Facial Oil!  Stop using facial oils when suffering from acne or rosacea?- by Dr LIV
Facial Oil! Stop using facial oils when suffering from acne or rosacea?- by Dr LIV

welcome! today’s topic is actually facial
oils, any kind of facial oils coconut oil the fish also combine
and if this is a topic, you’re interested you should stick with me! So facial oils!
Let me draw! Because all my patients know about this and if you are a subscriber
and you have seen the other videos about blackheads and whiteheads and large
pores and then you know that I love to draw because the easiest way to
explain certain things. My students know this and my patients as well and
hopefully you’ll like it as well. So okay just imagine that the skin is like a Chinese
wall! So you have the surface, the superficial layers. You have a couple of
layers: one over the others: the mortar between the bricks, the bricks between
the mortel. A couple of layers: one over the others. The top is well sealed.
Everything is floating, nothing goes in, nothing goes out. Its a great couple
stone wall. Fantastic. But what’s happened over time and with time I mean
age hmm normally these guys down there working and producing new skin cells. So
what’s happening the dead skin cells are shredding away. Good production
everything is shredding away fantastic, this stay thick.
Unfortunately with age what’s happening: these guys get a little
bit lazy, so they are not producing so many new skin cells, the dead skins are not
shredding away, they are staying more and more on top. So what’s happening the production lowers and more and more dead skin cells stay then on top. So the
skin becomes dryer raugher, not so shiny and you have the impression of drier and
thinner and more sensitive so what are people doing right now: they’re trying
just to put something on, like a facial oil, fatty creams, it gives you a reliev
for a couple of hours, then it feels the same. So let me go back to my drawings
More and more dead skin cells stay on top and if you have the tendency to pimples, acne or even rosacea what’s happening: if the bacterials are
here on top and you are covering up with the oil and it doesn’t matter what kind of oil, it
could be argon or coconut or any kind of facial oils -because if you remember my
video about serum or cream- have a look I explain the differences- so an oil is an oil
whatever great ingredients are inside. Its an oil and oil is fatty
And if you are covering it up, it’s like an glasshouse, so whats happening in a glasshouse: these guys are making party and what’s happening if the bacteria are
making party? Exactly:you are getting pimples so if you are using facial oils and have no
tendency to pimples or acne, great right, you’re lucky. But if you do: you
might actually breakout after while quite heavily. So if you are removing make up with oils, thats
fantastic but afterwards you have to clean the well to kind of remove all the
residuans after the use from the oils so and if you have the tendency for rosacea:
this red cheeks we call that the butterfly because you have here the redness and
the redness on the nose- I will make another video about it- so if you have
the inflammation down there and you’re covering it up, so what’s happening the red is
getting even worse, so if you have the tendency for acne, pimples
or redness or rosacea stay away from all kind of oils. Doesn’t matter which brand
and it doesn’t matter if natural or not natura.Just stay away,
use a light cream . So if you have dryness on the body ,that’s a different
topic -watch my video about what to do or how to treat dry skin on the body -you
should actually do an oil bath but we just are just talking now about the face and
also remember because there are some questions it’s not just one thing what
makes things worse or better. It is like a Swiss watch: a couple of wheels are
moving before the band hand is moving so okay stick away from the oils if you
have acne rosacea pimples or have the tendency and switch on next time for my
next YouTube video. Give me some suggestions down there for my Q&A I’m planning
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of interest of you okay guys I think I need to bail my next patient is coming
after one love you all see you

46 thoughts on “Facial Oil! Stop using facial oils when suffering from acne or rosacea?- by Dr LIV”

  1. Aam World says:

    Improve on sound quality

  2. Rabia Anjum says:

    Ur the best

  3. G Glow says:

    Thank you!

  4. flavosapho says:

    Oils themselves cannot sink into the skin and just stay on top and that is what causes the pimples right? But what if you apply the oil after you leave a layer of water on your face? Is that just as damaging?

