Hey guys, it’s me Sylvia, back with another video. Welcome back to my channel! Today We’re going to be testing out forever 21 makeup. You guys have been requesting this. You guys know the series on my channel. I test expensive makeup, I test cheap makeup, I test weird makeup. We’re testing it at all. I have tried a few Forever 21 products before and I have mixed opinions. So I went to the store and I pretty much bought one step of everything that I could for my makeup routine to really test Everything out and let you guys know what I think of the products. What’s worth buying, What is not worth buying, you know the deal. Forever 21 one is pretty affordable, so if some of their products are good I want you to know about it because you can save your money And we can still look cute right? Now before we start the video if you are not yet subscribed to my channel You have to subscribe because I dropped two videos a week and you will be part of my S club So make sure you hit that subscribe button down below and join my family. Without further adieu, Let’s get started. So most of their products are in these like silver little baggies. I’m going to start out with their primer I just grabbed a mattifying one. It’s translucent It’s supposed to be I guess like the original one But they had a bunch of other colors that Could do different things for your skin, one was like purple, one was green to help with redness. One was yellow to help with brightening. So you had quite a few options which of those I found. We have so many primers, but get this, there wasn’t any like foundation So I’m gonna have to apply my own foundation And then we can test the rest makeup on that. Lemme smell it. Hmmm, no scent. I’m applying a little bit on my finger It’s just like this very clear kind of slimy oily feeling consistency. You see all the shine? Let’s see if it mattifies it, cause that’s what it’s supposed to do… It just mattified Completely. It definitely feels like it’s smoothing out my skin, and you can see. Now pretty much all the shininess is gone! I’m just going to put on my own foundation And then we can go ahead and start with the other products. So foundation and concealer on. I also didn’t have Forever 21 concealer So how to make do use my own my little blemish will take care of that after So we’re going to do the cream contour, and it looks like it is a little highlight shade here I can’t tell if it’s a shimmer highlight, or if it’s just a brightening highlight for under the eyes But, we shall see. I’m gonna go in with the shade right here… So I’m just going to use my own brush to apply it because it didn’t come with one So I’m going to apply that right in the hollows of my cheeks, but I’m not going to bring that down too far I’m doing the same thing on the other side Oh yeah, super creamy, so far. This is so creamy. You can see it’s got like a wetness to it. It’s very hydrating It feels like it’s just going to blend out so easily that looks very similar to my natural skin tone So I don’t know if it’s going to be too brightening But it looks like it’ll do a little something something and I’m going to apply it a little bit of this bronzy contour to Straighten out my nose with a little bit contour. It nose is going to be snatched after this hopefully. Now let’s blend it out I’m going to use my KKW beauty because this is my go-to brush lately for blending out cream contours look how quick it does it. That’s blending out so easily let me blend out the rest of my face And I will tell you guys what I was about to say Why do I feel like this blemish is just getting bigger and bigger as the video goes on? So I’ve completely blended out the highlight and the contour I honestly think that this formula is comparable to the KKW beauty cream contour sticks, but way cheaper! It blends out So easily you saw that which makes it very easy to work with because you’re less likely to make a mistake If you add too much, you can kind of just blend it away, and it looks very natural There’s like that natural shine to it. I’m really really impressed with this I will continue to use it I’m going to put that in my go-to drawer over here so I can keep using and don’t forget about it. So next up I’m going to use some powder now this doesn’t say it is from Forever 21 It’s actually from LA girl, but it was sold at Forever 21, so I’m just going to cheat I’m going to use it so I opened it up, and it came with one of these little thingies Wow, I’m blanking but you know comes with one of these I just kind of like took the plastic off and shook it up in it just went ‘fshh’ in my face. You guys know I like to bake My under eye just sets the concealer into place So we’re going to try and do that And then we’re going to do the flash test to see if it gives flash back Or if it’s a bomb setting powder that is the ultimate test. I’m scared This is definitely going to get flash back. Whoa if feels like it Just sunk into my skin and like tightened everything up This is the weirdest powder feeling ever. I dusted it off as best I can let’s do the flash test because I feel like this is going to be bad *Gasp* You guys… It did not pass the flash test I knew it, I knew it, okay Imagine not knowing that this would happen, and you go out in public and people take pictures of you And this is what those pictures look like. Oh my God. So this powder is a definite no for me. No matter how afordable it is I can’t have you guys going out in the night trying to take cute photos and looking