How to Squeeze a Pimple Safely: JakartaXBeauty Collab (AD) | Lab Muffin Beauty Science
How to Squeeze a Pimple Safely: JakartaXBeauty Collab (AD) | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

hi it’s Michelle from lab muffin beauty
science chemistry PhD and acne prone skin owner at the end of July this year
I went to Jakarta Indonesia to participate in Jakarta X Beauty thank
you so much to Female Daily Network who run this event for sponsoring me and
collaborating on this video Jakarta X Beauty is a three-day event in
Central Jakarta that brings together brands, beauty content creators and
beauty lovers the event was spread across three venues with 120 brands
participating there’s lots of shopping deals and promotions there’s also loads
of interesting talks with over 80 speakers participating this year I did
two talks one was on hyperpigmentation with Kae we talked about the difference
between brightening and whitening and how to safely even out your skin tone I
also did a talk about acne with Dr Arini we talked about different types
of acne what contributes to acne and how to treat different types of acne as well
one of the things we talked about was how to squeeze a pimple properly or by
properly we mean with the least amount of damage because officially you
shouldn’t squeeze your pimples you should go to a dermatologist who can do
it properly with the least amount of risk because if you don’t squeeze a
pimple right it can lead to scarring and further infection but of course we live
in the real world where people squeeze their own pimples we can’t all just wait
the three-month waiting time to go to a dermatologist sometimes you just can’t
help yourself so here’s how to do it with the least amount of harm so this is
a harm minimization video for what to do if you must squeeze your pimples firstly
you want to make sure you’re squeezing the right types of pimples and what this
means is waiting till the pimple comes to a head with visible pus
if there’s no visible pus you’re squeezing hoping that something will
come out there might not actually be anything in there to come out and so
you’re just squeezing and causing extra damage for no reason secondly this is pretty obvious but you
should do it hygienically you are opening up a wound on your skin and so
you want it to be as clean as possible what
this means is clean skin and clean fingers to clean your skin you should
wash it and then wipe it with alcohol to clean your fingers obviously you need to
wash your hands you can also wear gloves and you can also cover your fingernails
with a bit of tissue and so that gives you a better grip as well you can also
use cotton buds instead to do the squeezing the next thing you want is to
lance your pimple before you squeeze it and what this means is to stab it with a
needle so that there’s a passageway for the pus to come out the needle should be
sharp so that you make a hole as small as possible without causing extra damage
from pressure the needle should obviously also be clean so you can use a
brand new needle out of a sterile package you can also sterilize a needle
yourself so for example you can pass it through a flame and wipe it down with
alcohol so here’s something that was new to me you should lance your pimple at
an angle if you stab it straight down what you might be doing is introducing
pus at the surface deeper into the pimple you want to lance it add an angle
or even better horizontally so that there’s no chance of the pus going
deeper into uninfected skin when you’re squeezing you don’t want to use too much
pressure if you use too much pressure you’re causing extra damage that’s
unnecessary with squeezing your pimple you should stop when clear liquid or
blood comes out when all the pus is out finally once you finish squeezing wipe
it off with either a clean piece of tissue or even an alcohol pad and you
can also cover it up with a bandage for example a hydrocolloid bandage to stop
any extra infection going into your freshly cleaned pimple so those are our
tips on squeezing a pimple I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please hit
like and subscribe to my channel you can also follow me on Instagram and check
out my blog for more beauty science let me know what you want me to talk about
next time and I will see you later don’t squeeze
too much

17 thoughts on “How to Squeeze a Pimple Safely: JakartaXBeauty Collab (AD) | Lab Muffin Beauty Science”

  1. ZgtGirl says:

    firsttttt hihihi

  2. camilia says:

    pop away people pop awayyy lolllll

  3. Cornelia Tea says:

    this is probably the wrong method but i just use the end of a bobby pin, and after the pimple has been drained either put zinc oxide lotion, or manuka honey on it, to reduce inflammation

  4. 。ヅラじゃない桂だ says:

    Hhh i just picked a pimple in the morning and it’s still flamed I’ll probably have a huge one tomorrow

  5. katertot17 says:

    This is so helpful! Do you recommend waiting for the wound to stop seeping before applying the hydrocolloid? Or just straight on with it? I always worry that I’m spreading the pus to nearby pores and then trapping it beneath the bandage.

  6. Jessie Ye says:

    I put a dab of facial oil on the wound after I squeeze a pimple. Then it usually heals/closes by the next morning.

  7. Lab Muffin Beauty Science says:

    Do you squeeze? What other tips do you have to minimise damage? Share below! ❤️

  8. NOLOAF says:

    if only michelle made this video before i went though puberty 😔

  9. Shel 💘 says:

    CAN U PLEASE DO INGROWN HAIRS….. advice tips… prevention etc

  10. T S says:

    After a maintenance clean up all over my face, i always cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin. Of course before i do that, i do everything which you said Michelle 🙂

    Lately though Ive been under A LOT of stress and my skin has been going crazy 😢
    I get these big red puss break outs which would just not go away (ive never had 'bad' skin).
    Sometimes id have to squeeze just to ease the tension because the break out was so big hot and red. After i squeeze blood n puss (sorry i know its gross! 🤢😕) comes out, then the breakout begins healing. But when i dont do this then it just keeps staying there, all painful and cray cray hot n red n painful.
    Also sometimes lately ive had to squeeze break outs up to 4 times over many days, and only then do they disappear 😣and only after the 'nucleus' comes out, which is like a small extra sack/bubble/thing inside the breakout🤤If that does not come out, it will go on refilling endlessly ARGH 🤤😩

  11. Dumb Genious says:

    For rule number one, how can there be a pimple without anything inside it?

  12. Zuzana says:

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  13. Daniela Lutea says:


  14. Christelle N says:

    Very timely, got one right next to my nose. Been resisting my squeezing but I will succeed

  15. Roll0112358 says:

    Wow, the horizontal puncture tip is news to me!

  16. 9,999damage says:

    Thanks for the advice! I've struggled with acne since I was about 11, and I'm halfway through 27 and it's still there. Looks like it won't take a hint anytime soon, but this helps me be prepared ☺️ do you have any advice on helping pimples in general heal faster? I've noticed I get hyperpigmentation pretty bad, so it still looks like I have a pimple weeks after it first got there

  17. Star Girl says:

    I first apply apple cider vinegar on the pimple with puss and then it comes out very easily☺ and after it's all cleaned, i apply a soothing lotion, it helps alot!

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