Hair Care & Treatments : How to Straighten Short Hair
Hair Care & Treatments : How to Straighten Short Hair

Hi, I’m Amelia, and I’m going to show you
some techniques on how to straighten short hair. When you straighten short hair, you
want to make sure that you use a straightening product, and then blow dry the hair with a
brush. I like to use a paddle brush; something like this, and when you’re drying the hair,
you’re really brushing that hair straight. That’s one way, and then if you still have
a hard time, you’re going to want to go in and section that off, so you can get control.
And I recommend using a flat iron that’s no larger than one inch. This; if you start,
if you have a flat iron that’s two inches; it’s just too big, and you’re going to burn
your fingers or burn your scalp. A one inch flat iron can, sometimes, be a little too
big too. You would just hold it with your comb, go in and just flat iron that piece.
Now, they do make flat irons that are smaller than an inch. This one is about a half inch,
and this one actually has a little bit of bend to it. So, this is great to use on the
shorter pieces here, and you can actually, with a smaller curling iron, just go in, grab
it, and bend, and that’s why I like the fact that it’s got a rounded edge to it. It makes
it a lot easier to style, but whenever you are looking for any type of styling tool for
short hair, you’re going to want to make sure that it is on the small side so that way you
can get that hair and get closer to the scalp. The closer to the scalp you can get, then
the straighter it’s going to stay, and those are some ways to straighten short hair.

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  1. A Very Chuy Lifestyle says:

    i have a 3/4 inch one its cool!

  2. alex2974 says:

    You arent alone.

  3. Jaymee Rose Halili says:

    OMG, i thought the thing on the left was a real life person LOL

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  7. Harmony Steele says:

    You know…I have a hard time believing she's actually using the straightener when she's rubbing her finger all over it and not getting burned. Hehehe.

  8. fhsahs popasfh says:

    Is that a girl or big? thats a weird looking kid

  9. Professor High Kick says:

    @odilita88 I had the same problem earlier, and I ended up burning myself… :-/

  10. princesskaroke says:

    how about a 3/4 in straightener??will that do?

  11. aubrey archambault says:

    @minihutchi LOL

  12. aubrey archambault says:

    @minihutchi yeah I'm so over ehow videos. Whenever I youtube a "how to" video for anything anymore and see ehow as the maker, 90% of the time I'll skip it. They try to condense a 10 minute video into 54 seconds and too much info is left unsaid.

  13. pixiedoll98 says:

    lol i thought she had lost her mind when she touched the flat iron like it was nothing….LOL

  14. Vict Nguyen says:

    Ways to Straighten Short Hair
    -Use a small flat iron.

    Man she's worse then howcast

  15. BRANDIGLER says:

    I have an issue. One side of my hair is really volumized, but the other side is perfectly straight. any ideas?

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