Horror Show At Miss Universe 2019 Press Junket
Horror Show At Miss Universe 2019 Press Junket

So, it’s December 5th It is about 6:15 in the morning and here the Marriott Marquis Hotel and the press junket is supposed to start at 7 o’clock But I don’t even know where to find the Miss Universe organization conference room you know where members of the press congregate, so they’re checking in members of the media until about 6:40 in the morning, and I don’t even know where I’m going Nobody seems to know I asked in the lobby Nobody doesn’t know where the press junket is going to happen. This is unbelievable It’s 6:30 in the morning. I’m back where I came from early today. I’m back today at A Level A704 I see people from Telemundo setting up the camera So I think I’m in the right place, but I’m pissed because there are no signs anywhere in the hotel indicating where the Press is supposed to meet I don’t see any signs that say Miss Universe. None whatsoever So everybody seems to be lost. This is really pathetic Gosh, okay. It’s about a past 7 o’clock and Nobody from the Miss Universe organization has showed up now. I’m just following a bunch of guys here. They’re going to another place something about the lower level of the hotel and I think that’s where the press junket is going to be held So this is going to be very interesting So I’m here downstairs, somewhere at the Marquis Basement I guess right next to the Imperial ballroom And this is where the Miss Universe organization press junket is supposed to be held I had no idea what time it is I think it’s about 7:10 but it seems like there’s a lot of disorganization going on and when I asked Whether my credentials have been approved the girl working at the desk does not even know Whether or not I was approved And she told me to come back 15 minutes later because they’re not ready they’re not ready yet They’re still setting up. But anyway, this is just ridiculous. I mean, they have all members of the media Congregating right here and everything is too delayed. So this is really bad Hi guys, so I finally got into the press junket This is only after I bitched and complained about the inefficiency and disorganization of the Miss Universe organization I just gave somebody a dirty look and they let me in, okay So they claim that I don’t have any press credentials or they claim that I never applied for press credentials But of course they’re lying. So anyway I gave one dirty look to one of the officials and they immediately let me in. So this is what it looks like right now So we’re just waiting for the girls to enter And I don’t know I don’t know how this is gonna work because I’m not sure it’s gonna be a round robin interview where everybody just Throws in a question and the girls get to ask or I’m gonna ask the girls in small groups This is the setup at one of the ballrooms here at the Marquis okay Turning my focus to my career With that translated his ideas into the language of diamonds the nationalities of petals leaves and vines Were selected for their timeless beauty and are portrayed through the hand setting of white diamonds around the crown with this title of the ground pulled a scented message to the world to unite and the cause of humanity and To use his humanity as a shield against biases to create a world of equal opportunity for all humans. Yes No, I first started They have I would have the good fortune of seeing being in Dubai and seeing some of the most incredible jewelry there they Turkey get me I Like but without Alright guys Fine hope to Well, that was fun. What do you guys think of a new crown? Do you like it? Imagine? It’s worth five million dollars That’s enough to feed the entire island of Nauru I’m signing off. I’m starving. I haven’t had a lunch so I’ll see you guys later. Bye!

6 thoughts on “Horror Show At Miss Universe 2019 Press Junket”

  1. H Jon says:

    why the expectation in the first place? they couldn't even plan the venue and what not well in advance

  2. malou penalosa says:

    They are a bunch of lousy event planner.

  3. marambaron says:

    I didnt want to say anything so as to be misconstrued as negative but i thought that whole event was lackluster not to mention poorly organized. The space was abysmally small. A lot were falling and it was so low rent. Thailand actually set the bar high that the recent stages looked barangayesque, amateurish and subpar.
    I dont think im gonna follow miss universe for a while. Im glad i didn't waste my time and money to go to Atlanta. Now, i can pay my taxes early .

  4. Ariel Munoz says:

    worst edition ever !!!let the asian countries host the next edition 😀😀 we will give u the show of the century 😊

  5. Lulu Lavender says:

    You are an imposter and freeloader. How dare you consider yourself “media”!? 🙄

  6. isari li says:

    Your cam too shaky hurt the eye

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