How to do a Bob Cut // Short Hair Tutorial // Girls Haircuts
How to do a Bob Cut // Short Hair Tutorial // Girls Haircuts

Hi everyone it’s April with Hair 101 today
we are going to do a bob haircut it’s just a really simple cut it’s straight across and
i’m going to show you a couple techniques that make this haircut look a little bit more
polished and better so you’re going to wash the hair comb it out make sure it’s tangle
free and then i’m going to part the very front of her part where she usually does it Ellie
do you part on this side or this side? Usually that side this side okay so this is a little
trick when you’re trying to find someones part comb the hair straight back and then
you just take your hand and push it forward and it usually splits right where they usually
part it the hair is trained to go those separate ways so go ahead and part the hair where they
wear it and then you’re going to make sure there is no hair stuff right underneath the
ear right here so make sure you comb that nice and straight no you need to be aware
of the ear being there because if you just comb straight down and like catch the ear
with the comb you’re going to hurt them it’s going to scratch their ears a little bit so
I usually go into the ear and then pull it out like that and then even hook the comb
around the ear a little bit just to get that little bit of hair that usually sticks along
the ear right there and pull that out so once you make sure that you have both of the sides
really nice and straight and combed out so now i’m going to go back from this part and
i’m going to center it up so that while i’m cutting the back section i’m at a center part
and so that’s what that looks like it just takes a curve back to center and then i’m
going to go ahead and part the hair down the middle in the back the reason why I part the
hair up here right now I don’t want to forget about it later on of course and when you’re
doing this haircut if you don’t cut the hair where they’re going to be wearing it you will
if they flip that over you’ll have a little bit longer piece so if they’re going to be
wearing it down the middle also if they switch their part up and do both sides right down
the middle you’re going to have to cut he down the middle and that way they can do any
of them but she always I know her pretty well and she always wears her hair at that part
so go ahead and look down there you go in the back after you have that straight back
parting you’re going to take just below the curve of the head you’re going to take two
more partings and these are going to be pretty straight but just a slight angle forward so
the reason why I do that is because I like bobs that are just a tiny bit longer in the
front it’s not really an aline because you don’t have any graduation but if you have
a haircut cut straight like this and then you look up a little bit it looks like it’s
shorter and then longer in the back and I personally just don’t really love that so
I always do it just a little bit of a graduation towards the front so when they look straight
the line still looks straight and not like like this the line will look straight so we’re
pushing the hair against her neck to get it nice and flush against her head and then her
head is tilted forward so you have this nice area to work on and i’m going to just cut
a guide point right here decide how short you want it you definitely are not going to
want to cut the hair shorter than where it naturally grows you can do it right at that
line if they want a nice short bob but i am doing hers just like an inch below where it
naturally grows out of her head so
and if your shears have been dropped you might have like a little burr on the edges of your
scissors and if it’s catching on their skin then don’t do it this way but you’re going
to have to get your shears sharpened but you’re not going to want to scratch them so this
should feel really smooth it shouldn’t be cutting them at all or scratching them if
it is you’re going to have to pick it up with your fingers like this and that’s going to
take out some of the it’s going to give you a little bit of a graduation and that’s not
really what we want we want this to be really nice and blunt so hopefully you don’t have
to do that so now this piece i’m not cutting it all the way over hear where it would naturally
fall i’m pulling it just a tiny bit over just a little bit and that’s going to be what gives
us the little bit of length in the front
now what this does when you’re pushing the hair down and cutting it right against their
skin it undercuts it just a little bit so it’s going to naturally roll under her hair
is not going to have to be round brushed and it’s really great for little girls because
we don’t have time to round brush our little girls hair every single day before they go
to school and so it’s nice if you can get a haircut that just dries that way that’s
ideal but of course we can’t all have that so she’s just a lucky girl i’m going to come
in on this side i’m moving where i’m cutting and i’m flipping my hand this way so you can
see that i’m over directing it just like I did on this side just slightly but still following
the same guideline okay now you’re going to want to check make sure that the length is
the same and the way I do this is I find the bones on their head and then I pull it straight
and I can compare and see if one side was a little bit longer I can just go in and adjust
you’re just pulling it straight down and this does matter because we’re going to start following
this line all the way to the front of her head if it’s already uneven right now it’s
just going to magnify that further on as you go so make sure that that’s right then you’re
ready to take down your next section i’m going to do an inch i’m making it parallel to the
last parting so it’s just slightly forward and I don’t really need to use clips for hers
you are free to do that if you want go ahead you clips but for her I can just comb it the
opposite way and it’s staying fine i’m going to ditch the clips just for time sake whenever
you do that make sure that you comb the hair opposite of what you’re doing so that you
can see the parting lines because that’s usually helping you establish where you’re cutting
okay and we’re just going to do the same thing you can see the guide through you’re just
following that line that you already had established all the way around
and when this haircuts dry we’re going to
go through and give it a little bit of texture into the ends because it’s very very blunt
you don’t have to do that you’ll just have to see when it’s dry if you like it but I
usually do go through and clean up any of these little hairs when it’s dry especially
around the neck it can dry funny and the swirls have a mind of their own i’m changing positions
over here i’m cutting this way so the combing in this haircut is very important because
