How To Get Smooth Silky And Healthy Hair II कैसे पाये मुलायम , रेशमी और स्वस्थ बाल II

Hi you gorgeous people out there , how are you? i am sure you all are great, having fun. Now, tell me do you watch movies? you watch them right? what is the thing which makes you feel envy. when you look at the heroein ,specially girls how do you feel watching heroins ? wow, how lovely and silky hairs they have so, do i get envy. Now, let us talk about that how would you get smooth, silky and healthy hair natural. Now what do we do for the hairs? we hit the salon, you hit the beauty parlor. or you go for re-bonding or straitening of your hairs, this is what you do right? or you take steam , you do lot of things. but, i hop[e did we ever think about trying something at home. actually we never did right? now, here i will tell you that what you do to make your hair smooth & silky naturally. what you have to do is simple, very simple. you have to take fullers earth which is easily available in the market. take the sufficient quantity which can cover your hairs completely. Take fullers earth as per the length of your hairs. Now add butter milk in the fullers earth to make it a kind of paste of this. not very thick , and not very thin so that it get evenly spread on your hairs. make the consistency accordingly of your paste. now add 1/2 lemon juice in it then soak some fenugreek seeds for few hours & make its paste. make it prior and then add this into the fuller earth paste. mix it well now apply this on your hairs and scalp too because you need smoothness and shine from the tip. so, from the tip to the shot. cover your hairs nicely with this pack. leave it for about 30 minutes and once 30 minutes are over wash it off with warm water. now, why warm water, because we have used butter milk in this. you don’t want to leave your hairs oily or messy . so wash your hairs thoroughly with warm water & done. Now what are the benefits, what are the benefits of fuller earth ? let me tell you its benefits , first shinier hair, smooth hair, healthier hair. and there is an advantage that fullers earth got an lovely flavor without chemicals. try this and let me know and post your photos on your wall Post our video too , like the video , comment down and subscribe my channel. Isn’t it its simple. and keep looking gorgeous , Bye-bye.

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