like a hot mess So no, so next up is blush I grab their ombre blush because it looked the prettiest and I just have to try it It’s like a peach coraly color, so I’m just going to take my own brush here and apply That didn’t take long for me to start liking it It works really nicely with that bronzer about some shimmer to it too definitely does or no shimmer on my pimple Maybe I wouldn’t get carried away with the side I think the more you apply the more the shimmer starts to show through we’re going to just look like you have highlight on your Cheeks this side you can see it started to all just start to lighten and look like shimmer And this side when I only did a couple layers, you can see it has that nice Natural kind of orangy tint to it And it blends really nicely with the bronzer now actually really like it still has like a very subtle shine I guess but it definitely doesn’t look like highlighter I think this product is a yes for me, but conditionally like you have to be careful with how you apply it But it’s a pretty color and if you use it right it could look good for a moment next up I have a highlighter This is their galatic glow highlighter stick in purple mauve or muave Never know how to say that this if you look at it, it looks Iridescent it looks so beautiful so as soon as I saw it like that’s the highlight, I need. I’m applying this on top of a powdered area might not give us the most perfect result But let’s still test it out and see what we get You guys that kind of looks like? Holographic, holosexuals don’t come for me because I know it’s not all of the rainbow colors It’s definitely like the purple reflex to it and that it’s such a white light base. It’s making it so intense we’re definitely have to blend that out could you imagine if I just walked around like a So I blend it out with a highlight, and I’m still just as impressed look at that It’s actually blinding It is really intense so you’re not going to like this if you want something natural But you want to look like a unicorn And you want to be seeing some space And you want your highlight to blind people this is going to do just that for you next up is brows I grabbed one of their outer blout now no halas It has so many different shades in it So I thought that was pretty cool and also had with his miniature little brush that has a spoolie on the end of it not A big fan of the angled brush on the end of it it’s very very thick I don’t think I could create small little fake hairs with that because it’s really really thick and I know it’s Just going to be a disaster. I’m gonna use my own angled brush I’m probably going to have to mix these two shades a little bit to get me the brow color that I want I’m just going to do my brows like normal to what we got the brow is coming along now I’m just using whatever is left over on my brush to do the front of my brow here It’s actually you guys not bad at all if you like powder brow products You’re going to love it because it actually works really really well, this is Sylvia approved I’m going to quickly do my other brow, and then we’ll move on so I filled in my brows now I’m going to use their little spoolie brush to try and blend the product into my natural brows. Yeah, it’s doing a thing So brows are completely done now. I did like the spoolie brush. I mean it did an okay job I’m going to say that this is a yes for me. It did a really good job Especially if you really like powder products for your brows so now I’m basically done with my face I’m going to go ahead and move on to my eyes I got one of their big eyeshadow palettes that has so many different shades. This is their matte eyeshadow palette there’s 10 Eyeshadow is a liner and an applicator one It’s very big like look at the size of it compared to my head We have a pretty good variety of Shades and Burgandy’s some neutrals I feel like this is perfect fall Palette and let’s just jump right in I’m going to use these two shades mixing them together Alright, so it. Definitely did highlight my brow bone really well so far so good let’s move on to transition Shades now I’m going to take this brown shade right here And I’m going to apply that in the crease definitely have some pigment to it I mean, it’s not like anything too crazy, but the color is showing up. You just have to build it a little bit now I’m going to take this deep green shade right here. Let’s just apply that on the other corner I’m using this little card here just so I can catch the fallout so I just kept packing the shadows on and the color is Getting there now. I’m going to go in with this pink burgundy Shade here, just because we need to test out the wide range of shades I don’t to just stick with the neutral that way we can really get a feel for the palette now this one I notice does how little tiny bit of shimmer especially compared to the other shades that have absolutely none? Completely mad so I’m going to try and wet my brush while applying this shade to see if that’s going to help with the pigment So we don’t have to pack on as many layers. Oh, yeah that helps so much Do you guys see the difference? I needed to clarify the things with this palette because first I was looking It’s not that bad you know I don’t wanna bash like an affordable product but I don’t really like it because you can see there’s a lot of Patchiness the Shades don’t blend well together For some reason the only shadows that I was kind of impressed by was the shimmer one And that’s after I sprayed it at six