if you way over combed it like this and cut it you’re going to mess up that line that
you have so try to remember where it was
and i’m doing this and flipping my hand this way just because this way I was cutting the
hair pushing it this way and and now I want to be doing it this way if I cut the hair
this way and then cut the hair that way too sometimes it can push it all this way and
then you’ll have like a longer and a shorter side because it’s over directing the hair
more than it would be if you cut it the same direction you were cutting the other side
at so something to think about and it’s really not hard to just bring your hand like this
you’re not twisting your wrist more than you would it should be pretty comfortable just
to flip your hand that way and sometimes I get down eye level with it and check it out
alright we’re going to take another section back once you get up to the top of the head
you don’t need to pull the sections back any more you can start doing them on the sides
this is going to be our last section right at the top of her head and we’re just going
to cut along that guide alright so we’re going to do the front side now you can just look
straight there you go so at this point you want them to be looking straight or even slightly
chin up so that you can see where the hair is going to fall and it should all be at the
natural fall so anything past this bone should be able to come back here and if you see anything
longer than your guide go ahead and cut that off now okay go ahead and look down one more
time there are just a couple stray hairs grab those so now we’re going to go to the side
over here and i’m going to tilt her head slightly this way and now i’m going to use my fingers
and i’m going to part the hair right where that ear is and then i’m going to push this
hair behind so that I can have it at the zero elevation cut that piece off okay tilt just
a little bit no like that there you go and then i’m going to make sure that there is
no hair stuck behind the ear comb it straight down and like I said I’m doing a slightly
forward slightly angled like this and it’s make sense once we dry this and you should
be following your guide and notice that i’m also pulling the hair like this where she’s
actually going to be wearing it i’m not following it all the way around her face that will keep
it shorter and we don’t want to get it short right there we want to keep a little bit of
the length around her face to frame her face so i’m pulling this hair along the hairline
like this and then cutting it off and if the hair is too thick you can do this in a couple
sections hers it’s fine I can see my guide and i’m comfortable with cutting that amount
of hair so it’s okay and then roll it around if you see any long little pieces you can
grab those so now we’re going to do this side and you’re going to tilt your head just a
little bit like this there you go and part it down so that this can be straight down
without having to worry about that ear follow that guide slightly angling it forward directing it back to the guide alright last
thing you want to do is just check and make sure that your sides are even make sure they’re
sitting straight their legs aren’t crossed and I like to do a little check for their
shoulders right here too I like to look straight in at them so just the angle that you have
and get my head right level with their chins so that I can see and just check and make
sure that one side is not sitting on the shoulder and the other one is raised off it gives you
a little bit better of a reference to see it looks alright so we’re going to go ahead
and dry it up oh wait really quick you wanted bangs huh you want them straight forward or
do you want to have them swooshed to the side kind of swooshed to the side swish it to the
side that sounds good to me so there are a couple ways to do this i’m going to cut her
bangs with a razor because I don’t want them super blunt because I know how hard it is
to grow out super blunt bangs on little girls and they change their minds a lot so that’s
how i’m doing it i’m just going to take the razor in here start it right above her eye
and just blend it down and slowly move my fingers down because i’m going for a little
bit more length and that’s a really soft blended way to do it so you don’t have any big choppy
marks and now we’re going to dry it up while we’re blow drying this front part if you have
a swoopy bang you always want to hold the blow dryer like this and direct it this way
and that will just help you have that flowing sweeping look
so one really quick tip about blowdrying even
if you’re going to round brush it it’s best to blow dry the hair until it’s at a point
to where it’s almost dry on it’s own and then you go back in with your round brush and you
can heat up the round brush and let it cool into the shape that you want but if you start
with sopping wet hair and try to round brush it’s going to take you forever and it’s just
not necessary this is strumming the hair and blowdrying it in the direction that the hair
grows and that will help fill down the cuticle and then you go back in and round brush also
when i’m blowdrying I don’t use clips you’ll notice that in my other videos I get the hair
pretty dry and then I just have them look forward to do the back and comb the hair like
this up and then i’ll use the back so just watch and see how I do it I don’t use clips
okay i’m crazy like that now i’m going to teach you how to make money grow on trees
first you i’m just going to check her bangs we can do a little bit heavier on the bangs
here so and now that it’s dry i’m going to use my shears because I don’t want to hurt
her the razor could be a little bit snaggy that’s better she just needed a little bit
more and she has a little bit of a cowlick in there so it’s nice to do a little bit thicker
to cover that up and if you wanted to cut some texture into this it’d be really easy
to just go through with the shears and you could just lift it up a little bit and deep
point cut into some of the ends if you have any spots that you want a little bit more
texture in just a little bit right here as soon as the texture and the lines look where
you want them and look like what you want them to look like you are done and your client
is ready to go alright thanks guys thanks for watching I hope that this helped you guys
in some of your basic cuts and let me know if you guys have any more requests and i’m
going to be working on a lot of new videos coming up I have a very long list already
but i would love to hear what you guys would like to see um also we have big surprises
in store for this year so make sure that you subscribe and you tell your friends to subscribe
and give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time bye

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