hi everybody so today we’re going to be
doing a project using this nail art you know some of its foil and some of it is
like flakes of like a sello glitter and I’ve used solo glitter before but they I
can’t find it in many of these colors matter of fact they stopped using the
bluish purple one so now I have the foil art and this kit comes in a nice plastic
case it’s wrapped in bubble wrap and in a plastic baggie and they’re glass
cabochon but oval glass cabochon and they come with matching pendant trays so
that’s really nice they’ll be perfect fit you don’t have to search around for
the proper fitting and the next thing you will need is some nail polish or
paint whatever you prefer the paint cost like a dollar 49 and the nail polish but
I’m using the black and red and I really love these so many different colors and
I like this case because I can use this later on and you’re going to need some
toothpicks so I’m gonna take about two or three out and put that aside okay so
now you’re going to take your glass cabochon you’re gonna make sure that the
flat side is decide you’re going to use and you’re gonna make sure it’s clean
so take like a paper towel or something and clean it once you know it’s nice and
clean now the first step we’re gonna need is to pick out your colors that
you’re going to use before you do anything with that okay so I’m looking
at this and I’m thinking what colors I might use now I’m gonna go ahead and use
some black nail polish and I’m going to paint the back of that but I’m gonna
open this up and take some of these out and they’re little round paw lastik pots
that you unscrew and it’s great because you can save these for later
store some seed beads in there if you’d like they’re not very big but you only
need a little of this for each one of your project and you could always use a
tweezers to make sure you have a tweezer because you’re gonna want to pick them
out like that also some scissors I have a pair of small ants or big ones you can
see them right there now look at this I’ve already gone and picked my colors I
picked red gold the royal blue and the silver I don’t think I’m gonna use that
black because I’m going to paint it black and he wouldn’t see that okay so
I’m going to pick this out with my tweezers and for some of these pieces
come in little flakes but some of them it’s foil and not like the plastic cell
acordes you’re going to have to take it and you’re going to have to trim it up
just to be just a little smaller so you could either use that little scissor or
a big scissors now I’m gonna take a big scissor and I’m just gonna give it a
nice trim okay so that I don’t have a big piece just you know I don’t want to
use all of it so just use some flakes okay
the next thing you’re gonna do is take some clear nail polish and on the
backside of your cabochon which is the flat side you’re going to put enough on
a nice amount and you’re going to use like a liquidy kind not a thick kind
that’s yellow you don’t want that because then it turns yellow you want a
nice very liquidy clear nail polish not a topcoat not a base coat but just clear
nail polish and at this point if you wanted to add glitter you could
certainly use some glitter nail polish and then you could also just sprinkle
some glitter after you put the clear nail polish but I’m not gonna use
glitter so now I’m gonna take my tweezers and my toothpick and I’m gonna
start placing the different color foil nail art where I want them now you can
use fantasy film sell glitter whatever you like but this is easy you could buy
a whole bunch of different color that came in that one kid that I showed
you so as you see I’m going around using all these different colors and I’m
breaking them apart little pieces and trim where needed and then place it down
using your tweezers and your toothpick to make sure that they’re nice and
select so we’re gonna go around and we’re going to place them where we want
and we’re gonna make sure they’re all flattened down and from time to time we
will be flipping it over by gently putting your fingers along side of the
glass cabochon to flip it over to look because you’ll want to know your
policemen of where you’re placing it do you need more over here do you need more
different colors so see how I’m holding it and I flipped it this is how I know
where I want to place my foil nail art or so a litter so you could see the big
gaps so I’m just gonna continue placing this with my toothpick um you could lay
it flat or hold it whatever is your preference whatever is easier for you
and I every so often like to flip it over so when you’re done placing all
your foil nail art you’re going to want to put another coat of clear over it and
then let that dry before you put your paint color on it so once I did that I’m
gonna make sure it’s all flattened with my toothpick and flip it over and see if
I’m happy with it see and that’s what it’ll look like without any paint on the
back now when I put some paint on the back which is going to be black nail
polish it’s gonna make those colors pop so I’m gonna get ready and I’m gonna
grab my black nail polish and I’m just gonna put it on but when you’re putting
it on make sure you put it on with little taps now your subtle glitter or
your foil nail art shouldn’t go anywhere it shouldn’t move around cuz you should
have waited for that clearcoat that you put on top of it to
dry but what you want to do is do nice little strokes and pat it on
don’t go heavy-handed and get a nice glob of it and drip it on there and move
it about like you see how I’m patting it I don’t worry if you get a little on the
sides or on top of the glass cabochon the great thing is because it’s glass
all you need to do is once this is all dried you can get a q-tip with a little
nail polish remover and wipe it and see how every now and then I flip it over
gently to look at it to see if I need more because you’ll want to make sure
you’re getting the edges and you may not see that from where you’re painting so
you might have to hold it like I’m holding it and flip it over every now
and then to make sure that it covered the edges and that you’re happy with it
and again like I said if you do get a little on it just get a q-tip with a
little nail polish remover and rub it on there and it’ll take it right off and
then shine it and clean it up with a little q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to
shine it up after that okay so make sure your surface area is clean and while
that’s drying I’m going to go ahead and make my second one and again I made sure
that it was clean and I’m using the backside which is the flatter side of
the glass cabochons and these are the colors that I have in front of me that
I’m going to use you want to make sure that the everything’s ready for you all
your supplies before you start putting the clear because the clear will start
to dry up okay so I picked this nice coppery color and I picked an orange
that I I don’t know if I’m going to use and again I love this one this blue one
I used before because it has flakes and it’s not foil like I said in this kit
some of oil somewhere breaks and I’ll be putting the links to all these things
that I’m using along with the video but depending on what platform
this video on I used to be on YouTube so now I’m on Facebook but wherever I am
