HOT GIRL SUMMER Makeup Look BYE ASHY! | Jackie Aina
HOT GIRL SUMMER Makeup Look BYE ASHY! | Jackie Aina

100 thoughts on “HOT GIRL SUMMER Makeup Look BYE ASHY! | Jackie Aina”

  1. Jaleyah D. says:

    Please wait while I transfer your call 💀

  2. Jaleyah D. says:


  3. Jaleyah D. says:

    It’s giving airbrush sis 🤧😍

  4. Beautyandthesuns says:

    @traplashes on ig is literally the best lashes I have ever used! Y’all like check them out! College budget friendly

  5. Rachel DeYoung says:

    Could you do a review of Honest Beauty? OBAMA GIRLL LOL!

  6. Lishna wisp says:

    awww Jackie all the shade names are diff strains of weed, that’s why it’s called sour diesel cshfjvfshdhvhvn

  7. Angela Daniel says:

    This is my favorite eye look from you!

  8. PinkPrettyCookies says:

    I swear watching you is always a hyfy fun time!!!

  9. Theresa Namonje says:

    that orange omg

  10. Maya McMillian says:

    Ok Jackie really is NOT to be played with! The entire look just set Hot Girls up by 5000 pts!

  11. GlamMariaa says:

    LOVEEEE <3

  12. igeenell timmons says:

    love you congrats.

  13. Xzavier Peters says:

    Ur skin is so nice

  14. Juliane Dessalines says:

    but I actually laughed like that tho when you made the comment about independence day

  15. Charlotte Doornheim says:

    Omg this is GORGEOUS

  16. Camden Tillman says:

    Auntie Jackie… Sour Diesel is a strain of mary jane

  17. Jessica Boutte says:

    Got me in here cracking up code…. edges I’m dead

  18. Ray Anjohrin says:

    I’m literally just laying in bed sick watching your videos until I pass out

  19. Dominique Hackett says:


  20. Kimora Bowes says:

    The Nicki laugh💀

  21. Destany Lashelle says:

    Independent for whhoooo?! Lol love you Aunty Jackie!

  22. karm says:

    How do you stop you make up from sweating off your face in the summer. ???

  23. Kaylynn Martin says:

    No joke tho if potheads had a flag🤣🤣🤣💀

  24. Feilisha Almas says:

    I come here to learn something, hear her Jackie Jackie intro, and WITHOUT FAIL EVERY TIME my life is made and I just love her every time before I even finish the video. Jackie Jackie Jackie

  25. LadyD85 says:

    I need that smoke sesh palette!😍😍

  26. GeeGee TV says:

    “Please hold while I transfer your call” lmao! Hilarious

  27. Stephanie says:

    looking like you need to go right the hell back….gurl i felt that

  28. Lizzy says:

    all my friend on snap: Hot girl summer 🤩

    me at work watch them: Working girl summer

  29. Amalfi Alberts says:

    Jackie, I need a beach makeup look. Darling I’m going to the Italian riviera. I’m in crisis mode. I need to look super cute in pictures and also jump my behind in that blessed beach life.

  30. Syerra Davis says:

    Girl let me tell you .. i watch you ALL THE TIME and we have the same birthday!! definitely trying to get on your level of makeup.. can you dm on instagram a and give me tips!! I would love it Queen of makeup ig: Syerra.d

  31. Chasity Williams says:

    Lol she be so pumped 😂😂👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. HD Wellness says:

    Hey Jackie. I just came to say thank you for staying on the necks of these companies for darker shades. After 16 years, my sister was finally able to find her perfect match in foundation at 31 years old. When she showed me what she got, it was the Too Faced Born This Way in Chai. I was so happy, I went ahead and used some of my La Peach highlighter to finish her off and she was sooooo happy!!!! Thank you Aunty Jackie! ❤️

  33. serenity/I LOVE K-POP says:

    5:03 ARMYS you know the drill (RM playing in the background)

  34. Ashley Tarango says:

    Love you!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

  35. Chris P says:

    love you!!

  36. The Natural Mama Method says:

    Jackie, some of use are hot girl sweat'in out in this hot girl summer! Can we get a video on keeping the makeup in place when is scorching!

  37. Sweet Apple says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 “Please gold while I transfer your call.”

  38. Monica Lao says:

    I love herrrr!

  39. Zc3 freestyle says:

    can someone make a song of her intro?

  40. ca86 says:

    I love this look! Cant re-create the eyeshadow look but I love it.

  41. creme says:

    You be so lit lol I love your videos‼️‼️‼️

  42. Sara Tadesse says:

    Lemme bronze the boat LMAO

  43. melissa pitre says:

    This girl ain’t right upstairs…she keeps me cracking up! 😂😂😂

  44. Jamie Hargrove says:

    You are getting your moneys worth from those glasses XD

  45. Laura Buttle says:

    Love the look!!!!! And you look incredible💜

  46. Carl Winstanley says:

    Britney who?
    Auntie Jackie is here serving looks and spitting rhymes!

  47. Lyndsey Adkins says:

    this look is ironically giving me all the Jamaican vibes!!! LOVE IT!! I’ve been looking for a mostly green palette too. Need this!

  48. DrZeCute says:

    Can you do a video with your favourite brushes please? Cause I have no idea the best brushes to invest in ( cause yes it’s an investment🤓🤑). Thanks! I trust your opinion.

