HOW TO: Shiny Hair Tutorial (Photoshop Digital Painting)
HOW TO: Shiny Hair Tutorial (Photoshop Digital Painting)

Hi! This is Amanda from Instagram also known
as Excellama_art today I’m going to be doing a hair tutorial and I’ll be
drawing April carrion from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 so I have been on their
Instagram and I was thinking DAMN she looks so good so I wanted to draw today. So
what I usually do is start off with the base color for everything okay so you
just ignore what I’m doing with the skin throughout this whole entire tutorial by
the way. Okay so you fill with the base color not too light not too dark and
you’re going to fill in all the strands first. Then what you’re going to do is
you’re going to take a low opacity hard brush and you’re going to darken all of
the places that you see a shadow. I’m looking at the photograph on the side as
a reference and I’m pretty much darkening the same places as I see in
the picture and then what I’m going to do is I’m
going to add to the color variants by adding a slightly warmer color to the
area areas sorry that I’m going to add a highlight but right now I’m not using
such a bright color on first and then you really want to darken,
I guess, the outline of the hair chunks I don’t know if to call it a hair chunk I
don’t know but you’re going to dark in the beginning and the end of that piece
of hair that you’re going to be coloring okay and then you’re going to leave the
center of that chunk of hair light and then with your low opacity brush you
have to make sure that you’re blending everything out the whole entire time. What
you want to do now is you want to to still a warm color you could use an
eyedropper tool to select the brown color that you had originally and you’re
going to make it brighter and you’re going to use a smaller brush and you’re
going to highlight the center area of that hair chunk and like, darken the outsides as need be.
So now I’m only concentrating on one area right now but later I’m going to do the
rest all in one go, but the key to blending is to use the eyedropper tool
and I drop the neighboring colors and then just blend blend blend with a low opacity brush. Now that’s okay I’m going to work on the rest of the hair and do the same thing and darken the
outsides of the hair chuck. keep the darker strands towards the end and the
lighter towards center. You want to do this all throughout the hair so you
could get a better idea of where the shadows are going to be and where the light is going to be. however I’m not really going for realism here so I know
this doesn’t look like real hair but this is the style that I’m
comfortable with right now but one day I’ll be much better at realism but for
right now it’s not going to happen lol now do the same as before, choose a warmer
color put it towards the center of the hair chunk to give it a subtle
highlights right now….low opacity at all times and you’re going to blend it out blend it
out blend it out using the same technique as before. Use the eyedropper
tool eyedrop neighboring colors and blend it out using low opacity brush-
you can’t blend with a high opacity brush. And then choose an even brighter
color still keeping the color pretty warm and make sure your brush size is a
little bit smaller so you can get more details and you’re going to continue
highlighting those areas more concentrated into the center try not to
go too far out or else you’re going to lose the shiny effect remember shadows don’t have any shine so
keep the shine where the highlight is or where the light is going to hit the hair
you could also add some new strands, you know, to make it look not so perfect and
a little a little bit more realistic looking also if we wanted the hair to look more
blue then you would use a cooler color like some blue highlight or some thing
but for this effect I wanted it to look more like a brown purple so that’s why
I’m using warmer colors and you could also darken the shadows some more to
create work then so that’s what I’m doing right now just darkening the
shadows darkening the shadows creating more contrast between the
highlighted areas and shadowed areas and then if the highlight is not enough you
can go even brighter and brighter brighter and your brush size will get
smaller and smaller and smaller and you can just keep on going, you know, so the
brighter the highlight you want you want, the smaller the brush. sorry! sorry I mumble! and my English is like…. fucked up lately. I don’t know what’s going on. But
using a brighter color to create that intense highlight so you don’t want to
go with an intense highlight right away or else you’re not going to get that
gradual affect you want to start from subtle to shiny as fuck, you know add a few more strands Sorry I’m like, fixing the face right now
because I got distracted “OH what is this?” but you could ignore that…. but I’m
kind of unsatisfied with how light the color is so what I’m going to do is I’m
going to change the “curve” level by going into like, I think image–>edit–>curves and
you’re going to kind of change the curve settings, you see, to make that highlight and
the shadow POP even more so that’s a little cheat you can do fix up the
hairline….make sure to look around because any mistakes but overall not bad! and
you’re going to take a low opacity white brush and you’re going to loosely put it
over the highlighted area and then you’re going to set that layer to
overlay to make those colors pop even more and I’m also adding really random
dots of white to give it that sparkle effect but that’s completely optional
like if you don’t want Sparkle glitter hair then you wouldn’t add it in but I’m
not going to realism! Fuck it, I want sparkles everywhere but the last part
totally optional so the techniques I talked about today are pretty much
useful for dark hair but how you go about blonde hair brown hair is probably a
little bit different lot I’m sorry I mumbled a lot throughout
this entire tutorial but hopefully you could pick up some tips and tricks that
you didn’t know before but if you already knew all this before then
congratulations hopefully enjoyed my tutorial and if you
have any requests for other tutorials let me know in the comments below or
tell me who you want me to draw I want to draw more Dragrace queens okay or
like what kind of videos do you want to see TELLME okay alright bye bye thank
you for watching

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