Hat Thomas – Knight in Shining Armor
Hat Thomas – Knight in Shining Armor

What’s up, YouTube! I can see now why people pay…other people
to do this. Record stuff for you. Cause I have had my fill. My name’s Hat Thomas, um, I have been playing
music a long time. The name of this song is “Knight in Shining
Armor.” I wrote it for my little girl. Um, the chords kinda stayed with me. I put that song on the back burner and the
chords kinda stayed with me. And I wrote this other thing called “Ampersand.” And, um, it was a lot more complicated, and
it was totally supposed to be an instrumental. Um, and then I just put it together a few
days ago that it was the song I had written for my little girl a while back. So now it’s reverted back to “Knight in Shining
Armor.” I’m gonna tell you right out, I have no technical
skill whatsoever. I have a little skill with my instrument,
and I got Sarah Jane 2 here, because my baby’s in the shop. So, bear with the… She’s…shh…don’t tell her…she’s not as… We won’t go there. Anyway, again, my name’s Hat Thomas. This song is called “Knight in Shining Armor.” And, uh, I apologize in advance if you hear
dogs and cats barking and meowing in the background. Because again, this is not my thing. THIS is my thing. Okay, I apologize for the, uh, the buzz in the strings. Again, this is not my primary guitar. This is just a practice guitar. Um, also for the few mistakes I made in there. But, um, again… Well, I was gonna say it’s the guitar but
it’s really me. Um, oh, I don’t know if I said it before but
I know people have been telling me to put stuff up on YouTube and get my stuff out there. I got a ton of original material. And, uh, you know, I don’t know any other
way to do it except take months and months, you know, trying to coordinate with my buddy,
um, in his studio. It’s just, I figure it’s just as easy to get
it out there like this. It’s crappy quality, I know, but it’s a start,
I guess. I want to leave my little girl a legacy even
if I can’t make any money off of it. But uh, thanks for being patient. Thanks for listening. All that like and subscribe stuff. Do it if you feel like it. Don’t. I don’t care. I mean I… I do, I guess. But I’m not gonna cry about it. I forget to subscribe to people’s channels. I probably should. But, um, I don’t know what else to say. So, uh, thanks for watching. I hope you liked it. Um, please don’t be too mean in the comments
cause I’m sensitive. I’m an artist.

10 thoughts on “Hat Thomas – Knight in Shining Armor”

  1. Moon Sister says:


  2. charles deason says:

    sounds great,lil brother…you should seriously consider recording in a studio…this song would be even more beautiful with backing string arrangements

  3. BedOfNailsTM says:

    That was great, man. I can hear all sorts of lead/rhythm/lead-fills/etc. Would love to hear some more of your stuff & to hear what you can do on electrics. Love the classical vibe being that I started as a symphony violinist. I'll keep you updated & let you know when Billy & I have our gear set up in the new practice space.

  4. Myself Repeat says:

    This is a great song and I love how you wrote two songs and then realized they were the same. It was also funny how you said cats were barking!

  5. Brodie Smith says:

    nice i love this song

  6. gus sideris says:

    Melz ..i can see her..

  7. Bailey Keling says:

    That was really nice! I really liked your chord progressions

  8. Diana C. says:

    you should post some more mr. Clay

  9. Hat Thomas says:

    Thanks, everyone for the views and the likes and all that. Please let me know if you would like to see more. I have a LOT of original material.

  10. Carol Gowin says:

    You are super talented. That was beautiful.

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