Good morning or evening. How are you all? I’ve missed you. My name is Marwa Yehia I’m an Egyptian makeup artist, and I’ll be doing this look on how to get bigger eyes using makeup and how to give it a professional finish so If you wanna know more, please keep on watching and don’t forget to like this video and leave me a positive comment and subscribe to my channel and click the notifications bell to get all my updates And just so you know, all the products used in this video are mentioned in the description box below in Arabic and English, with the shades, brands just everything. So, let’s start this video Let me mention what I’ve done off camera I’ve done my brows with the ABH brow gel in Dark brown You’ll find a link above on my how to brow tutorial giving you a full guide on how to get perfect brows I’ve prepped all around my eyes with the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in Medium, and I’m using the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette First shade I’m using is Karma on a Jessup blending brush #221 and start blending it above my crease to warm it up Today’s makeup idea is about creating bigger eyes and it doesn’t have alot to do with eye shadow If you want to do any eye shadow technique from my previous videos to get a similar result, it’s fine But I wanted to focus more on lining my eyes, so I’m going to go basic with eye shadow, nothing over the top I’m taking Momentum on a Jessup brush #222 which looks like this and just placing it on the lid to brighten it up and that’s it for eye shadow. Moving on to the next step what inspired me to do this look is that I’ve done it a long time ago on a model at one of my classes and I was teaching how to create bigger eyes which fits almost all eye shapes and sizes because it depends on the eye definition rather than the shapes and sizes of lids, whether it’s big, small, hooded. It doesn’t matter so it looks good on a lot of ladies and it’s very simple and doesn’t require alot of work if you’re a makeup artist so If you want bigger eyes, this technique is for you and there’s a picture of the look I was talking about Let me zoom in Can you see the before and after? See how the eye transformed so this is one of my favorite looks. I love it So I’m recreating it on myself The first thing you’ll need is a sigma brush E06 and ironically enough I can’t find it. I’ve taken it out in my last video and I can’t find it. I actually have two but can’t find any so I’m showing you the packaging I’m okay with finding one for now.. Anything.. Please? Found it Here’s how it looks Notice how it’s thin, angled, precise and stiff That’s the perfect eye liner brush the Sigma E06 Second thing you’ll need is a gel liner and the one I’m using and loving at the moment is from Forever 52 There are a lot of different brands like Kiko and Inglot. Love them but they’re not my go tos My favorite is from Forever 52 The Kiko liner is loved by a lot of people. I loved it for a while, too. But I never liked the Inglot one It’s been a while now since I’m hearing that It’s better. Maybe, the formula’s now different or I’m not sure what but I’ve purchased it 3 times just to give it a fair chance but I didn’t like it and this was 3 or 4 years ago So I had to look for another brand and at that time, the social media was buzzing with its favorite liner from Inglot So, it was extremely hard for me to find an alternative Also, the Mac liner is amazing, but in comparison to Kiko and Forever 52, they would win You’ll also need a liquid liner and I’m using the Huda Beauty Life liner Now that you’ve got all you need, let’s create this look In this video, I want to mention something which will be at the end of this video because I really wanna give this look my full attention Once I’m done, I’ll let you in on everything The secret to creating bigger eyes is to define and create an outer frame for your eyes by creating an eye liner on the top and bottom This way, you’re creating a new shape for your eyes making it look bigger, without going into eye shadow or blending deeper and lighter tones and all that jazz I’m taking some liner on my Sigma E06 brush A helpful trick you can use if your hand is shaky you can place your brush on where you’ll start your line and press it in It should look like a small, short line and redo this step to connect every line and so on and it’s best to do short simple strokes It can be very useful for any beginner or someone with a shaky hand. Instead of doing one line that might end up being thick or uneven so use this technique for an easy line Then, I’m going in to my inner corner and creating a small line and connecting it to the rest of my liner A good trick is to pull the skin on the bridge of my nose so it would be much easier to line the inner corner and connect it to the bottom lash line as well Another drugstore dupe for the Sigma E06 is not a strong dupe but would get the job done is the Jessup lip brush #306, that you often see me use It also has a thin, stiff tip, which can be used for liner Let me show you how it applies on my bottom lash line After getting something like this, you can do your wing using a trick I’ve mentioned in my last video, taking anything with a sharp edge and place it against my skin and do a line which should look like this with the tip of my liner, I’ll connect it upwards to that line and I want it a bit longer and close that triangle and fill it in you should have something like this with a Jessup pencil brush #230 I’m taking Karma again to blend out the black line on the bottom to blend it out even more, I’m taking a deeper shade than Karma, and I’m taking my tartelette palette and picking up Leader and blend it on my lash line with the same brush, I’m taking activist a deep brown or black, whatever’s available for you I prefer black and go over my lash line That’s how it should look for now I’ll do the other eye and come right back… I’m done and I’m going over my top liner with the Huda Beauty Life liner because I want a super, intense black I’ll do the rest of my face and do the lashes in the end Using Rexol to moisturize my skin which is perfect for me during the Winter so during that time, I prefer to use a lighter consistency, liquid or water-based foundation so it doesn’t dry out my skin even more so my favorites include Estee Lauder Double Wear but that’s the least of my favorites I can use the Makeup Forever HD foundation Which I also love I can also use the Two Faced Born This Way foundation or the Loreal True Match foundation All of them give me the same looking like skin effect without looking like layers on my skin and giving me full coverage at the same time So I’m using the Makeup Forever HD foundation #160 and start applying it to my face with a flat foundation brush from Diamonds Land then taking a beauty blender I prefer to use it dry, and go over my face to make sure there are no brush strokes and everything is perfectly blended then using the Tarte Shape Tape concealer in Medium under my eyes and I’ve