How to draw Trees in the water with soft pastels 🎨 REAL-TIME
How to draw Trees in the water with soft pastels 🎨 REAL-TIME

This is a sandpaper.

25 thoughts on “How to draw Trees in the water with soft pastels 🎨 REAL-TIME”

  1. Sheshina Ekaterina * HOW TO DRAW * says:

    🎨Dear friends! Welcome to my INSTAGRAM: 📌
    There you will find additional materials for video tutorials.
    Друзья из России! Заходите в новую группу ВКОНТАКТЕ: 📌
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  2. Aakanksha S says:

    Wow!!!! The shades used in colouring trees and water are so amazing ♥️👏🏻

  3. Francisco Jairo says:

    So pretty my dear!

  4. Drawing Way says:

    Nice drawing👍

  5. Peggy Henderson says:

    Yep you can call me jealous. Lol

  6. Lizielim says:

    Stunning <3!

  7. Юлия Романова says:

    Вода и отражения завораживающие, прекрасный весенний этюд, вдохновения вам Екатерина и спасибо за видео))))

  8. Samsul Alam says:

    Wow….beautiful artwork 👍👍

  9. Nete Hope says:

    Great job Ekaterina! Your pastels just effortlessly glide over the paper. Do you use reference photos? How long have you worked with soft pastels? Do you use any other brand of pastel other than Rembrandt, or any other medium? You are very experienced using this medium. Thankyou for all your amazing efforts in showing your art. God bless!

  10. Jülide Besleyici says:


  11. Christopher D says:

    Water reflections are so important to know. Thank you for showing us how!

  12. Charissa Wilkinson says:

    Thank you.

  13. Yngvars Skald says:

    As always great artwork😊

  14. Catalina Laserna says:

    Beautiful all your artwork!!
    which brand of sandpaper do you use?

  15. kamal hossain says:


  16. kamal hossain says:

    Sister, I hope that you are online. I'm writing to you after a long time. You know I am a board exam student this year. So I have hardly time to rest and watch your paintings. But my best wishes are always with you. I will always wait for your paintings. Please pray for me. ☺😊

  17. vitor dias says:

    Amazing landscape! You are so talented Artist my dear! and have a nice weekend!

  18. Shamim Art Academy says:

    Which paper you use??

  19. Vincent Pain says:

    Your work is the best I’ve seen for ages fantastic love it.

  20. Gracie Shack says:

    Your Art is superb so beautiful! 🎨

  21. Nelda Flygare says:

    Thanks for sharing, beautiful!!!!!!

  22. Justin Case says:

    Love your work. Do you use a reference photo or do you just have beautiful thoughts and ideas?

  23. Nirancho says:

    This is very beautiful Sheshina. These tutorials are very useful. I have a suggestion.

    Can you start a new playlist to teach us how to draw each element? For example, lesson one could be, How to draw a sky. In this one you will only draw skies, you can teach us sunset skies, clouds, stormy skies etc. In the sky lesson, you will not draw anything else, only skies.

    Similarly, you can have lessons for rocks, sea, trees, bushes, waves, waterfalls, lakes. If you can do this. It will be very useful for beginners like me.

    Also, if you can put comments while the video is playing, how to select colours, how to draw strokes it will be very useful.

    Thank you very much for lovely videos.

  24. M. D. Royce says:

    What's with the fake nails?

  25. Ivan Pergasi says:

    I'm watching all your videos one by one even at work, i think your work is amazingly inspiring !
    You inspire me to let me try soft pastels, in the future i'll may have some tech questions for you… i hope i won't bother you… ;-P
    Kindly advice…you should definitely try tu use a 4k cam with 60fps recording so your video could get huge quality improvement in the details and colors and your movements accelerated will be smoother and more clear!
    Meanwhile keep up your outstanding work and talent ! U R Doing Great!

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