the links will be there alright so you can sprinkle some of this make sure that
you get the loose pieces you don’t want to waste them these are the flakes so
much easier to tell with but the foil isn’t bad either again just putting some
of the flakes and I’m making sure that I’m getting it in many spaces now this
one I don’t want to cover the whole thing like the first one I kind of want
to make sure there’s a little space see to see more of the paint on the back so
again repeating the process of tapping it down with the toothpick and the
toothpicks a little tacky so I can just do that to get that and then I flip it
over to make sure where I want my colors if I like that if it’s good enough so
once you’re done make sure that you put another coat of clear nail polish over
it and then you’re gonna let it dry and then apply your color okay sorry
important you do that kind of seals it in but if you see at some point that you
need a little more go ahead and add a little more of your foil art or your
solo glitter and now I’m gonna go ahead and use the nail polish again I’m using
the black nail polish with the same process make sure you shake it up good
and then just do the padding down again you should wait for that second coat of
clear to dry before you start putting your color on it and you could want to
make sure you use enough you see so again you gently hold the sides and you
turn it over to make sure you got all the edges and once you’re happy with
that you’re gonna let it sit and you’re gonna let it dry okay
and that’s what the first one looks like it dried up isn’t that nice and it’s
really like glowing see how it close with the foil and everything and
it’s gonna go in this pendant tray that came with the kit with the glass
cabochons and I’m gonna show you what I do to glue that so you’re gonna need
some e6000 jewelry glue it’s clear it’s the best and I use it for everything
okay so now you want to make sure that the back is not tacky that it’s dry
otherwise that could come off when you glue it all right so they’re both fine
so now I’m going to take my pendant Jerry I’m gonna make sure that it’s
clear I’m gonna just go ahead and put some of the glue right on there and you
want to make sure you have a paper towel nearby so that you can wipe any that
might get on your pendant ray you’re also gonna want to make sure you have
your toothpick and you’re gonna want to swirl that and make sure you get all
around the edges and the center work it all around you don’t need too much but
if you find if you need a little more go ahead and grab your glue and put some
more in and I’m gonna need a little more so I’m gonna go ahead and get a little
more of my glue but this time I’m gonna use one of these stir sticks and put it
on because it’s such a big pendant tree and I’m just gonna smear that on and you
want to make sure that it’s not globbing that you spread it nicely and get the
edges and all around and like I said if you get any on your pinky tray go ahead
and just take your paper towel and wipe it off and make sure that you’re getting
every inch of that so that your cabochon sticks to it really well and doesn’t
fall out because if you’re going to make this you want it to stay especially if
you’re going to give it as a gift or to sell okay so now we’re ready see I’m
going to take this one and we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to see which
side we want facing up or down towards where you’re going to hang it because
there’s a little hook there where you’d hang it so you want to
make sure that it’s straight and you want to make sure that you pick which
end you want up or down okay so now that I’m happy and I gave it a good push down
this is what its gonna look like I’m gonna let it sit dry and I’m happy with
the placement so there it is it’s on a spender tray and you see how that glows
even when the lights not hitting it I love those nail art foils it’s really
nice the different combinations so even if you don’t use a lot you have that
paint in the background to really make those colors pop and I love the black
it’s my favorite to make colors pop okay so I went ahead and glued the second one
now to clean it you just need a q-tip and a little rubbing alcohol
not with jazel but rubbing alcohol make sure you blot it so you’re not over
dripping it and then gently go around it to give it that nice shine and you want
to way to your cabochons about 20 minutes for them to dry so you don’t
move it but see look how shiny they’re getting and what I like about that is it
gives it such a nice clean shine and it takes away your fingerprints where water
would leave a film so it’s best to do that okay and there you are
see it’s all done aren’t they pretty I also did another one with a red
background and I’m gonna show you that in a minute
but I really really love these okay so here they are done and they really look
nice even with very little light they seem to glow in the dark this is the one
I did with red I use black I use some of that yellow and I also used another
color gold and there they are together my two favorite colors to use are the
black and the red for a background but you can use any color nail polish or
paint you want and that’s how the read turned out I
used very little of the nail-art the foils and the glitter because I didn’t
want to overpower it and it really looks like I’m really happy with that and
that’s how it would look on a choker to give you an idea there you can hang this
on a chain now you see that the top part goes from left to right so you would
have to put a jump ring facing up and down for it to hook and here’s the first
one I did and that’s how to give you an idea what it would look like hanging off
of a choker and again you could put it on a chain if you want these are very
large and substantial in size and here’s the other one I really really am happy
with the way they turned out so I just wanted to show you this one the wider
one the other ones were brighter in color and darker and this one’s a
lighter color and all I did was use different color nail polishes a clear
choose stick the nail art pieces of like sello glitter fantasy film I guess and
then instead of the foil nail art that’s what I had used and I also put not only
did the clear to adhere this mo glitter I also added some glitter and nail
polish and then that’s when I fixed all the sello glitter nail art and then from
there I painted it different colors with different color nail polishes a copper
and a gold of Fleck nail polish and then I finished it off with a black nail
polish all on the back to give it a little darker
here’s another color it’s the purple and I used again purple nail polish and I
use the foil art as well as some of the cella wheat glitter and glitter so this
is just another color you can do and this kit I got off of Amazon and I will
be putting the link below in the description box so be sure that you look
for that and click it and check it out and just wanted to show you all the
different colors you can make with this there are a lot of fun don’t forget to
look for the links and I hope you like this fast easy affordable craft and I
will see you in my next video thanks for watching bye


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