How to Look Younger with Korean Makeup | Korean Makeup VS American Makeup | Wishtrend TV
How to Look Younger with Korean Makeup | Korean Makeup VS American Makeup | Wishtrend TV

Hmmm so having Korean makeup can actually make someone look ‘younger?’ Today, we’re gonna look at some makeup tips that Koreans use to get that really fresh and younger look Hey guys it’s Hazel here
Welcome back to WishtrendTV So remember a video that we posted back a while ago Titled, ‘Why do Korean Girls Look So Young?’ And also ‘Korean Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips’ Well this video was so popular we got so many views and so many likes that we decided to make a similar video to it So, why do Koreans look so young? Now there may be various reasons But today we’re gonna look at some makeup tips That Koreans use to get that fresh, younger look But wait, you might thinks ‘hmmmm’ ‘Don’t they look young because they are Korean?’ ‘Is it possible to look ‘young’ with just makeup?’ Now, there are some characters that contribute Asians looking younger But, we also did some research and surveyed people to see if makeup can actually make you look younger Hmm…so having Korean makeup can actually make someone look younger? So first, we applied Korean Makeup And Western makeup on the same person And compared them, and asked people what age this person look while comparing these two photos We actually stationed the survey at 2 really popular Starbucks at Gangnam Especially because we want to see a lot of traffic coming in and out Well you’ll probably wondering what the results were, right? So if you just look at the results, you can really see there IS a difference in age appearance By just comparing the survey You can see that there is a difference in age in appearance wish just different makeup looks Well let’s look at some tips on how to look younger with this makeup tutorial So our model Hyesu, she’ll actually show you and explain to you how to look younger through makeup wow you can really see a difference And it’s not even like heavy makeup but you can really see a change Depending on how you portray your base makeup So another tip is how you do your base makeup is very important Hmm I think I should actually follow this tutorial from now on Now finally, this is just a final note but if you tend to brighten your skin or darken your skin Compared to your natural tone, people actually see a difference so it actually may make you A little bit older and Not just with makeup but if you have like bangs or if you’re wearing like a pastel shade it actually makes you look younger But remember, although it’s great to look young and fresh on the outside It’s also great to feel young and think young as well Now thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed this tutorial As well as this video, if you haven’t please subscribe to WishtrendTV And hit that like button And also comment any questions as well
And I guess I’ll see you next time BYE!

100 thoughts on “How to Look Younger with Korean Makeup | Korean Makeup VS American Makeup | Wishtrend TV”

  1. Myra Meijer says:

    She's 25 and wants to look two years
    " younger"??! Haha
    C'mon Wishtrend, you can do better than this! ^^

  2. skyy3301 says:

    It would be great to let the model do more talk-through tutorials. It’s nice to be able to see her personality. Also, have you done wedding makeup/makeup for photography tutorials yet? That would also be awesome.

  3. Maryam mhd says:

    Wooow love please make more videos about korean makeup but please show the cosmetic color 😘😘😘

  4. Angie Line says:

    Lip cupid bow

  5. La Donna says:

    Asians (and POC – this is 100% fact amongst Black people) generally look years younger than their age due to their genetics, melanin and collagen content, diet, skincare and lifestyle. Black people have the most melanin and collagen content, thus the saying "Black don't crack." I've seen many mature-aged Black men and women who are in their 50s and appear to look like they just hit their 30s. Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterns and people of mixed race fall around the middle with how much melanin and collagen content they have, while Europeans/White people have the least amount of melanin and collagen content. By the end of the day, it depends how much people take care of themselves. I'm about to be 29, I'm Filipina, and people still think I'm still in college. I still get ID'ed too. IMO, Koreans do have the best-looking skin. 💞

  6. Andra S says:

    I'm 22 and I look like I'm 16 no matter what so this is not very helpful :)) . And at first I thought the results of the survey would be the opposite. I love Korean looks on Asians but on the model I personally thought she looked more like a mom than a teenager. I am actually surprised and don't mean to be rude. (Maybe it was the heavy jewellery and turtleneck that don't represent youth at all where I come from)

  7. İrem GÜRPINAR says:

    Single eyes makeup please !!! +1

  8. lina shmseldin says:

    Who else give the video like before start watching the videw🤣

  9. Naturally Quilo says:

    I honestly think she looks younger with the Western makeup. I think the way she’s styled in the Korean makeup makes her look a lot older than she really is. That’s just me🤷🏾‍♀️

  10. eaoni lee says:

    hae su is so beautiful ,what's her ig?