  5. Shashini Charuka says:

    Dr . Please make a video about how to get rid old acne scars . I am suffering from them .

  6. F J says:

    Please make skincare routine for dry skin with age spots … amazing video 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #dr.liv

  7. Yangsha Yang says:

    Thanks. I am going to stop using oils on my face then. It has been bloating.

  8. Legendry SS says:

    Does this apply to Jojoba oil as well? Because they say jojoba oil is very light and the only oil closest to human sebum. It would be great to have your thoughts Dr Liv. Thanks

  9. kristabel71 says:

    I'm loving your channel. I'm in my 40's and have battled oily, acneic, sensitive, dehydrated skin since my teens. When the oil cleansing movement came along, I thought it worth a try. Tried coconut, jojoba, and grapeseed oils (not at the same time.) All these efforts resulted in inflammation and worse acne.

    I know oils are good for some people, but my skin wants NO part of them. Now, using a mild foaming cleanser morning and night, applying a mild thyme hydrosol and following with sunscreen (am) and oil free moisturizer (pm). Also do the aztec clay/vinegar mask 2-3 times per week. My skin has really calmed down. Thank you for explaining that oils aren't going to work for everyone.

  10. Jacquie Li says:

    Thank you for the information! I never worked well with oils, now I know why!

  11. hala BELL says:

    Many thanks Dr for the efforts. Plse suggest a moisturizing cream & serum for combination skin. I have dry skin around the eyes with fine lines and oily skin On the nose and chicks with acne scars. Tqsm in advance

  12. Bernadette Reyes says:

    Hi Dra Liv my question is…it is okey to apply serum prior sunblock on my face? Thank you ..from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  13. Salome Robert says:

    I have pcod acne, if you can suggest some good products for scars

  14. adelacalga says:

    How about mineral oil and squalane ?

  15. Nana L says:

    I have dry skin, i feel like if I don’t use oil, my face will get super dry in the winter. I don’t have pimples, but I do have a little redness on my face, what should I use if I don’t use oil on my face? Also can I put those oils on my knees, elbows or body?

  16. Nana L says:

    Last thing, if any kinds of oils are not good for us, why lots of brands make super luxury oils? They all keep saying skin needs oil to lock the moisture, and now I’m confused.. is oil really good or bad for us? Or depends on some oils? Especially those fancy oils🧐?

  17. HonestFeelings says:

    Thanks for your lovely videos ^^. A quick question, what about meassaging the face and body with oils and rinse them off with soap and water, for acne-prone skin+visible pores?

  18. khatima noori says:

    This is khatima from Afghanistan I saw all ur videos it was great. I have a question please reply please if we don't use face oil how we massage our face because of wrinkles.

  19. Lila says:

    Hi i have a question, you said instead use crème. But cream has oils in it. What is the diference?

  20. maria scorpio says:

    Good time sweet dr , may ask about caster oil or some other oils if we can apply on our face . my skin is combination of oily and natural type and i have few white head pimple and freckles , pigmentation ,… plz guide me what kind of oil i can use..thank u .

  21. Salomi T Pakyntein says:

    My skin is oily..can I apply cc cream…

  22. Salomi T Pakyntein says:

    Or bb cream…

  23. Tatty Uki says:

    Dr. Liv, you have the best accessories!

  24. nab nabs says:

    Dr. Liv how about mineral oil? Is it still considered as a bad oil too? Because i have seen a lot of korea's first cleanser are using this thing

  25. Verona Faith Gambao says:

    Thank you, Dr. Liv, your tips are very helpful!

  26. Lola Mola says:

    I bought recently drunken elephant oil bcs of the hip & i didnt work for me so as all other oils

  27. Lola Mola says:

    I wish you do a video for face with eczema

  28. Sophia zhang says:

    Thank you so much, because my skin was so dry, I always use oil on my face, now I understand, will never use it again.

