How Gross Is Your Makeup?
How Gross Is Your Makeup?

– If somebody were to
hold up this petri dish, and they’re like, “The disease,
the pestilence, it’s here,” I would believe them. (funky instrumental music) – The things that I tend
to replace the most often are anything that I use around my eyes. But anything else, I typically keep it for as long as possible. – Here’s the thing, good
makeup is expensive. – With lipstick and mascara, specifically, I paid a good penny for those. I can’t just throw it away
after three to six months. – I have a lot of liquid lipsticks. I don’t really know anyone
that replaces their lipsticks before they’re out. I don’t think that’s a thing. – I clean my makeup brushes. Definitely once a month, I
deep clean these brushes. – Lipstick’s melted on
the brush, but it’s clean, I promise you. This is clean. – I’m interested to know
what hides inside of these liquid lipsticks. – Oh God, I just realized
what I set myself up for. (laughs) – I think after people
spend a lot of money on these make up products,
they probably don’t want to throw them away. So, that’s probably one reason
that there’s an accumulation of these bacteria that are
building up on the powders and the brushes. We used swabs to swab the
surface and then applied that to the bacterial plates. In some cases, we were able to
apply the brushes or mascara directly to the bacterial plates. So, we actually found two
different types of staph. We also found bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal problems and diarrhea. Bacteria that also are
associated with strep throat, UTI infections, even meningitis. (mysterious music) – Alright. – Oh no, oh no! (gasps) Oh no, what is it? – Wow (laughs). – This is gross. This thing looks disgusting. – Okay, please tell me
that mine’s not the worst. It was? Mine was the worst? – Yes! One thing that I have
control of in my life is the cleanliness of my makeup products. Take that bacteria. – I’m very shocked by the diseases. Like, staph is pretty alarming. I wasn’t expecting that. – This is staph infection. What is my life? What am I doing with myself? – So, thankfully, this
crusty, germ-like pool is apparently normal. So, I’m happy, but I’m like, “If this is normal, what does
the nasty stuff look like?” – I really thought that
with the past two years, I was pulling it together. And then I see this shit,
and I just realize that I’m nowhere near becoming
a successful adult. – I have been slipping
on washing my brushes, and maybe I’ll try to
wash them every week. But again, life comes at you fast. So. (funky instrumental music)

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  2. Izzy Benita says:

    Oh my gosh Devins hair😳😳😳

  3. Leila Badri says:

    Lol if their telling me to throw away my makeup they can go buy it for me

  4. Amy Rebecca says:

    This is really annoying, most of these are found in your day to day life and even on your own body of course they're going to grow on a petri dish. They're opportunistic pathogens and are nothing to worry about. You'd probably get the same result if you swabbed your mouth

  5. marja huttunen says:

    I brush my make up brushes every day boom.

  6. T A says:

    When devin had brown hair❤️😂

  7. kuractvoj says:

    I wash my brushes everyday😃😃😅

  8. i ripped my pants says:

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  13. bone head says:


  14. Crazy Erin's Reviews says:

    “People don’t replace their lipsticks after 3 months. I don’t believe that’s a thing!” Lmao Freddie god I love you 💕 but I’m with you I spend good money and 3 months is not long enough to have some expensive makeup! I need more time with my makeup!!!

  15. Somewhat Psycho says:


  16. Greg Putnam says:

    I forgot Devin had long hair like that

  17. Greg Putnam says:

    They showed us the Petri dishes and i dont know what I am looking at

  18. McKenna Jackson says:

    Devin looks SO different 😱

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    Wow! I’m binge watching makeup vids and Devin looks so different!

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    Throw backk

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  22. Ana In Reality says:


  23. itjusthappened says:

    I wash my brushes every week. I had a seperate container for my face sponge, i dont left it inside my powder foundation container. And i remove makeup using olive oil. hope i dont have lots of bacteria on my make up though hahaha

  24. Lauren Ramone says:

    this is my favorite hair that devin has had

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  27. Suhani Hatrote says:

    The girl who has the dirtiest makeup kinda looks like Taylor Swift

  28. RMCLAC H says:

    For my science fair I tested my hand before and after basketball and my after covered the whole dish

  29. Rose Bascom says:

    Your phones have staph 75% of phones have fecal matter. Your facts aren't impressive.

  30. Lee Lu says:

  31. Lee Lu says:

  32. Slytherin Nam says:

    But it's good if we are exposed to at least some bacteria so we can build or immunities.

  33. Monica Waskiewicz says:

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  39. Alice Greyheart says:

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  40. ShyanaTrinity says:


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  52. Ava Hamilton says:


  53. figure skater sandi says:

    I don't wear make-up 😞

  54. Grace Sutton says:

    Me: reads title
    Also me: VERY GROSS

  55. Lamar Akkaoui says:


  56. gidle luv says:

    Meh im keeping old make up COME TO ME BACTERIA

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  68. cryinq liquor says:


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    I wasn’t shocked about the bacteria

    I was shocked about the brunette Devin lol

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    This doesn’t stop me from destroying my face with all this makeup

  71. akatsuki360 says:

    Yall realize that bacteria is ubiquitous right??? You can literally swab ANYTHING in this entire world, and bacteria would grow in a plate…especially considering those plates are designed to feed the bacteria with optimal nutrients. I took Micro in college so I remember all of this.

  72. Zian Waheed says:

    Is that why I always have diarrhea?


    'Course not, it's my lovely food that keep me alive <3

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  74. Lila Connaire says:


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