  49. vamperkillzshy says:

    Sour diesel is weed lol. Diesel is gas, get it? ♡

  50. Haley Beersingh-Foreman says:

    Aunty Jackie sending love from Jamaica 🇯🇲
    Sour Diesel is actually a strain of weed or ganja hence the marijuana leaf embossed on the palette

  51. ellen lankford says:

    EVERYBODY should use sunscreen. I watched my father die of melanoma when I was 14. BOB MARLEY DIED OF MELANOMA. Don’t neglect this, please.

  52. Shoshanna Carlos says:

    Clickbait Jackieeee

  53. Wannabe Words says:

    5:03 we have to stan

  54. Wannabe Words says:

    19:14 I'm cackling

  55. Day with Brai says:

    I literally cry actual tears every time I watch a video lmao she is a comedian !!!

  56. Makeupby Alfonso says:


  57. Yaa Adjem says:

    Are you aware, Aunt Jackie that "sour diesel" is a hybrid strain of the cannabis sativa plant?😂
    The whole pallette seems to be named after hybrid stuff, hence the name, "Smoke Sessions"

  58. Inga Palsson says:

    This was a super beautiful look!

  59. Missy Valeria says:

    Who is Meg?

  60. Kyla W says:

    I’m obsessed with this look😍😍😍

  61. Karla Killeen-Garey says:

    late to the party but YES. OPSEC. OMG

  62. MulaMia says:

    I love how your always using nicki for the funny parts omggg the barbz Stan Jackie!!!!!

  63. Sydney M says:

    bruh the mono clip

  64. monica53210 says:

    This eye look is AKA regional conference approved. 😂

  65. InnerBeautyUnleashed says:

    Jackie is goals PERIODT .! :

    Body goals 👙 ✔️
    Makeup goals 💄✔️
    Hair goals 👩🏾‍🦱✔️
    Wit/Jokes goals 🧠🗣✔️

    You want it, she’s got it dammit 💁🏽✨

  66. Eskaa says:

    "Independence for who, United Sates of America.. whats united? The fans. The PoLiCe FORce?????""

  67. Janay Elder says:

    I love the ThirdStory and Yebba version…..

  68. Charlie Graham says:

    Are we talking votes on which country's flag her eyes look like this time? Bc my vote is for sure Brazil.

  69. Beasan Shkoukani says:

    I love this girl my favorite thing about her tutorials is that you do what works for your face rather than following makeup trends. I love it because the best thing we can all do when following a tutorial is tweaking the makeup here and there for what works for your face.

  70. Beasan Shkoukani says:

    Damn boo u looked flawless

  71. The Princess says:

    I laughed SO hard during this entire video!!!! 🙌🏽 ♥️ ✨

  72. mellabobs says:


  73. tracy ann johnson says:

    It’s a weed palette!🤣
    Sour Diesel is an Indica strain.

  74. Meela Miela says:


  75. awesome smith says:

    Girl everybody needs Vaseline

  76. nikiichan says:

    That palette is so cute I was hoping it wasn't expensive but damn I guess you get what you pay for :/

  77. Melanated Sensei says:

    Why would diesel be sour? Hehehehe auntie doesn’t know

  78. Angel Sky says:

    the fact that you used the song "uhggood" by RM made me feel like there was a glitch in the matrix for a sec

  79. Alanna Wallace says:

    Jackie!!! when you took that scarf off 😭😭😭😭😭 GOODNIGHT!

  80. Alana LaVey says:

    Sour diesel is that GASSSS auntie J 😂😭

  81. Kindy Kindz says:

    Lit lit! 🔥

  82. Kimani Hicks says:

    Rm is that u

  83. Gudthang Monroe says:

    Damn i want them shades❤❤❤

  84. BeWellBrandon says:

    I’m pretty sure she knows it’s a Mary j strain lol I think she was question why diesel would be sour 😆

  85. Chasity Haskins says:

    HOW DARE YOU HAVE NO PORES!! Soooooo jealous!! You’re stunning 😍

  86. Victoria Akanno says:

    This eye look is making me feel things oh my gosh I LOVE IT

  87. Ani G says:

    "This concealer packed my pores and shipped them to Nigeria". lmfaooooo

  88. Dezy Charles says:

    I was ROLLING at 5:04!!!!! That movie was 10 types of HILARIOUS😂

  89. Johhar says:

    What’s big this coverage 😂

  90. Foluso Oyeleye says:


  91. Sydney McWhorter says:

    “why’s diesel sour?” someone’s not a stoner hehe

  92. Sydney McWhorter says:

    your eyelids look like an oil spill 😍😍😍

  93. Meghan s says:

    ❤️ this look!!! Wooo!! 💯

  94. Foxy Cinnamon says:

    And here I was thinkin' Miss J was letting her natural hair out for Hot Girl Summer…and this IS a day look! Ok Miss Ross! I love and appreciate ya!

  95. LB_121 says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I'm newly subscribed and I wanted to say I love your channel. Your funny witty delivery is so refreshing. I love your energy, pls do not every change. You rock!!

  96. FIZZA AIJAZ says:

    What foundation brush is she using

  97. Royal Gale says:


  98. Ebony Beauti says:

    I swear she sings that rise up song in all her tutorials 😂😂😂😂😂 she so goofy 🤣

  99. bby xoxo says:

    Your eyebrows are so perfect wow I’m jelly

  100. Candace Johnson says:

    “why would diesel be sour?” lmaooo i wanna get you high sis. AND she in Cali??!

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