months, so if you’re just beginning in makeup And you want to play around with eyeshadows that aren’t too expensive And maybe look at one of their shimmery Palettes, or at all the Shadows or shimmers and can try and close those because these mats are kind of giving me help now We’re just gonna stare at this atrocity for the rest of the video next up is eyeliner I got one of their gel eyeliners and this looks, so pretty this is a really cute packaging. It’s a little extravagant I mean wait mmM Apartment, that’s why it’s so enormous in this giant top part to it There’s supposed to be an eyeliner brush But how can that give me a wing that can’t give me a wing with a gel eyeliner? Why wouldn’t they just make it a small tiny pencil brush? so I’m going to use one of these pencil brushes to apply it a lot more misty than I thought my brush just kind of Stopped it and went way down to the bottom let’s do this my eye. Look is already a disaster We’re just going to go for it um why is it amazing. It’s actually so good. It’s so smooth It’s literally just gliding on my lid, so that’s actually such a good gel eyeliner. It glided on really really smoothly It’s super black and with my brush. I was able to create a nice sharp wing I’m actually really impressed now Let’s move on to Mascara. I got they’re all in one Mascara It’s a very pretty bottle all blue, so this is what the brush looks like it’s really lengthening my lashes Not adding too much volume But it’s coating them really really big I feel like you’d have to be careful not to get a junky spiraling eyelashes So the Mascaras okay? I guess it just depends on what you want in your Lashes if you like them to be very long then you’ll probably really like this But if you like them to have more volume to them then this might not be the Mascara for you But we’re an affordable master. It’s alright It doesn’t blow my mind so just as I was about to put lashes on I realized I totally forgot I bought there metallic eyeshadow it looks so pretty so I’m really hoping this could like help us with the situation What’s going on on my eyes, so I’m going to apply a little bit just to test it out and see what it’s like It’s definitely saving the eye look. We’re sure so much better Do you see the difference that was so easy to apply and it just gives you like a blame metallic finish I’m going to do the other eye and then put my lashes on be right back So lashes are applied, and I finished putting on this liquid. Eye shadow. I just mostly loved it because it covered up by Moving on to lips. I have a couple products mostly because I didn’t know what I liked I was going to do so I didn’t know what to try Packaging of this is really really cute this one really intrigued me cuz it says matte lip gloss Which is kind of like an oxymoron a lip gloss is meant to be shiny and matte is not shiny so what are they saying I have to get it just to see what the heck they’re talking about so let’s watch it on my Hand whoa that is so minted? Holy the entire swatch way through it which just was like completely opaque and pigmented. It’s definitely drying down Matt I’m not going to wear this lip because it’s just a little too dark and also I want to test out their lipstick Crayon, so this came with three different colors It has like a deep burgundy color kind of similar to that But it also has a new and then like a dusty rose color. It’s a twist up pencil very nice You don’t need to sharpen it you just twist it out. Let’s watch it next to the matte lip gloss Woah very creamy probably going to need a lip liner with that one because it’s so nude very creamy it feels Hydrating on the lips like it doesn’t feel like my lips are drying out into Brazen I’m just going to use my own lip liner to help define my list a little bit So I applied the lip products. I love it Actually it kind of matches my shirt, so very nice so what kind of came together in the end But most of all I’m glad that we got to try everything out final verdict on this is I really like it as well it Is Super Super creamy very pigmented? I just needed to use the lip liner to kind of control the nude a little bit but for the other shades I probably wouldn’t need to do that. So those are all of the forever 21 products I have to test out for you guys today I basically did my full face just in have Foundation Concealer and overall I am actually pretty impressed with the brand. I feel like I say this all the time There’s obviously some misses like I didn’t really like the eyeshadow palette I hated the trans and powder did not work out But there was also a lot of hits as well the lip products very impressed by same with that cream contour compactor That was awesome as well, so overall forever21 is doing a pretty good job Especially for the price some of their products are definitely worth trying out So you can save those dolla dolla bills and still look cute mm. Look at that. Oh that highlight. I forgot to mention I loved that Highlight too before you go make sure you leave me a comment down below letting me know what brand you want me to test out Next and that is it for today’s video famous my last upload all you have to do is click the box down below to watch It make sure you hit the subscribe above my face in the corner of the screen if you are not yet subscribed and I will See you guys in my next video. Thank you so much for watching bye Mmm my hand. Oh my gosh. My head is crazy to get everywhere goodbye

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