Foodie Beauty’s Giant Sushi Balls Mukbang Highlights
Foodie Beauty’s Giant Sushi Balls Mukbang Highlights

Welcome to another babe I have sushi, but I’m not sure what all this is. I’m still kind of weirded out by sushi certain clients So it’s been an acquired taste for me. So I’m just trying new things. This is not all for me I’m a lot of its for bb2. I need to make room for this. Mmm. What is all this? I don’t know like it’s sushi. There’s different kinds this looks like raw salmon I will not be eating that coz the spicy mayo and this is soy sauce. So the box that’s for BB specifically I’m gonna put aside I’m gonna try one of these things. I’m gonna move this to the fridge, especially the one with raw salmon I’ll be right back. There we go. Now we have room for some sauces And before we go any further, we have a new addition to the family or we have a return to the family. That’s right The cult called me. The coldest is back calling your Koli the coldest. That’s right the coldest water bottle. It’s back All right, let’s talk about that. So I got some chopsticks. Now this thing I want to try it. I’m scared. What is it? That’s really good the deal with the coldest. So I did a post explaining I got an email a representative that I’m dealing with for my sponsorship. Okay? I basically got an email sponsorship terminations widow sushi buckle a fried sushi ball, and they included screenshots I think it was like to me I might have been two or more but there was just two in the email people complaining Haters complaining or something like that. We got some complaints and they were just saying a bunch of stuff I don’t want to get give it attention. I don’t want to go over it. Basically guilting coldest into not sponsoring me I posted a community both they’re like we’re gonna pay you for the videos. You already put out I put that community posted let you guys know cuz you’re gonna wonder where this big giant bottle is I honestly wasn’t I was a bit disappointed that you know the haters won I’m trying to mess with my life, especially since coldest apparently was a fan of my channel I posted that and then a bunch of you said you complained I wasn’t fair and then today I got an email from the representative saying I’d like to apologize you know for not having an you know for just listening to the haters and just being very Impulsive about the decision. Sorry my phone cut out Where was I you know pop he was very sincere and apologized That I am a fan of your channel and I’m really I’m sorry, and I know you don’t have to do this But if you’d like to resume your sponsorship, we would love to have you back I was like, you know what I was like yay because as a creator as a creator It’s like a big deal to have sponsorships in a way. It’s kind of a sign of progress in your career And even though I was bitter about the situation, it’s still a really good water bottle Like I’m not gonna lie You know when I was bitter I was like coldest but now I think that I appreciate the apology even even After I was using this bottle because I had to edit it out of my make up tutorial video because you could see it in Mother reflection at times and I was like, oh, I’m not remote them anymore But it was um, it’s a good bottle and I like having it You know, I like I drink one of those and I’m good for the day or two of those I usually drink two a day, but I have to fill it often and it stays cold for like days, you know None of the color. So I’d be lying if I was sad wasn’t kind of bummed now. This one is weird It has a lettuce red pepper chicken tempura Avocado and I’m eating it with my hands because it’s gonna fall apart I don’t think they realized I made a mistake and owned it. I respect that I don’t think it would have happened if it weren’t for you guys if it weren’t for you guys My fans even some people who admitted they don’t even really like my channel. We’re like, this is wrong Oh go this is gonna be spicy spicy. This is wrong And a lot of you complained on my behalf, which really means a lot. So thank you for sticking up for me Even the one with lettuce Let’s never fight again coldy. Okay, and I don’t know why you’re like, oh screw that you shouldn’t you know Take them back or whatever. This is the season, you know tis the season to be forgiving I’m not gonna say ha. Ha I win haters better thing because You know what? I just wanted to stop like I just want this all to stop like why Do people have to try to ruin? like if you don’t like my videos You don’t like me on YouTube, whatever But when it enters like real life and you’re messing with someone’s like money or you know Like why would you want to do that? No, no, I would never do that to somebody No, there’s just a lot of people trying to like ruin each other. Um it’s just like It’s messed up really but I’m happy that I have more supporters that You know vouch for me. And yeah, I just wanted to explain that that’s some spicy sauce. I’ve been eating so fast I haven’t really taken a minute to just like absorb How hard it is biscuits are burnin no fireplace today Brenda’s in timeout She’s I think I’m full. Just wanted to give you guys a thank you, and thank you too coldest I just wanna let’s just start over Pretend this never happened go from there, you know, why dwell in drama and negative feelings? That’s my mom That’s not gonna be my resolution for the new year Definitely just being changing my attitude and I’m trying to be a more positive Person and I think in the end only good can come from that You know kind of a shorter video than usual guess smile on the mobile along. I Ate really quickly and just ending the video just on time because Sam is a hurry guys I’ll see you next time. Bye