  11. Jupiter Star says:

    Hae Soo is so cute. Hope to see you more often as a host.

  12. ULLA EH says:

    I really liked this tutorial, here in my country all the girls look like they were cloned! You can't see a difference 😕 But korean makeup makes you look unique and young! Cheers for that ❤

  13. Mabel Teo says:

    Wowher face was already GLOWY before she started the makeup. I love this tutorial so much! Hope I'll be able to remake this look on my face lol.

  14. meche says:

    Love it! 💜
    This is true,
    not only less makeup, also diet, skincare, the way we think and live, spirituality.. Age is just a number..
    I'm 27 (almost 28) and people think that I'm a teenager LOL

  15. cockn' balltorture says:

    Did she get lip reduction? She's so cute

  16. kk kk says:

    Favorite video of all time

  17. Kimberly Lam says:

    what contacts is the model using? its so pretty!

  18. K Gxx says:

    Her skin is freakin beautiful! #Goals! Loved the tutorial and will implement the tips, thank you~ Just a recommendation for the Wish Team, can you make a video on how to cover pores? Especially the ones on the cheeks near the nose? I struggle so much and have tried many products, I’m guessing it’s my technique, so a few pointers would be appreciated. 🙂

  19. miss Fatima says:

    Does she have a tutorial for her western look? It looks really pretty 😊

  20. Hyeri -ssi says:

    What lenses did hyesu wear?

  21. Miranda Fox says:

    I love hazel so much😭 her voice sounds so soothing and sweet. Will try this!

  22. Dawn Princess says:

    She put bags under her eyes that I am trying to hide. That must be a cultural difference. I want to lighten under my eyes not darken them. Very neat video, though!

  23. anastasia Parangan says:

    Contouring nya cuma lewat doang ya

  24. Sara anne says:

    It also help that her skin tone is flawless lol like ok big help

  25. Rai F says:

    Better you speak English.✌️

  26. Balune says:

    1:28 there is no difference between the makeup here.

  27. Molly Monroe says:

    Every time somebody shows Korean skin care they're always showing on a Model that's like 20 years old or younger no s*** to have pretty skin. How about show a Korean woman that's in her 50s and 60s after using their method for 30 years let's see how good she looks?

  28. 1 dump 1 turd 2 tits john deacon chicken feet baby says:

    Why is she so pretty even without make-up

  29. Missy Marie says:

    Did the model have that surgery on her lips that Makes it look like some nut shape or whateva or bat wings!?

  30. Juliette Mah says:

    i love this makeup! but I'm not sure if i should try it. cuz I'm 16 (and i look 16 lol) and I'm afraid that any makeup will make me look older cuz usually high schoolers where i live don't use makeup yet

  31. winter bear says:

    hye su you’re so pretty!

  32. Chelle_ Meow says:

    Her Lips ♡

  33. Chjvv Vjkgf says:


  34. C Bhutia says:

    Please make a video on how to get rid of tan from the face. 💆💆💆💆

  35. Sea says:

    Eyebrows really age people

  36. killep russell says:

    The model is stunning.

  37. CS says:

    Why do I feel that she did that smile surgery on like they lift the corners of your mouth (not hating tho, she's pretty!)

  38. Nezuko Kamado says:

    I really like korean makeup. I am always out of the house wearing a korean makeup. Many people think I'm 14 years old but actually I'm 19 years old. I have a sister 17-year-old and many people thinks she's my old sister 😂

  39. Tu madre says:

    Where did she get those earrings?! TT

  40. Latajanee says:

    What’s going on with her lips?

  41. Tnht says:

    What lenses are you wearing?