set it with the Huda Beauty loose powder I’m removing the excess in a bit I’ve baked the sides of my nose as usual OMG, I’ve just inhaled the powder I’m removing all the excess and moving on to bronzer and I’m using Hoola from Benefit to put some warmth back to my face to avoid looking flat or dull Taking these 3 shades from the Ofra blush palette and sweeping them in an upward circular motion not on the apples of my cheeks, because I feel like it goes well when it’s parallel to my liner The lashes are done, these are #42 from Diamonds Land, the Tashy Lashy collection and I’ve applied mascara to my lower lashes For my lips today, I’m using the Maybelline Super Stay Ink liquid lipstick #70 If I didn’t put in clips of my lipstick application because I keep going too low for my mirror There will be a link above on how to get fuller lips and an in-depth video on lipstick application which is only 5 minutes long I’ve also added #15 to make it look a bit rosy The lips are done I prefer not to use highlighter for this look and that’s the final look. I really hope you liked it and found it helpful, I hope you now know how to get bigger eyes no matter the size or shape The only time I wouldn’t recommend this look is for upturned eyes, where the eyes naturally go upwards This winged liner wouldn’t be the best option you can create a liner and stop there without a wing because it will give it an even more lifted effect and for the down-turned/sleepy looking eyes This look would be the perfect option giving them a more lifted look with the eye liner and lashes especially like these ones, shorter on one end and longer on the other As for almond eyes like mine, you can do this look and it would look great Feel free with your liner whether it’s winged or not and that’s the final look for today That’s it for the first part of this video and now it’s time to let you know what’s been going on I just wanna apologize for not having the questions segment in this video because If I had done it and talked about the next subject, It would’ve taken so long, and I don’t want this video to be so long but I’ll still have the questions segment, starting in my next video, answering a couple of them at least Now, let me tell you what’s happening and I’ll start from the beginning and I’ll tell you how I received the news I was on Instagram and a follower had sent me a photo … a photo of a list titled YouTube Rewind Top Breaout Creators – Middle East & North Africa The source of this photo is from Google Data in the Middle East & North Africa and this is from Jan. 1st to Oct. 31st, 2019 There are 10 top channels, and I’m ranked as #8 What does that mean ? I was asking that question when I received that message So, I asked her, she said that she didn’t know and that she only found my name in that list which the YouTuber who took first place, shared to his story, so she took a screenshot and sent it to me At first, I didn’t really get it, the list, the rankings So I did my research, as usual I found out that every year, YouTube features a list of the most-viewed, most influencial YouTube channels and the newest, most successful content creators and there are 4 categories, I think So, I am one of the top 10 channels on this list also mentioning that they are the newest, most successful top 10 content creators of 2019 Of course, this is measured by the statistics and views, by the following count so this shook me to my core I never knew YouTube did this, and that that was a thing by the end of every year and I didn’t know if it was done internationally or for the Middle East or I didn’t know a thing. I had no idea I was really surprised that my name’s on that list and let’s be real My channel is about makeup only I don’t create entertaining content My channel is strictly about makeup So, who are interested are ladies 99% of the time and naturally, I don’t have a huge male following I don’t have their views because my channel attracts ladies most of the time and not every lady out there is interested in makeup so my following count is limited since you can only get so much as a makeup channel and that list has all the successful, buzz creating channels. On that list, there are Youtubers with entertaining content like pranks and all that which have a high view count, I honestly love watching them too. I also wasn’t aware since I’ve had just joined YouTube this past June This is with me being here for only 6 months It doesn’t matter when you joined or how long it’s been It just depends on how much you’ve achieved in a year and that was also something I didn’t know and If you’re watching this, wanting to create your own YouTube channel just consider those things and when you start your channel, I would recommend starting at the beginning of the year because this would help you with your numbers, statistics and your channel evaluation The ranking on this list is not for Egypt only It’s for the Middle East & North Africa and these are the top 10 so to be one of them is crazy, I was surprised,shocked, happy,laughing and crying All those mixed feelings at the same time like how I felt when Huda shared my video I found out that this reached the online, local magazines like Al youm Alsabe’a and Alwatan and you’ll see pictures of them here So I had to share the news with you and tell you all about it and how shocked and happy I am and of course all this is to thank God for and you, those who watch me and increase my views and subscribe to my channel because of you, my channel is almost at half a million subscribers, in only 6 months I am over the moon and I made this video to thank you I wanted to tell you the news exactly like I was told and from the bottom of my heart, to thank you for your support , your sweet messages Thanks to every lady leaving me a post or a comment on Facebook page. I see your comments and I love replying to them, and I’m grateful that God is making my dream come true with you and because of you you’re the reason behind my success and happiness so thank you to everyone watching me and to whoever supported me during these last 6 months you helped my channel be seen in the Middle East you helped it reach 8th place on that list The moment I found out, I wanted to tell you but didn’t know where to start. I did a short IG story so whenever I have big things happening like me reaching a goal or any success, I like to tell you first my big YouTube family and document this moment in a video I wanted to share this for so long, since I still had to film and edit so I did an IG story announcing that there will be some good news, which I then realized it will only last for 24 hours and my YouTube fam won’t see it So I did another story, saying that I will tell you in my next video because I wanted to share everything which can’t be done in a story so that was my big news. I hope you enjoyed watching Leave me your comments, thoughts and opinions I’ll see you soon and I love you very very very much I’ll take you to my final look. See you in my next video

