But I still, um, I think it’s going to hit peak swelling today. Cuz, the doctor said 48 hours after the procedure, you hit the peak swelling, and 48 hours is in 6 hours. So um, we’ll see. But right now I do not, I do not like looking at myself. I’m still very happy. I don’t have any regrets. But I just wanna clean myself up and I feel really gross and… yeah So I’m gonna go walking around today. I have to get up out of this bed so that I can get some strength back in my body. And I’ll keep you posted, OK? Hopefully it’ll look a little bit better after I shower. Love you! *kisses* Hehe It’s too bright huehuehue Hi So… What I’ve been doing is Just kind of like, cleaning up. What I can. There’s a lot of dead skin. -Yeah!- -It’s okay- On my lip. *ugh* Hmm… whatever -I think you should try that mouthwash today too, that would make…- I don’t like that. -I got the one that…- So, one of the things I’m drinking is this smoothie. It’s some green goodness, like some farmer’s bullshit… It’s yummy though, it tastes good. Normally I think Green sm… -Oh! Be careful honey.- huehuehue Normally you’d think green smoothies would taste bad but it tastes yummy -This floor is like… creaky too so- *slurp* -Be careful, just drink slow.- Mhm. It’s a task. I love it. -…right now are we?- I have to take this off. Whatever.. -yeah- -Let’s just take the bandage off, you ready?- Yeah. If my face falls off, then *shrug* -Your face won’t fall off baby!- -Alright- Gentle, you’re doing okay it doesn’t hurt yet, just- -No. I’m doing it very gentle…- -Finally we got tape that sticks.- Is it gonna stick too hard? -Nope!- I just wanna be very careful. Mhm. -Okay…- *sigh* It sticks to my hands and everything. Mhm. -Okay.- -Just gonna go nice and slow… Mhmm. -Okay, that’s one off baby.- Okay. -Use a towel if you feel like you need it.- No -I think you’re okay.- -We got this don’t we?- We have more bandages to put back on after, right? -Oh, yeah. Yup- Oh, that feels nice. -There you go!- – I think we can leave it off for a bit today ’cause we’re not near any other germs and stuff like that.- -Look at that beautiful forehead.- I can’t really see. hehe -It looks great.- -What would you like now, honey?- Um, I don’t know. What are we supposed to do? -I think if you want to, um, put some shorts and a t-shirt on?- Should I do mouthwash first? -Okay! We could do that.- -So we’re gonna do the mouthwash right here, just stay in the chair I gotta read it.- I need to stand up to spit it out. -*Reading* Okay. “Fill cup to the fill line. Swish in mouth undiluted for 30 seconds, then spit out. Use after breakfast-“- I can’t close my mouth, though. -Right, so you know what I think we’re gonna do?- -Even if we just get it in there for a couple seconds, it’s a start, right?- Okay because my mouth just feels really gross and I feel build up of skin and food on my teeth and it sticks together- -You haven’t really had any food it’s just probably…- Well, apple sauce. -I yeah I guess…- Like it’s not… it’s just -Oh it smells so nice.- Does it? Mhm. -So…- – If you can’t…um, do you want me just to get you a cup and you can hold it under and let it run back out even?- I’m gonna do some gourmet dining. -I got one of those hospital bowls they gave me.- Okay -Alright let’s get… try that.- *peace* Okay so, should I lean back and swish it around, cuz? -I don’t want you to choke on it. Like…- -It’s up to you, whatever you feel comfortable doing, do it.- Oh god, okay. -Okay so we got… So what I’m gonna do. I’ll hold it right here for you, and if stuff runs out, who cares?- Oh god. -Just do whatever, don’t choke on it, that’s all.- I’m just really nervous. -It’s okay baby.- You have to hold the bowl -I got the bowl- Don’t hold it against my incisions. -I won’t.- -You want it there? Where’s it comfortable, there? -It’s okay.- -Awesome!- No, it didn’t work. It went all over my neck. -It’s okay!- I look disgusting. -Just pat it, it’s okay!- I can’t spit, it just gets into my lip. -That’s alright.- -That’s a start, right?- I need water to swish it too. -I’ll get you some fresh water.- Well I don’t need to drink it, I need to spit it out. -I know but I got, I poured some in there and forgot to bring it to you.- We need the bowl -Yep!- -Look at that baby!- Haha I feel like an armadillo. -*Bursts out laughing* An armadillo?- Mhm -Cute.- *both LOL* -It’s okay.- I look funny. -Yeah, it’s a fountain.- You guys enjoyin’ this?? -I think uhh probably not.- -Okay how are we doing?- One more. -One more?- I got more water right here if we need it. It would be a lot easier if I could move my upper lip.
-I know. It’s okay!- -Okay so we’re gonna rinse that- Mhm
