How to Colour Your Hair at Home Under Rs.200 – Salon Quality Results | BBLUNT X Anaysa
How to Colour Your Hair at Home Under Rs.200 – Salon Quality Results | BBLUNT X Anaysa

Hello… friends I am Payal friends in today’s video I’ll tell you how you can colour your hair at home just like bollywood actresses I like to create hairstyles just like bollywood actresses I saw a beautiful pic of Urvashi Routela then I decided to create hairstyle just like her in my best friend’s wedding for that I have coloured my hair So I thought to share it with you how you can colour your hair at home so lets get started for colouring my hair I am using BBlunt in shade 5.32 now I ‘ll tell you how you can apply it as you can see there is no colour on my hair lets start with its unboxing when we’ll open it we’ll get a tube developer a tube colourant a tube shine tonic which provides shine to your hair an instruction manual and a pair of gloves also we need a petroleum jelly a comb a hair colour brush a bowl & food wrap paper pour developer in a bowl here I am using the complete tube as I wanted to colour my whole hair if you want to just touch up from hair root then you need to use just 25 gm of it now mix colourant in it use in same quantity as developer lastly we add shine tonic use just 4ml of it if you want to just touch up from root mix well apply some petroleum jelly to your forehead on your ear this will protect you from colour stain on your skin divide hair into two equal halves again make two sections from one part repeat the same process on other side securing back hair using a clutcher take a hair strand from first section & detangle it now applying the colour using a hair brush I am applying the colour to the complete strand if you just touch up then apply it to that particular area comb that strand after applying the colour as this properly distribute the colour now press that strand do the same with other strand here I have coloured all the strand from first half now gather and fold them to create a upward roll secure it with using a clutcher likewise apply the colour to the other side I have coloured my hair with this hair colour its non drip formula keep the colour for about eight months on your hair applying colour to the left over sections now remove the clutchers gather all the hair to create a loose bun now at last cover your hair with food wrap paper or you can also use normal polythene instead of it leave it for about 30 to 40 minutes after 40 minutes remove the polythene slightly wet your hair then gently massage now rinse your hair with water till you get the clear water you can see the colour do comment below if you liked this hairstyle I’ll try try come with this hairstyle video for you so thats all with this video do like & share this video plz subscribe to my channel & don’t forget to press that bell icon to watch my latest videos follow me on instagram will see you in my next video till then take care n bye-bye

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