23 thoughts on “Foodie Beauty’s Giant Sushi Balls Mukbang Highlights”

  1. Brew says:


  2. Max Rod says:

    Her whole channel is based on her being a “foodie” but she doesn’t know Jack shit about food unless it comes fried with cheese and handed through a drive thru window.

  3. Jen Olson says:

    She literally told people to get the competors water bottle yesterday. What a fucking liar

  4. cheri steelersgirl says:

    I can say they will get 10 times more emails lol they made a big mistake 😂😂😂 new sub to your channel 😁👍

  5. CherryMoon325 says:

    “Coldy the Coldest” 🙄 She probably named the chopsticks “Choppy”

  6. It's a Bunnay says:

    She looks so swollen and sickly..ugh.. life can’t be that bad that this is the highlite of her life.. back then she used to go out and get wasted and have poop sex now she’s going to get bloodwork and weekly/monthly hospital trips 😑 her eyelids are fat too. She’s saying she wouldn’t mess with someone’s money etc but she wants to call cps on someone’s family and threatening other reaction channels … 🧐 stupid fat hypocrite hippo

  7. It's a Bunnay says:

    She cares too much about what her haters think. She cares more about us than she does her fans I feel honoured.

  8. dolly foster says:

    How is she winning? She’s as fat as ever and will just keep getting fatter given the massive amount of food she’s eating. Only the feeders vouching for her💩

  9. Joe Smith says:

    It takes A LOT of gluttony to achieve FAT hands omfg FAT hands as an adult is creepy and ugly af!! She should not be sponsoring anything unless its greasy and ugly. Its never gonna stop cow. You are disliked. and yes YES you have done that with every false strike lol only glory is knowing this cow is trapped in that fat ugly body that she HATES, until she DROPS ONE DAY!

  10. NyanNyan Meow says:

    Hold on. So what's the point of making sushi mukbang if she doesn't even know nor like sushi? I mean, at least she could've look up kinds of shushi on the internet

  11. Mrs. K? says:

    I mean she idolizes nikocado, soooo that in and of itself says a lot about her. She's trash and she's rude af

  12. Jody Thompson says:

    She is such a fatass. On respect for coldest or any company that admires her gross ass.

  13. cvijet22 says:

    When her sponsership ended, she said something like "oh well yeti is way better anyway" so.. I wish I had of screenshotted it. Lol I hate her so much

  14. cvijet22 says:

    Why is she dipping sushi in SAUCE? I mean come on

  15. Skippy The ‘Bush’ Kangaroo says:

    Sushi balls? It’s Takoyaki, octopus you heathen!

  16. DreamGirl says:

    The sushi she said she 'saved' for booby… yeah right. She would definitely have eaten it all off camera!

  17. me_shell says:

    Her tune is changing now that she realizes her money can get yanked for her behavior. Haha she’s pathetic.

  18. stephanie roberts says:

    Where is her neck???

  19. sezeh ozz says:

    Is it just me or does she look really swollen?

  20. Bumble Bumpkin says:

    All her viewers are telling us to go away lmao if she continues being a obnoxious sow we are not going anywhere good luck with that!! Sign a petition ?? Lmao!! She stated we don’t bother her however that’s all she talks about plus because of us she’s putting forth more effort in being a laughing spectacle!
    It will stop when you gain some class, unfortunately I don’t see that happening!!

  21. Moonlit Honey says:

    She's complaining about people taking this off YouTube and messing with her real life, when she had NO PROBLEM taking things off social media and YouTube to 1: file a damn CPS report on someone for saying the TRUTH ONLINE and 2: talking shit about yaba parenting and kids.
    She wants this all to stop? We'll stop when she does!

  22. Amethyst Rain says:

    It's so nice that she gives Bibi her leftover's, that's true love you hayders. I mean her huge nasty fingers have touched all up on that food that was supposed to be his anyway.

  23. Deb Ramage says:

    What the ! Thought she was on holidays. Aaaaaaarrrrgh

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