Holiday Makeup Releases // Sephora, Ulta, & more
Holiday Makeup Releases // Sephora, Ulta, & more

Hey guys it’s Lauren welcome my channel
or welcome back to my channel today we were talking about the new makeup
launches this is another one my holiday edition versions though I have done two
of these so far I believe all of the products that I mentioned in those past
videos were available at Sephora whereas this one we’re talking about products
that are available it’s floral Ulta and Nordstrom and just so you guys know all
the pictures then I’m going to be like popping up on the screen throughout this
video are from those three retailers online those pictures aren’t they’re so
not mine but I like to use them for commentary purposes just so you guys can
kind of have an idea of what I’m talking about
that is the gist of today’s video there I have a lot of like fun holiday sets
and just holiday related makeup products that I want to share one last time
because you know the holidays unfortunately are you know wrapping up
so I did when they get one more of these out for you guys because you’ve seen two
like the last two I will have both those linked down below in all the clothes in
the cards right now with a playlist of all of my like holiday related videos
that I’ve done so if you want to check that out definitely do after this video
so I hope that you guys enjoy it and let’s go ahead and jump into it so the
first set that I want to talk about is one from fresh it’s called the MIT magic
gift set and this retails for $19 it comes with two of their fresh sugar lip
treatments and a lot sizes and the two ones that comes with are two that really
haven’t read me for a long time it comes with the mint brush which I love men I
just love it and then also um they’re like advanced therapy treatment which i
think is supposed to be really good for it nourishing and healing the lips like
you know all the other ones like on steroids like it’s supposed to be really
really good and you know these are treatment of both really intrigued me
for a while and I know that I do not need more lip balm you guys know how
much I love lip balm and I don’t need more especially because I already have
two of the fresh sugar lip treatments they are more like berry tints and like
I also have a more reddish tinted one and I don’t wear you know if I’m gonna
wear color I want it to be super opaque I don’t really wear tinted lip shades
very much unless they’re more of like a neutral or you know mob shade I just
don’t love bold tints it just I don’t know there’s
something about it that I don’t love so I don’t use those very often I don’t
know the effects of the product and recently I heard some youtuber and I
really can’t remember who it was but they were talking about how much they
love these lip treatments and I really do want to try it this is a set that I
could definitely see myself picking up I might wait a little bit longer because I
feel like after the holidays it might be discounted
I forgot to mention this is a $25 value set so it is a decent deal you’re
getting six dollars off again please remember these are not going to be the
full size when they do end up being a good bit smaller so you have to think
that the applicator is going to be a little bit tinier you’re not gonna get
like that jumbo size but I kind of like it it’s a little bit easier to work with
from the ones that I’ve used in the past from them I like that kind of smaller
applicator now let’s talk about another cult favorite lip treatment this is one
that I mean it’s a little an aged lip sleeping mask you all know what I was
gonna say before I even say it like people love the original the berry lip
sleeping Mouse they have two other ones and they’ve had for a while it’s like a
vanilla and a green apple or something like that it’s like a vanilla and then a
greener shade but they have come out with two new versions of lip sleeping
mask and they say these are limited edition I’ll explain why I’m not really
sold on that I don’t necessarily think these are going to be limited edition
the two versions are sweet candy and mint chocolate chip
and I have to say this was a little tempting these retail for the same price
of the original $20 the reason I don’t think these are gonna be limited edition
is that there was like a set that came out um earlier in the holiday season I
believe I talked about it I’m gonna be first holiday makeup launch videos that
I did and it came with a full-size of the berry lip sleeping mask with two
sizes of like they’re like mini sizes the mint one and then also the sweet
candy one and they said they were a limited edition that was kind of the
only way that you were gonna get it that’s kind of the way they advertised
it they never said like this is the only way you can get these two they did say
it was limited edition though um so I don’t really know what that means
um I could have a feeling it could be limited edition for now and then they
would just you know decide to keep them as a more permanent product in the
future I could definitely see that how things so with that being said I don’t
think I’d run out and rush to go get it especially if you already had the
elimination masks and one thing I want to do want to say about this is that I
I’ve tried the Laneige slips leaving out the original version DeBary and I did I
love the scent I liked the way it felt on my lips but ultimately I felt like it
was irritating them drying them out and recently I watched a video from gin
lover mmm gin loves reviews here on YouTube all have her channel in this
video specifically linked down below it’s all about like
and I always had a feeling like I don’t know ingredients very well but I’m
trying to learn them more and I always had a feeling there was something in it
that just did not mesh with me and I had I recommend checking a video because she
talks about you know that you know lip product in that lip balm compared to a
ton of other lip balm so it’s a really great informative video and I definitely
would recommend checking that out especially before you buy you know
product like this because spoiler alert this product is not as good as everyone
thinks um I’m sure it can work for a lot of people but you know when you actually
look at the ingredients and break it down based on that it’s not that good so
the next set is one from fin t it is the fin t trophy wife life a makeup set and
at $69 it comes with I believe for products and first off it comes with
like three limited-edition trophy wife face products so these are ones you can
only get in this set as of right now I mean as we know things can very quickly
become unlimited edition but it comes with a triple life lipstick it comes
with the trophy wife what is it called a metallic liquid liner it also comes with
a gloss balm and the unitary wide shade so all things you may want if you like
gold now for me I would be like that is not really necessary in addition to
those three you know limited edition products it also has the original trophy
wife kilowatt freestyle highlighter that everyone loves so much it is full size
it doesn’t add up like the value I really do think makes this work that I
feel like it definitely does add up to sixty nine dollars or even more however
if you’re thinking realistic with yourself and if you’re like me even if
you’re not even if you’d like to go a little more bold and daring with your
makeup looks I don’t know how often people would use all of this gold
product now if you really love Benteen you want to support this is a great way
to do it it is you know I don’t know I just have mixed feelings about it
