1. Samantha M. says:

    Wow! Gorgeous!!! =)

  2. Nashi Tutorials - Nail Art and DIY says:


  3. Aimee C. says:

    I subscribe to a lot of nail art channels, and you are definitely one if the best. Your designs are always so beautiful. I just wish you posted a little more frequently.

  4. Angela Hicks says:

    How about peacock feathers' … wild flowers like in afield'….sailboats'…. lemon slices '…. beach balls'…

  5. Victoria4402 Nail Art says:

    Very beautiful!

  6. mary grace fuentes says:

    wow! perfect!!! 👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  7. jetson10100 says:

    Well done!!

  8. Rafaela says:

    Perfect! Can i do this with gel polish too?

  9. samer sultan says:

    This is such new idea for me . U have not to drop all ur polishes Into the water to get the marble design only the black one ….it's easier way for marble design in my opinion . It was so helpful to me . Thank u so much . :*

  10. dtulip1 says:

    Although your florals are my absolute fav; this is also a gorgeous look. You're so talented that I am quite envious 🙂 Ty for sharing xXx

  11. Consuelo Trujillo Palma says:

    hola muy bonitas pidrias traducirlo es español me gusta seguirte

  12. Andrea Renteria says:

    I love it. How long did it take you to perfect it?

  13. Valentina Navarrete says:

    Hi! this desing is so Beautiful and perfect 🙂 I Love it!
    Ps: Can you please do a video show how you filed your nails? pleaseeeee!
    Because I love the form of your nails <3 !

  14. Nail Art says:

    love it

  15. Jo lovesnailart says:

    Beautiful combination of the gradient and watermarble techniques 🙂 Tfs

  16. Amber Yeung says:

    will there be a tutorial for your last turquoise floral design? I love it so much and want to know how to do it!!

  17. K Sha says:

    You're very talented. I've watched countless nail videos on you tube by all different people, including professional nail technicians who do nail art for a living for a long time. None of them come even a tiny bit close to what you can do free hand with a brush. The uniqueness of the beautiful designs you have created are amazing and breathless. As soon as you hold the brush in your hand and dip it in acrylic or polish, magic happens. That's the only way that can be explained to what you create. Magic! Cause I've never seen anything this beautiful created from using simply a brush and some paint. The only other person who even come close to what you can do and your creativity is "Robin Moses Nail Art". Don't get me wrong, her free hand nail art is fabulous. But the different between you and her is that I learned a lot by watching you. I watched her videos but she chats a lot in the videos but not a lot about how to create the design. Its just her talking to the clients whose nail she is doing or the people who are around her when she is doing the nail art. And yet, she claims she does videos to teach people how to do nail art. And she cuts off a lot of clips. She doesn't show beginning to end with every steps explained in details like you. You are a amazing teacher. You explain what you are doing and how to do it, and best thing is you never skip a beat. So we can actually see the whole designs being made. Its funny that we learned a lot from your videos where you're not chatty more than other people videos which talk a lot. May be its because you have clear subtitle explaining in simple steps what to do and no other nonsense. You are my idol. I would die happy if I have a drop of your talent. Love from London. Xoxo

  18. Jazmin Espinosa says:

    Hola muy bonito tu video 🙂 que pones en el agua 0ara que el esmalte se abra ? aparte del agua pones otra cosa más ?

  19. Nail Art in Wonderland says:

    best water marble ever 😍 <3

  20. Chef Squeeza says:

    is non latex sponge necessary for doing a gradient design?

  21. Ashlyn Fernandes says:

    umm I wanted to know where you get liquid latex from and the price of it. you do an amazing job on your nails btw keep up the good work:-D

  22. maxine_ lovenails says:

    wow it's beautyful ! 😍

  23. Tracey Minnis says:

    beauiful they look like butterfly wings

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