  29. Alifi wardah Fatinah says:

    Actually i suffer acne for ages, and try every treatment, every cream, etc. But none of them last. Then i start using facial oil for my acne, tamanu oil for entire face and tea tree oil for acne spot. Just using for a month my skin healthier than ever, my acne gone. So the only problem now is acne scars, so instead using tea tree oil , i change it to Jojoba oil. And it will be my holy grail. It does wonders and my face is clearer than ever, the skin is glowing and so soft.

    Ps. I using it while not using a make up for a couple months. And wear a mask when i go out (to block any dust). Dont forget to use sunblock. It may perhaps really hard for not wear any makeup, its affect my confident too, but i am tired being felt so ugly with my acne, so i bear not wearing a makeup and try not think anybody think of me. Its hard, but its worth it.

  30. Sajia Heydari says:

    Hi doctor which serum is great for acne dark spots and oily skin????

  31. Stefan Wons says:

    Has anyone used the Fopobiacne Secrets to clear your acne naturally? Simply do a search engine search. On there you will discover a great suggestions about how exactly you can get rid of your acne problem. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it'll work for you too.

  32. kaylakurnia10 says:

    Love & Subscribed from Malaysia

  33. Leny Oktavia says:

    is olive oil considered facial oil?

  34. eky ambarwati says:

    How about grapeseed oil or almond oil? Is it save for acne skin?

  35. Basheera Khan says:

    Very useful tips and suggestions thanq keep it up

  36. Xochitl Munoz says:

    I like you're dresses

  37. Isabel Castaneda says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make videos and explain everything to us! You are so wonderful.
    This is extremely helpful and educational!!!!

  38. Brad Paisely says:

    When you said with age…cells are lazy and produce less new cells and the skin become dryer and the oils give a good effect just for hours…and then it is the same…well i'm just 23 yerss old and i suffer from this problem since 4 years!! Is this a premature aging or what? And what should i do Dr.Liv ??

  39. Rafi Khan says:

    Dr kindly tell ,tea tree oil is not so thick and if I dilute it with water and then apply on pimple or scar,it feels effective.whats ur opinion?is it beneficial to apply or not?plzzzz reply me.thanx

  40. Sophia Grabner says:

    What about oil cleansing? Double Cleansing??

  41. Trini For real says:

    This is so true ,I have been putting jojoba oil on my face at night a week now, guess what happened, 2 nasty pimples appeared one on chin other on cheek. Thanks doc.

  42. Amalia Haukongo says:

    Good morning DrLiv. Happy New Year. I'm 59 years old. Thanks for your advice for the 5 top things not to apply on the face as I have been applying ccoconut oil on my face for the last 5 years to get read of dark sports/pigmatation on my face. I need more advice as my face is darker than my body

  43. Shazia Beg Siddiqi says:

    You are too technical and boring…. same thing each time

  44. Andreea Andreea says:

    I made an antiaging face cream all natural. All the oils I have used are said to be amazing :camellia oil,white poppy oil ; pomegranate glycerol extract, alga extract, lupine extract, vit e, frankincence essential oil. Seemed to improve my skin at first but now looks terrible so dehidrated .. it's unreal. Didn't cause my skin to break out though, it actually helped heal my existing spots (but i'm using a salicilyc acid cleanser as well) . Lesson learned the hard way.. No more DIY miracle face cream for me. Your videos are very helpfull. Thank you

  45. Enoch Leach says:

    Do anyone know about Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it work? I hear many people cure their acne naturally with this popular acne treatment.

  46. Upnorth says:

    I have had roseasa for about 6 years. Bad with everyday new red puss filled bumps along with all the others that would seem to never go away. I am 53 years old. Probably started during menopause. Recently ran out of some of my makeup remover wipes so started using just regular baby oil to remove eye and face makeup with a cotton pad. Then after that I use dermablend make up remover (in a tube) since that is what I use for makeup. I have no idea what is going on but my skin looks fantastic! The bumps are gone and no new ones are forming. Try it!!

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