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    أنا جزائرية متبعاك وبحبك ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  77. َّسجِوِ َّسجِوِ says:

    حبيبتي الف الف مبروك

  78. مينا البياتي says:

    فدووه شكد محبوبه الله يوفقج وتكبر قناتج أكثر وأكثر ❤️❤️❤️🇮🇶

  79. Abd Elftah says:


  80. فايزه السيد فايزه السيد says:

    تحفه الله واكبر عليكي

  81. Reem Alhamad says:


  82. Rahli Rachid says:

    +++++++Love you

  83. Omar Omat says:

    مكياج روعة تحية من الجزائر

  84. Samsung Galaxym10 says:

    ياريت متتكلميش كتير بليز🤦‍♀️

  85. Retal Ali says:

    مروة انا بحبك جدا وبعشق مكياجك حرفيا وبتعلم منك كتير جدا بجد شكرا 😘

  86. Retal Ali says:

    مروه انا الي همكيج نفسي ف خطوبتي وعاوزة اتمكيج ع موف انا هلبس سيلفر ف ياريت تعملي ميكب يبقي حلو للخطوبه ❤

  87. سارة البدري says:

    اني احبج ساره من العراق

  88. Doja Hanyn says:

    ربينا يوفقك يا حبيبتي😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  89. Rona Zoz says:

    مبرووووووك انتى تستاهلى اكتر من كده بكتير من جد وجد

  90. سر جمالك قناة الجمال says:

    مكياج تحفة روعه 😍🥰🌷⚘❤

  91. خلود العتيبي says:

    عمري الدلع والكياته والذوق تستاهلين المركز الاول بعد مو بس الثامن😍

  92. bashayir Mohammed says:

    صباح الورد ياعمري اشتقتلج واااايد كنت مسافرة وانشغلت ربي يسعدج

  93. bashayir Mohammed says:

    تستاهلين كل خير حبيبتي ربي يوفقج ومنها للأعلى يارب 🙌🏻🌹😘

  94. Aya Khaled says:

    يليز عوز اوصل حضرتك ازي

  95. Shamia Korna says:

    انتي تستاهلي كل خير عشان بحس ان قلبك ابيض زي ضحتك❤ الف مبروك وعقبال المركز الاول🙏

  96. مبرفت اسامه عبد السلام says:

    الف مبروك ربنا يفرح قلبك انتي قمر ودايما بتحبي تفيدى البنات بمعلومات مهمه ربنا يوفقك ومن نجاح لنجاح يارب اللهم العالمين

  97. Yasmin Mohsin says:

    انتي جميله جدا يا مروه وتستاهلي تبقي احلي واحده في الدنيا بحبك جدا 💋⁦❤️⁩

  98. مازن صابر says:

    حبيبتى مروة لو سمحتى انا عايزاكى تعملى فيديو على الميك أب الهادى للنزول العادى الصبح وبالنهار وينفع كمان للبيت للأوقات العادية يعنى وشكرا 😘

  99. Basma Atef says:

    الكورس بكام وللزفاف بكام

  100. Zhraa Zozo says:

    مكياج يخبل 👌👌😁

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