because I kind of feel like it the money grab in a way that you know if you’re
giving you the value in the set and you’re not if you’re interested in these
products you are not going to lose money however if you just want the peak loss
balm you might just be out of luck because I don’t think it would be worth
it to buy this inside entire set for a gloss balm it just doesn’t really seem
worth it to me I don’t know maybe it’s worth it to you but I’m just kind of
like bringing it to your attention I’m sure there are other you know gold
bosses out there and they’re definitely gold liners out there and
you know all stuff like that so I definitely would just say you know be
mindful before you purchase this product but it also does come with a boat
leather bag and that does intrigue me a little bit too it definitely does add to
the value for me I know for a lot of people you have plenty of makeup bags
but fellow whether it’s just something I really like I find it to be something
that does a lot of different things and I would enjoy it back like that but
again I’m not gonna buy this at just their bag if you guys think that I seem
a little bit tired throughout this video you are definitely right like I am very
tired um I have exams this week and it is just a lot but you know I’m
continuing on this is something I love to do and I definitely wanted to get on
the other video out there for you guys so here I am but the next product that I
want to talk about is it’s a studio 54 themed stocking stuffer from Norris they
have a lot of studio 54 themed stuff that has come out some of it I’ve talked
about in the past and some of that I’m gonna be talking about in two days video
but the first thing is this little what is it coffee nor does mini blush and a
bomb set it’s $24 and it comes with a deluxe sized sample of their afterglow
balm and it also comes with one of their blushes and there’s three different
versions and like different shades and the corresponding like I believe they
have like tour it is one of the shades so the tour aid um like afterglow lip
balm is in there and then also be torrid blush so it kind of goes like that like
jewel say PETA the balm in the blush so I like how they like horse bond because
for me I I don’t know you guys know I like matching things I just like it that
way so it’s intriguing to me it’s not the best value because it is only 32
dollars if you were to purchase the products individually which I’m not even
sure if you you know can get that size the product just by purchasing on your
own but for me this would be something that’s worth it I really do like Norris
blushes and I’ve heard a lot of great things about the afterglow lip balm so I
haven’t wanting to try it out that seems like a good set I don’t know if I’m
gonna be purchasing or not but if you’re interested I’d recommend carrying on
with the you know studio 54 theme from Norwich this is another one of the
products from that collection and this is the star seen at cheek palette it
retails for $42.99 in the past like whenever something is limited-edition
once it’s gone it’s gone you cannot get and something with them is like I always
find like their cheek palates and their eye pallets that they come out for the
holidays and you know for you know spring collections implemented in
addition or something I find those products really intriguing and I find
that you know whenever I don’t I don’t think necessarily FOMO but I don’t think
about it like I don’t know there’s something about Norris and I feel like
they’re always coming out with at least from me and you know the Preferences
that I have with makeup they’re always coming out with something that it does
intrigue me but this is like I said $79 value you’re getting I believe two
blushes and then also a highlighter and you can use these wet or dry so if you
want them to be more natural you can use them just with a brush without anything
extra on it but if you want really amplify it something that I love to use
and I’m sure you guys do as well is matte fix fix plus I find that to do
wonders for you know amplifying shadows or implying like highlights and things
like that so I like how you can it’s more versatile especially if you do have
a product that will amplify the product but now let’s move on to Mac so next up
like I said we have two products from Mac the first one is the star dip based
compact and this is a 42 dollar and fifty cent palette and there’s two
different versions there’s a light and a medium deep which I really think there
should be three versions I don’t really know them maybe the medium deep really
is that versatile but in the light version you’re getting three of their
extra dimension skin finishes and one blush we’re in the medium deep palette
you’re getting what is it you’re getting two of the extra dimension that skin
finishes one blush and then also one bronzer I don’t really know why they
broken up that way I guess it just worked easier for them this is a $68
value and I will say then like packaging and the embossing of them does look
really pretty in that same collection Mac has a I shoulda palette it’s called
the star of siding I compact in a tree house for twenty nine fifty I believe
the value on it it’s like sixty five dollars which is really good um it comes
in two different versions that older I believe there’s a third one at some
other retailer but at Ulta you can get it in the neutral version which is very
intriguing in my opinion and even the few shippers and the other one available
at Ulta is pretty intriguing in my own as well um I could definitely liked
seeing these if they were going discount or something I don’t need more I
should’ve palates however these shades really do entreat me so kind of circling
back to Nora’s this is a product that is only available I believe at Nordstrom it
might be available on North’s website I could imagine it would be but the link I
will have is from Nordstrom but it is the norm studio 54 hyped eyeshadow
palette and this retails for what is it $59 it’s a $248 value so definitely the
value was there the you know price and the product is there one thing I’ll say
is they came out with another like I believe it was called inferno and that
was another palette they came out with I believe with the studio 54 they came out
with some of their studio 54 palette and that one I know did not get the best of
her views so it definitely makes me a little cautious when it comes to this
palette however I really do like the color scheme on this one it comes with
some warm neutrals and then it also has a few like bolder shades so I feel like
you could really create you know a bunch of different looks with this palette
again limited edition of course and like I said with NARS limited edition really
does mean a limited edition for them um this is available like I said
Nordstrom it could be available at Knorr I’m just not really sure all right guys
that about wraps for today’s video if you enjoyed it please be sure give it a
big thumbs up that way I can know to do more of these videos in the future if
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changed a little bit I was trying to you know wrap up my outro I had maybe 30
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well so I had to go run switch that out and that was why things look a little
bit different but like I said if you enjoyed it let me know give it a thumbs
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couple of days until I upload my next video and I will see you then bye

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