Herbal Hair Oil – Part 2 | Beauty tips | Gowri Samayalarai
Herbal Hair Oil – Part 2 | Beauty tips | Gowri Samayalarai

Herbal Hair oil-Home made Already, Herbal Hair oil video is uploaded : Check in my channel But this video log is more detailed & gives alternate ingredients, in case of non-availability I have also answered all the doubts raised in previous video log of Herbal hair oil I’m going to make in 1 litre of coconut oil You can store this 6-8 months outside in a dry place Henna leaves- 1 small cup/ 1 Hand full, washed & drain water Curry leaves- 1 small cup/ 1 hand full, washed & drained Big amla- 4-5 / 1 hand full of chopped amlas Remove the seeds & cut it into pieces Small onion- 15 / 1 hand full; remove skin & wash Dont use already peeled onions. Take new ones & peel freshly before making the oil So that, the hotness of onion,folic acid & sulphur in it can be used completely Small onions help to regrow hair in scanty hair areas Amlas give good strength to hair Henna gives good strength & also gets rid of grey hair (gives a natural burgundy color) Curry leaves also gives strength to hair & avoids greying of hair Methi seeds should be washed & soaked for 5-6 hours Use less water to soak omam/ajwain/oregano- 4 tea spoons Methi seeds soften & strengthen hair,repairs damage & prevents split ends Oregano helps to treat head ache, sinus It also treats dry, itchy scalp problems Cloves- 4 It serves the same purpose as oregano You can add all these ingredients even if you dont have any of the problems mentioned Hibiscus flower- 5-10 Get flowers with 5 petals (country type ones) Make sure you wash it , so that the pesticides or chemicals used are washed out completely In case henna leaves are not available, you can use henna powder If other ingredients like methi, oregano, amla are not available as such, but available only in powder forms.. Take all the powders in a white muslin cloth like this.. But fresh ingredients are preferable to powders But if only powders are available, you can go for it Curry leaves, hibiscus flowers, amlas, oregano are all available in powder forms in country medicine shops I will show you how to use both fresh henna leaves & also henna powder Fold it in 3 like this.. Take a strip of the same cloth & tie it as a small pouch tightly as shown In case you go for henna powder, use 4-5 spoons of it You can also add eclipta alba/bhringaraj powder If you have dandruff, you can use fresh neem leaves/powder Half hand full of neem leaves / 2 spoons of neem powder will do for 1 litre of oil Alternanthera sessilis powder can also be used (fresh leaves/powder) Aloevera gel (fresh) can be added You can shuffle between ingredients every time you make the oil based on availability Poduthalai or Phyla nodiflora powder can be used that treats dandruff Grind henna leaves, curry leaves, amla, small onions,methi seeds(with soaked water) to a coarse paste Dont add water Remove the stalk & peel the petals into a bowl of water Wash thoroughly to get rid of the chemicals sprayed on it Take half litre of coconut oil in an iron kadai Try to get it directly from an oil press Or get virgin coconut oil from stores Sim the hot oil & add the grind paste Mix well & wait till the splashing sound comes down Keep in Medium flame You dont need to stir continously, but keep a watch After 8-10 minutes, the oil has become as shown The hissing sound has come down The green paste has turned into a dark brown colour At this stage add oregano seeds & cloves Add the tied up pouch as well The essence from the powder will mix well in the oil Make sure the pouch is dipped well in the oil Now add the hibiscus petals Since there is some water in the petals, the oil will start hissing again.. ..so keep mixing till the hissing sound comes down again I switched off the flame after 1 minute, after the sound settles down The hibiscus petals must be added at the final stage only, so that it doesn’t get burnt Keep it open aside for 1-2 hours , till it drops down to room temperature After it cools down completely, close it with a lid In case you use indolium or non-stick kadai, transfer this to a stainless steel utensil If you use iron kadai , you can retain the mixture in it, so that the iron from the bowl, mixes in the oil, making it more healthy Make sure you close the oil only after it cools down Take another half litre of coconut oil in a stainless steel vessel & warm it Let this cool down seperately after it is warmed Now spread a muslin cloth on top of the warmed, cooled down plain coconut oil Put clips around so that the cloth stays in place while we filter Take out that little pouch from the herbal oil Now filter the herbal oil into the plain coconut oil Wait till the oil filters down completely. Press gently to filter Remove the cloth & make sure you dont let the contents drop into the filtered oil Make that as pouch, hold & squeeze the oil , as shown The oil gives off good aroma of all the ingredients added You can use this oil on your daily hair care routine / apply 2 hours before hair wash You can apply it overnight/use daily Take a dry odourless container You can store this outside in a dry place Handle using dry hands Keep the container in sunlight/ use a hair dryer to make sure it is dry Can store this for 6-8 months Hope I cleared all the doubts asked in the previous video of Herbal oil Try, share & send me your valuable feedback

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    Neenga sonna mathiri oil ready paniten..oil apply panum bothu konjam hair fall aaguthu

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    The oil is really good.. I prepared and using for more than two months.. I got volume in my hair and it growing too.. Thank u so much

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    Mam Na panna oilla vada sutta vasanai varudhu why? ,sari panna karanam solunga plz,.


    I subscrubed yours , u also do the same

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  14. Kaviyarasi Prema says:

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  15. Sathiya S says:

    Can i use any colour hibiscus. And amla (nellikkaai)not available now. Can i avoid it

  16. Stanley Joseph says:

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  17. Mouli Dharan says:

    Another half liter coconut oil aduliya mix pannalama

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    Chance ae ila akka. Na iniki than 1 time unga oil prepare pani thalaiki thechu kulichen. Sema soft ah iruku hair. Romba romba thanks akka.

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    very nice but why we didn't grind that hibiscus flowers

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  93. mouli g marur says:

    Thanks a ton for this useful demo. i didn't see the first one, so it was perfect that you answered everyone's question patiently. very lucid and articulate presentation. in terms of English translations of the ingredients Omam is not Oregano. it is Carom Seeds. i wish the closed captions were more Readable (larger typesize, to start).
    i would love to bring out your wisdom in e-book/print form with photographs/illustrations etc, for easy understanding of the various benefits of the mooligaigal. thanks again.
    Mouli G Marur. 99404 78411 on WhatsApp. moulimarur on FB and LinkedIn

    ஓமம் (Carom Seeds), சித்த மற்றும் ஆயுர்வேத மருந்துகளில் அதிகம் இடம்பெற்று விளங்கும் இது, இந்தியா முழுவதும் பயிரிடப்படுகிற ஒரு மூலிகைச் செடிவகையாகும். மருத்துவ குணங்கொண்ட இத்தாவரத்தை, வெதுப்பி (Bread), மாற்றும் அணிச்சல் (Cake) தயாரிக்கவும், மதுபான வகைகளுக்கு மணமூட்டவும் பெருமளவில் பயன்படுத்தப்படுகிறது.[4]

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