How to Get the Most Value from your Powder Foundation Makeup
How to Get the Most Value from your Powder Foundation Makeup

Hi, Sharon Danley here with Two Minute Tips for Healthy Beauty & Confident Aging. Recognize this?
It’s called hitting “pan”, meaning you need to purchase another dual powder
foundation or pull one from your stash how far do you go before you toss or do
you say it must be the Scottish in me and my concern for the environment but I
have these little babies all tucked away and I do it for my blushes and my
eyeshadows as well all you need is some pharmacy grade alcohol either 77 or 99
percent and to make the job easy a makeup spatula which can be easily
purchased online or in specialty shops so here we are with a little plastic
tray over my sink just in case you know I have spillage or whatever now I use
this handy little makeup spatula and I loosen up all the powder break it down
do that sort of thing and then I turn it over and ice I smash a little bit and I
use the side of the spatula as well to just kind of break it all up now I’m
going to take some from the pan that I’ve saved in my little stash and I’m
going to gently remove the powder from that pan and deposit it into my current
one and again I’m going to use the side of the spatula to break it up so that it
blends in with the powder underneath just just smash and break then I’m going to add some alcohol
either 77 or 99% and I like decanting from this little bottle because I have
more control over how much I put in and I put enough just to make sure that the
product is entirely wet with alcohol then I take my spatula and turn it flat
and just smooth everything down blend it all together and smoosh and then I oh
it’s that Scottish in me again I just take out just a little bit more grab
everything that I can and you know taking that extra out you can get a
couple of extra days of application from doing just that believe me okay Sharon
enough already put it down let it go it’s okay
alright and then I just blend that all in together keeps mushing and even it
out as much as I can as flat as I can and it does not have to be perfect by
any stretch looking pretty good just clean off the edges
there you go let it dry and the next day simply put it back into your pallet and
you are good to go so combining the old with the new with a little alcohol and a
spatula will get you about another three weeks worth of product and while it
looks a little uneven to begin with, it will smooth out in a couple of days
running your cosmetics brush or sponge overtop. So there you have it. Eco responsible, and cost-effective. Fast, Easy & Oh So Smart. See you next time.

36 thoughts on “How to Get the Most Value from your Powder Foundation Makeup”

  1. laurie ann wilks says:

    Great tip! Thank you so much ❤️

  2. Sharon La Tour says:

    Thanks Sharon!! great tip!

  3. Linda Gaber says:

    Love this tip! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Janice Thompson says:

    Thanks for the tip! I have 2 of those that I could combine. I have been ordering directly from Palladio. They now send coupons that save a lot.

  5. Lynda _Lee says:

    What a wonderful tip! That's something the makeup companies sure don't want to share with us!!!! That really helps especially with the high cost of makeup!! Thanks for sharing

  6. Jeannie Arnett says:

    Keep 'em coming!!!!!

  7. Dee z says:

    I need to do this. Thank you, for the reminder.❤️❤️luv Dee

  8. All about America says:

    Thanks. I like saving money. Appreciate the tip.

  9. Joyce Brown says:

    I'm so glad you posted this, now I know what to do. Thank you Sharon.

  10. Elyse Joseph says:

    I'm almost sure I have Scottish blood in me, French Canadian, but hey 😉 Thank you Sharon for all your ecological, economical tricks xox

  11. Marilyn Poitras says:

    Thank you, Sharon!

  12. Jax T says:

    Thank you, Sharon…how easy you make this money saving tip! Waste not, want not. 🙂

  13. Lu G says:

    Oh how I love a helpful hack! Thank you for sharing!

  14. pheline24 says:

    Very handy hint! Thank you! 😊

  15. Robbin Welch says:

    I add one drop of gerianum essential oil, one drop of sacred frankience & one drop of lavender essential oil, to the bits, as well as the alcohol. I saved many of channel compacts from an untimley death. I love your handy organizer. Where did you find it?

  16. Maria Neal says:

    That's wonderful! How many times have I tried to use the last bits of my makeup and kept wiping te metal at the bottom! That's a great idea! Thank you so much Sharon ❤

  17. Grammy Pip says:

    ThankYou for another wonderful money saving tip 🤗

  18. Rob yN says:

    Great tip!

  19. mary allen says:

    What a great tip, Sharon! Thank you so much!! Love & Hugs, Mary 😍🤗

  20. Honey Swartzfager says:


  21. Honey Swartzfager says:

    This can be done with any powder product that has been broken or cracked also-to repair it!

  22. Teri Hayden says:

    What brand palette holder are you using? My Barelle won’t stick to my palette.

  23. Maureen Howard says:

    Brilliant tip! Thank you👏🏻👏🏻😍💕❤️🇬🇧

  24. Erica Mar says:

    Thanks for showing us how easy this is to do. 👍

  25. Μίνα Σαμαρτζή says:

    Very helpful!!!

  26. Anne Finlayson says:

    I am Scottish born and bred, and have lived all my life here, but would never even consider going to all the trouble shown in the demonstration to save a few pence. I can assure anyone interested, that it is a complete fallacy that Scottish people are mean, in fact quite the opposite, they are among the kindest, most generous people in the world, and it's offensive to me when they are misrepresented in this way. Please don't listen to what has become a joke now, that the Scots are mean. It is simply untrue !!

  27. Linda Lee says:

    Oh, my gosh! I just love this tip! Save the environment, saves me $$$! Thanks, Sharon!

  28. Linda Shumaker says:

    Great tip!!😘

  29. ANNE KNIGHT says:

    Love this! I have powders that are a little to dark or a little too light so they sit unloved at the bottom of the drawer. I can now smash and mix to get a better match. I do this all the time with liquid foundations but it never crossed my mind that I could do this with powder. Thanks! 🙂

  30. Ann Carlson says:

    How does one get the pan out of its original container. For eyeshadows, too?

  31. Diadem Glow says:

    Love ya girl, oh you don't have to be Scottish to be like this. Any tips for how to make all my shimmer shadows not shimmer. I realize now they look not good, not good at all. I want to return to my better upbringing and mattes. Now you have to get fancy and figure out how to engrave your initials on the top.

  32. Dslocomb1 says:

    What is the name of the foundations you use?

  33. Silver Dragonfly Tears says:

    I did this to a powder foundation & was amazed at how much longer it lasted. I wish everyone was concerned for our environment, all the plastic needs to be recyclable.

  34. suzette macey says:

    Hi Sharon. Thank you for all your advice. I've asked on your other sites about the Barelle products, but so far nobody appears to have the information. I live in a small town about 3 hours from Toronto. Barelle is not sold here. I went to the Barelle website and they do not ship to Canada. Would you mind telling me where I might be to find this product? Very much appreciated.

  35. twominutetips says:

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  36. Anne Tricot says:

    Another great tip 👍
    Thank you!

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