    Im 25, and when i dont have any make up on, people keep asking me what grade in which high school i m 😂

  43. june gloom says:

    im 17 idk what am i doing watching this

  44. _____ says:

    Has the model had lip reduction surgery? It's popular in Thailand for creating that curled "M" shape on the upper lip. Just something I noticed because I recently heard about the trend; she looks lovely either way 🙂

  45. itsbeliinda says:

    I love Hae Soos voice💖

  46. rhona duman says:

    she's so pretty

  47. shook vkook says:

    this is seriously my favorite skincare/makeup channel, it always helps somehow

  48. shook vkook says:

    I'm American but I honestly hate western makeup, it looks unnatural, cakey, and just bleh. it's my preference to look natural and younger so that's why I prefer korean makeup or korean style makeup (light stuff like natural looking lip colors and all)
    edit: btw I don't mean to offend anyone, I just wanted to share my thoughts ✨

  49. shook vkook says:

    I have a question, for the people who want to actually look older than their age, and this is no shade to them what so ever, I respect everyone's preference and opinion, I get why people wanna look younger, cuz for one, more youthful appearance and you'll look like you're 20 in your 30's or 40's, looking older is great if you wanna get into a club but I don't see why else someone would want to look older so please share some thoughts on why someone would like to look older than their actual age 💫

  50. Pencilfriend Paperscribbler says:

    The title of this video suggests that the intended audience is not Korean. In that case, surely it would have been far more helpful to feature a model who did not already have the baby-face characteristics mentioned in the video? That would have been far more effective in making the case that Korean makeup itself would make someone look younger.
    As I am of Scottish heritage and have the face of a female Liam Neeson, I found little to help me here. Contouring my nose bridge is definitely not going to make me look younger. I do NOT need to have my eyes look deeper, and am unable to manufacture puffy lower lids no matter what makeup I apply. I really don't think anyone, anyone at all, would suggest that highlighting my nose would be a good idea. Apart from the healthy skin suggestion, which surely we are all aiming for, it does rather seem that these tips are most helpful for those who are in the least need of them.

  51. Sara Adorno says:

    I always have this question about the bb cream/foundation, I mean the way that you use it. It doesn't get cakey if you don't set it with translucent powder? As for me, I can't go out without setting my makeup because the weather here in south America it's really humid.

  52. Meta M says:

    Wish this could have been done by a much older woman so as to see the effect. You're still young to advice on how to look young lol…

  53. Teddy88 ! says:

    I was wondering if there could be a video on skincare and anti-aging for the neck and hands. Should I just do the same skincare routine for my neck and hands as would for my face?

  54. Milan Ahire says:

    Just see your model
    She is so M Dim

  55. Priya Kesharwani says:

    When I had watched Korean dramas in YouTube I was fall in love that how Korean's skin looks so healthy, beautiful Nd specially natural look I love Korean makeover and Korean skin care love from my side😘

  56. ARA ZEA says:

    I love it 💛 thank you for the tips! now i look like 13 years old than 17 years old 😆💞

  57. Gina Hanel says:

    I’m korean.. but people always think I’m older. I’m talking from 20-40 years old… I’m 13 -_- my skin is fine, I’m a bit tall but that shouldn’t be that big of a problem, I don’t even have boobs, a few people thought my dad was my brother or something. Even tho he’s 37 years older than me. I am insecure and I hate being outside now.. I don’t exactly think this would help me.. but it was worth a try. Either way, great video!

  58. kitsu e says:


  59. Chloe Min says:

    I'm asian i have light skin bit not as light as korean girls do but still light and bright and i wanna do the aegyosal but my friends and family's will probably say "did you sleep early? Your eye bags look big" 😂

  60. Siti Nur Farhana says:

    I prefer korean makeup because this this makeup look more natural 😊😊..thanks for the tips

  61. imonionnut decorn says:


  62. Garbage trash says:

    I’m 17 but I look 30ish. I NEED Korean makeup lol

  63. Fattin Rosli says:

    Wish i can do this makeup too

  64. clorox flavoured says:

    I thought it was IU in the thumbnail…. lol

  65. NK says:

    i love it, the model is so gorgeous 💗

  66. Khuzaimah Rehman says:

    This is the kind of skin i dream of 😂 I'm Asian tho 😂 her skin is just so perfect like glass omg

  67. Lil Chicken says:

    I think she look both younger and better with western makeup.