-And we’re gonna keep it right here in case we need it again- -Oops, okay- -Don’t bend your head down much, baby.- I’m not. Not at the waist. Uh, you’re not supposed to do that. You’re not really supposed to bend much. Alright, -It’s okay- it was only a second. -You’re doing great.- So what now? -Now, I wanna know how you feel like strength wise. Do you feel strong enough?- I feel strong. I can stand… and like, yeah. -You can decide if you would like to shower now, or, or if you would like to sit and take a break for a bit and then shower- I can shower, I can shower I’m just nervous about washing my hair. Because there’s a big incision. -What I want you to do is, you can put some shampoo in the back, only the shampoo that they gave us.- What about right here? -You can try. The stitches look amazing. Like they’re right…- Is there a way you can show me? -They go right along here, to both ears.- The thing is, I can’t see them, so I don’t know where to touch and stuff. -Umm, how could I show you?- -Like, I don’t know if I could take the camera and show you.- -Can you see yourself in that camera?- Yeah. -So the stitches start right here basically at the top of your ear.- -Going along right over to the top of the other ear.- I don’t feel them. -They’re actually steel.- Am I touching it? -Right there is one, can you feel it?- No.
-You can’t?- No my head’s all numb. -He said, um, they’re quite embedded.- -Really if you just wiped it once, it’s not gonna pull them out, like they won’t pull out easy.- -He has to actually cut them out.- -So they’re in there good and strong.- So I should just try to wash my hair, just not too rough. -He said you can wash your hair as normal, but don’t, you know, do a vigorous scrub.- -But you have to use like the baby shampoo, which we have.- Okay. -I think that’s gonna make you feel a lot better.- Yeah. -But I don’t want you to rush at that so.- Okay, and also, if I can’t soak my incision how am I gonna- do I have to dry my hair? -He said it’s totally fine if the incision is wet.- Not to soak it? -What they don’t want you to do is… let’s say… I don’t think they’re talking as much about that incision as this one.- -If people were to soak in a tub and lay down, that incision would be soaking.- -They want that one especially because that one is actually glued it’s not…- Well there’s stitches they’re just inside and then they’re glued on top. -Right, because they don’t want to show a scar there, right so it’s just glued..- -So they don’t want you soaking that open.-
Right -So that’s their biggest concern.-
Okay -But he said you can shower as normal as long as you’re strong enough.- I feel strong. -Mm, okay, so um, do you- I want to try to use shampoo.(?)
-What hun?- I don’t want anything that’s not.. I need a really weak shampoo. -Right. He gave us some shampoo.- What was it? -I got it right here I’ll get it.- -It’s a very gentle shampoo. It’s called “Medichoice.”- -So it’s a medical probably- Well, it’s scented. I don’t think I should use things with fragrance. -Alright, he said- – It’s got dye in it too. Doesn’t baby shampoo have nothing? -He said we can buy baby shampoo, which we did.- What are the ingredients? -I don’t…- There is fragrance in this, too. -Honey.- -Then let’s use the medical one. He gave us this one so it’s got to be safe.- -He’s not gonna give you something that you can’t use.- You’re right. -And, you know, you wash your hair today.- -And then we’ll see, even the water being in your hair is going to rinse out some of that like- -He told me that all this stuff in here- Is Vaseline – is Vaseline.- -So it might take a little while to come out.- -And that’s okay, right?-
Yeah, okay -So if you want to shower, you can do that or if you want to…- I’m gonna shower. -..to break first, okay- -I’m in my nightgown.- It’s okay, you’re not in the shot.
-Okay- I just had a shower, successfully. And now my mama is putting lotion on my legs so they don’t get too dry. And then It’s not hard to get dressed but I have to sit down and do it very slowly. And then hopefully we can get the wrapping back on. And then treat my lips and stuff. I am definitely in a lot of pain now.
-Our flight’s a little bit delayed- This is definitely the worst I’ve felt since surgery and I’m still not upset,
-Like why do flight’s get delayed…- But I’m so praying that it does not get worse than this, because it’s a lot for me to deal with. I’m gonna take two of my painkillers instead of one. I’m taking it every 4 hours. It’s just the swelling is out of control, and this burn is rounding the turning point that it’s just so uncomfortable. So I really hope in the morning I feel a little bit better. I’ll see you in the morning. -So what are we doing, we’re taking the band-aids off?- We’re taking the band-aids off mama. -And you’re gonna talk?-
Yeah -Let’s shut this door.-
Why? -I don’t like it when the toilet’s in view.- Oh was it in the shot? I didn’t see it.
