Gingy Nail Art Tutorial
Gingy Nail Art Tutorial

Hey guys, it’s Becca! Today I’ll be showing you how to recreate this cute gingerbread man design Start off by painting all of your nails a sheer pink Next, make a circle on the left side of your nail near the cuticle with a warm brown Add an arm and the torso underneath the circle and fill it in Add a little white squiggle near the top of the arm and then make a gumdrop button with purple on the torso Next make the mouth using red, make white dots for the eyes, and then use a light blue to make eyebrows that tilt up in the center Seal in your design with a topcoat For the second version of Gingy, make the mouth a semicircle shape and then make the eyes little crescents Make a line of white dots across the forehead for the brim of the Santa hat and then use red for the rest of the hat Finish off with a white dot at the tip Seal in your design with a top coat and you’re done! All the products used in this video will be listed in the description below I hope you all have a lovely holiday season and as always, thanks for watching!

8 thoughts on “Gingy Nail Art Tutorial”

  1. Poppy Stevenson says:

    Just watched ur other vid and I will add this design to my hand to!!! First

  2. Bélynda Maniez says:

    It's so sweet, I can't 😆😍❤❤

  3. femketjeNL says:

    Oh my doodles! These are so cute 😀
    Happy holidays <3

  4. Ginny R says:

    OMG, how cute. Love this design

  5. baekhyun hates cucumber says:

    This is too cute

  6. Peachyesterday says:

    This is cute and easy!

  7. Andy López says:

    ¿Tú conoces a Pimpón?

  8. Victoria Perez says:

    Such a cute look!

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