  68. Shim Amb says:

    The makeup kinda make her look like IU

  69. sweetie lune says:

    why soooo shiny

  70. leo hernández says:

    Korean girls looks like dolls an they're so cute 😭 like blackpink jennie

  71. IAm NoOne says:

    Hae soo looks like Heize

  72. JenJenTracey says:

    I think people think this woman looks older in Western makeup because the survey was done where the majority of people strive for minimal or natural makeup. This consensus might have been done better if this was done on Twitter or Instagram where there are a variety of people globally. I say this because generally speaking, do to her features, she looks young. Nowhere in my mind did I think, "Oh, she looks 29." With Korean makeup, she looked 15 or 16, while with what is really considered light Western makeup, she looks like she is between 18 – 22. There is a bias there that would hinder accurate assumptions about age, especially since here in America, that sort of "American" makeup is more suited towards the young woman in their late teens and early twenties while more often than not women in their late twenties might opt for more than what is pictured.

  73. Laisa hh says:

    well western makeup does make you look older. its a trend that young people want to have gorgeous looks and be a little older

  74. ιndrιcaвlυrrмyιѕ X says:

    Omg!!!!! She looks like IU xD

  75. Alabanza says:

    Stress makes you look older i know from experience

  76. ViaTheMind says:

    I love her lip shape so much! I love lips like that~

  77. saset sasha says:

    Why Korean girls insist in wearing clear eyes? It looks creepy and too fake. Why not to promote the ideal of beauty for their natural eye color? Their eyes are just gorgeous dark. This is why we always wish what we do not have because we believe is not pretty and then we teach others that it isn't.

  78. ximena says:

    The model is so cute and pretty 😭💕💕💕

  79. Sara says:

    I think the model had double eyelid surgery done, isn't it?

  80. Cameo Rose says:

    Yeah right…well first of all be young to start with and be drop dead gorgeous to start with…😨…

  81. Sabrina Floris says:

    His dimples are so cute!

  82. Corona84 says:

    It´s actually the turtle enck that makes her look younger.

  83. Yuki Gray says:

    I love her heart shaped lips 😍

  84. Chrisland Smith says:

    This video helped sooo much thx!

  85. Lina La says:

    With such a cute nose everyone will look younger 😍

  86. Your hann says:

    I already have that plum under eyes i dont find it cute cause it makes my eyes looks bigger…

  87. iman sheikh says:

    hey guys ❤️subscribe my channel for makeup and skin care videos please support me i am a beginner ❤️

  88. 東Asilia says:

    I'm 19 but look 35. I hope this works.😔

  89. Yin Hao says:

    She's so cute!!

  90. Layla Adam says:

    She’s so cute 💖

  91. binboda says:

    Why is everyone complaining? Obviously this video is aimed at women in their 20s, possibly 30s. I’m 24 and want to learn makeup techniques that highlight my youth instead of make me look older, this video is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks Wishtrend!❤️

    For people aged 30+ I’d suggest watching Lisa Eldridge’s videos. She’s a global makeup artist and teaches how to make mature complexions look younger with makeup. Her technique is amazing.

  92. Gordana Bogic says:

    I look very young and it's because lf my face features, I have very slim face, my chin is very small and my cheeckbones are not prominent, so whatever makeup I put I always look like a child even though I'm 27, makeup or no makeup, I look like a child. Mp body too, being very tiny, I have very small bones like asians. I can never find clothes that fit. I think makeup can help you at some extent, but it can't change your face, you should just get used to it and try to do as little damage as you can to your face. I have an extremely problematic skin with everything causing me infections, including sun exposure and sweat, but I don't pay much attention to it and use only light make up as bb creams. I think it does make you feel a little bit younger because heavy makeup makes your skin look dry and wrinkly. You should just get used to your flows and wear it proudly. Society needs to come to realisation that we are not dolls but humans and that hunans have flows.

  93. Tsa M says:

    Excuse me. I mean korean make up don’t always make u look younger, it’s absolutely not, Thanks

  94. JJ says:

    She's so cute!>.<

  95. Teresa Kerr says:

    Ok but my skin didn't look like that starting out….lol

  96. StrawberryNinja Nibbles says:

    Does the model have a YouTube channel or anything?

  97. Senu Labinnac says:

    Step 1: be Korean lol

  98. Patty Aussie says:

    3:01 start the video

  99. Anne Gel says:

    She looks like IU ❤️

  100. illuminaughty Irie says:

    Western make up is so heavy to wear and unnatural to look compare to Korean makeup it's light..

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