-It’s okay, it isn’t right now- Hello, this is day 4. The swelling has gone down a lot, as you can see my eye is actually open for the most part over here. I feel like my lip is starting to get smaller. It is still big, but it’s not completely covering my lower lip anymore. The burn here is starting to heal, but my mom’s a bit concerned so we’re gonna take some pictures and send them to the doctor. And we’re gonna take of the band-aid now and just see what it’s like today, then I’m gonna have my shower So just go slow mama. I feel like I’ll stop doing that… Star Wars alien sound. *slurp slurp slurp* It’s gross. -Well I think once the lip goes down even more..- Yeah. Once I can close my mouth, I can stop doing that.
-That’s okay!- But I haven’t closed my mouth for 4 days. -I’m trying to get this tape off so we can -. You’re good. Do you have more bandages for after this, too? -What honey?- Do you have those bandages after this too? -Oh yeah- Okay -That’s what I love, they gave us everything we need.- Mhm -And Dr Spiegel, when he phoned said if you need anything, just to let them know.- Also guys, I slept really good last night for the first time since surgery.-Best. The best- I slept for 12 hours. -And no pain meds- No pain meds for 12 hours either. Oh, I took some at 10:30 and didn’t take any again until 12:30. They were in effect for a few hours, but I didn’t feel that bad. So that was kind of nice. -And you woke up nice and alert and- Yep! -Looking good honey!- My forehead is so smooth it’s amazing. -Your forehead is gorgeous.- *dab* Oh -You okay?- Slow. -Sorry hun- It’s okay. -I can see a little bit of pretty colors of bruising.- Khehe -Which is kinda, you know, we expect that, right?- -It must feel like a relief to get this off!- It does, it kinda does, and it also almost feels like it has the power to sag. -Yeah- It’s relieving and it’s also a little bit painful. Okay how does the incision look? -Just a minute, let me get time to look at it- Oh, I got so much facial hair. -Pretty good, yeah, pretty good!- -Don’t worry about that. I do believe the swelling has gone down a lot.- Yeah? -Yeah.- -It has.- -You’re so strong.- (aw) It’s, it’s not bad. I really wanna shave. -I know honey but you can’t yet.- I know. My eyebrows are out of control, too. -It’s okay.- -The incision on top looks pretty good,- -you’re gonna wash you hair, see how– I got these pictures to send to the doctor. Let’s just see if they’re okay. He can see that there, right? -Yeah, he’ll be able to enlarge it too.- -Like I don’t know if you wanna take a close up- I’ll take a close up of it. It’s gross, but I’m sure he’s seen that. -He’s yeah, he’s used to it. -I want him to see just so I feel better and know that it’s okay.- I’m sure it’s okay, thank-you mama -Yeah.- Yeah, I think it’s just doing its healing and it’s normal. I’m gonna take my shower now though, see you in a bit. I’m sorry about my hair, oh my god. huehuehue Guys. *giggle* Ouch. I’m so excited about this shake! My mom just made me a peanut butter chocolate shake I’m so excited and I’m smiling and it hurts. But also it’s good ’cause I’m getting movement back in my face, see? *hehe* Ow. huehuehue Um Today’s much, much better than yesterday. I don’t know if I said that already. My brother and his wife left last night. Uh, and today’s just, good stuff. Yeah. Ow. Fuck. I’m starting to feel more though, The general anesthetic is gone completely. So like, when I move my eyebrows unintentionally or something … I get pain along the incision, but it’s okay. Uh, yeah good stuff. See ya later. Hey, so I know I’m not very nice to look at right now, but I think tomorrow will be even better for swelling. I don’t really have anything to tell you. My face is starting to get a lot more feeling in it, which means I can feel the pain. But it’s not unbearable. And I’m just gonna, you know, try to get cleaner. And a little bit prettier every day. And hopefully I can shave soon. I’m sure you guys can see that starting to come in, and that makes me very unhappy. But I can’t feel my face, so I’m not gonna shave it, you know what I mean? So you know, I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Or in a couple of days. This has been day 3 and 4 and things are on the up. Okay Day 3 was definitely the hardest. Today was a big improvement, and I think it’s up from here, okay? I love you so much, BYE!! *kisses* hehe *Outro music*

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    That Mom though 💜

  99. Alazmy says:

    Wow, how being unnatural, unhealthy, against all your internal chemistry and living in confusion is nice and amazing all of a sudden these times. Yes I know my comment is rude to devils that's why I mean every letter in it. I'm really grateful to God who tought me right and wrong.

  100. Mischa Davis-Frazier says:

    Your mom is so awesome!

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