Getting Started With Pastel Art : How to Draw with Oil Pastels
Getting Started With Pastel Art : How to Draw with Oil Pastels

Hi! I’m Melody on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show you how to work with oil based pastel colors. Alright. There are several
brands. I’m not saying that these are the best or the worst or the most expensive or
the least. There are so many different prices and so many different kinds. If you can find
them at someone’s yard sale, go ahead and get them. It’s worth just trying them to see
if you like them. They’re very unusual. They’re like a crayon. They can be blended just like oil; they’re
oil based. You probably can’t see too much going on yet with that, but you will in a
second I think if I can get the right colors for this. Now see with a crayon, there would
be all bumpy and spaces in between, but this one is not. It’s actually blending just like
oil. It’s getting a lot softer and you can go out the edges blending. If you were making
a picture with this, you could use it for highlights, you could use it for shadowing.
That’s a very poor, small example of this. We’ll keep doing this here for a second to
maybe show you a piece of sky or some clouds poking thru. I have used my finger and I have also purchased
nibs that are specifially made for blending these and they’re twists of paper with a heart
and some are round, some are pointed. Depending on what you’re using them for, you would get
the different shapes. I’m just going to try and do this quickly here where I’m blending
some of these colors together to soften them. You can use a lot of that. You can make it
as thick as you want. For blending, sometimes the thicker, the better. Alright. If you’ll
come back to our next segment, you’ll see us blending. I think I’ll try and do a flower
where you’ll actually see the blending work out.

14 thoughts on “Getting Started With Pastel Art : How to Draw with Oil Pastels”

  1. boblane3000 says:

    lol still trying to undermine people?

    I think it's up to the artist how they blend any medium… it's irrelevant. Anyway, she says later that she uses her finger as well. She's just making some examples, yet, in an attempt to flaunt your non-existent skill, you act like she's trying to paint an epic study from nature…

    the amount of green (or any color in an object) is relevant to the lighting the object is experiencing…

  2. boblane3000 says:

    i think you're not considering what causes hue… it's light bouncing off of objects.

    we see light…

    it's really easy to prove to yourself… take a red light and a green light and, one at a time, shine it on an egg….

    or take a leaf and shine the same lights on them.

    during the day, the light shifts extremely fast, resulting in different color.
    and actually changing the value does change the hue…that's why when, in your art, the imagery is very flat.

  3. boblane3000 says:

    also, when you do the light experiment… check out what the different light sources do to the shadows…

    one of the problems evident in a lot of your work, is that you're not thinking about the physicality of light. You're just stuck at "the color looks like this"… you have a painting of a city on DA, based on a book (last man a live or something)…. there is no bouncing light, no atmosphere and no strong sunlight…

  4. boblane3000 says:

    there's a ton of other problems with that piece, but we're just talking color…

    also,,, the whole value doesn't change color… if you think of the color wheel as a more organic concept i think it may help.

    for example, red is one of the first hues to drop back in atmospheric perspective.. so if a red billboard is in the distance it may not only look less red, but it could look a touch pink, green, or blue (among others) depending on the day… this is due to the the actual substance

  5. boblane3000 says:

    of the atmosphere… what is in the air? what is it made of? what floats within it? and what light bounces off of those tiny objects? from what angle?

    in fact, if you consider light in such a manner, no two colors co exist in nature. considering perspective, the physical nature of light… it becomes more and more obvious that a green object is not just green. However, the color an object is seen as depends on many factors. and a leaf looked at very closely can look quite green.

  6. boblane3000 says:

    but at sunset, maybe light is shining through the leaf and it looks more yellow, or in shadow, more blue. or in the distance it's quite desaturated and the sun is low shining behind us, pushing us slightly towards pink…

    we can talk all day about color…

    you'll never see me post work from this name. For several reasons… i really don't care how you react to that.

    i do work in the entertainment industry… You won't find the name bob lane though….

  7. boblane3000 says:

    i know you're a teacher, but flaunting it doesn't impress anyone except people who aren't as good as you.

    look, if you look at nathan fowkes and you see, or bill cone, or bob mackenzie, or bob mckenzie, or dice, or any of those industry guys… and you find yourself feeling far away from them, it's a good indication that you have a long way to go. The arrogance really doesn't help. Your work has many issues.. and if you get over it, and listen… it could help.

  8. boblane3000 says:

    lol oops only one bob…

  9. boblane3000 says:

    not only is it darker in the shadow.. the hue is changed (because of the lighting!)

  10. boblane3000 says:

    and it's laughable that you call me ignorant… you have a soldier design on your DA account that literally looks like what i drew when i was 8.

    i don't understand people like you. Just open your eyes…

  11. boblane3000 says:

    lol… i'm not going to argue about what i do for a living.. it's circular.

    it's not going to go anywhere…

  12. boblane3000 says:

    shut up and learn something….


    you're 32 and draw like a high school kid. congratulations. You teach… just like the thousands of other crappy art teachers…great…

  13. boblane3000 says:

    think what you want of me. Arguing who i am or who i'm not isn't going to go anywhere.

    do this… send your portfolio to every major studio on the east and west coast of the US… and accept being declined by every single one. That will be a good indication of where you're at.

  14. Linda Christoffer says:

    what is this – a private conversation about nothing??? Please – write something constructive about the matter in the video.

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