Hey guys, welcome to my channel that was a weird welcome. lemme do that one more time Hey guys, welcome to my channel today’s video is going to be testing out forever 21 makeup You guys have requested, well a couple of you guys have requested That I do this And yesterday I went to Forever 21 Cuz I haven’t been in there in forever Just to grab a couple pieces of clothing And, or to see what was good…ya see whats good Forever 21. Whats good? I actually went into the make-up section and they had so many different products That I was like “um hi, hello Youtube video right here” So, I grabbed up as many products, as, pretty much they had and I’m gonna be trying them out for you in this video And we are gonna figure out the hots and the nots and the hits and the misses and all the good and the bad. But I hope you guys are excited for the video And subscribe to my channel before you leave and you can even hit that little notification bell and it will let you know when I post a video Isn’t that so exciting? Lets jump right in and get started Woo! Okay, starting out I have makeup all over my face because I’m gonna be testing out the sponges And I got three sponges for 7 dollars and 80, 90 cents. Something like that, around 8 dollars So, these feel really hard and we went ahead and wet this one and it feels pretty darn soft Look at the size. It was like the size of this one and now it’s like double the size So it definetely expands. Um, it feels really soft so let’s see how it blends out this foundation that I put on my face It’s just drinking my foundation Don’t drink all my foundation. Mew, mew, mew, mew. I feel like this sponge is definitely- This color may be too light for me that I’m trying out But anyways, this sponge definitely is not as soft as the beauty blender, um but it is doable. Like it’s not like a bad makeup sponge I just feel like it’s so spongy that it’s just like literally just sucked up all my product in it though Cuz I had a lot of foundation on my face. By the way I’m testing out the Giorgio Armani “Powder Fabric Long Wear High Coverage” Foundation right here And I truly feel like the sponge just sucked up every single bit of it I didn’t have a Makeup Forever- “Makeup Forever” What am I talking about Forever 21 foundation, so this is what I’m trying out I’m testing out shade 5.5, it looks a little ashy on me but the foundation looks good I’m just kind of pissed because it literally drank up all of my product so these sponges, girrrlll Even though it’s soaking wet, it’s still- Alright next up I really want to test out the eyeshadows. I’m gonna go ahead and show them to you I was a little shook whenever I took it out of the black box that it came in I paid 9 dollars for each palette and the packaging is super light weight It feels really cheap just to be honest with you guys. This palette is the shimmer palette and then I opened it up and it’s like exploding shimmer everywhere Let’s go ahead and have the conversation, we all know what I’m gonna do with this. Get outta here The palette just honestly looks like Dollar Tree makeup and I think honestly I think 9 dollars is too much for this palette Granted it’s a big palette and it comes with a lot of shades but I’m over here like “Girl whaaaaatt” A little bit they are just a little chalky and flaky honestly they have a little bit of pigment on em’ but they still just remind me of Dollar Tree eyeshadow If you guys don’t know, I did a video it was a while back where I tested out Dollar Tree makeup and like that it what these products are reminding me of For 9 dollas! I also got a cooler one it’s called the Bake eyeshadow palette and it exploded everywhere as soon as I took it out of the packaging so I was kind like “Are you kidding me” Sort of like, why is it, Oh my God all of the eye shadows sort of like fell out whenever I tried to show it to your guys Ok. Hehehe. cool. It literally just like plummeted out of the the packaging. Ok let’s just pretend that they didn’t fall out and then let’s do some swatches. Honestly these swatched, they’re a little bit chalky and dry still, but they swatched better than the shimmer eye shadow palette. Why do I feel like this video is turning into a mess! I mean, honestly when I review things I do try to keep it relative to the price. I don’t go over and review as super affordable foundation and expect it to be like a Georgio Armani Foundation, although sometimes they turn out to be that good. I just feel like it’s thrown together cheap makeup and I feel like the price point, even though it is an affordable price point, it’s still a little bit high just because I’ve experimented with a lot of affordable makeup in my time on the internet and this makeup is just like some of the cheapest that I’ve dealt with. And it just reminds me of Dollar Tree makeup and it should not be sold for no 8 dollars 9 dollars! Who you playin’? Who!? I’m still gonna try to get a creative look out of it to show you guys the usage of it I’m gonna go ahead and prime my eyelid with my MAC paintpot in “Soft Ocre” that i use pretty much every single day (high pitched voice) Erryday Erryday! You know what i say! Erryday Erryday! By the way I did swatch the liner that came in here and this is like a bunch of swatches but it still came out pretty decently So the eyeliner, not too shabby Manny MUA these are your lips, come clean my mirror right now. Come clean it! Come clean it! First, I’m gonna go in with this neutral champagne color on my eyelid right here Because these eyeshadows are baked and I am aware that most baked products work better if you dampen them a little bit I am gonna wet them Just kidding! However, I used to lick my brushes all the time and if you wanna lick your brushes at home, go for it And so, I’m actually gonna pack this on And if you wet them, it’s actually looking kinda nice I mean you can see it’s not like insane pigmentation or anything like that but it’s not bad On this end over here they have this really pretty purple color and I’m just gonna try to dash a little bit of that on my outer corner The purple seems to be coming off more as a black color almost But it is a little bit more pigmented Lordy Lordy So the eyeshadows wet are actually kind of pretty and I didn’t even wet the purple color and it seems like the darker colors have a little bit more pigmentation And they’re not that bad. This palette is so poofy and like puffy and chalky that I’m not even playing with this today It’s dissapointing and don’t recommend her to you


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