How to Tattoo with Henna : Black Henna: Free Tips for Applying Henna Tattoos & Body Art
How to Tattoo with Henna : Black Henna: Free Tips for Applying Henna Tattoos & Body Art

A lot of times when people are getting henna
body art done they want to get the darkest stain possible. And because henna is used
frequently in place of tattooing they want black henna stains. It is virtually impossible
to get a black stain using natural henna. And when you’re getting henna done the paste
itself should not be black. There is no such thing as black henna. I want to repeat that,
that there is no such thing as black henna. What’s commonly referred to as black henna
may have some henna leaves in them and some powder but what has been added to it frequently
is PPD. PPD is a caustic chemical that is used in hair dying and in other products that
are not to be used in application to skin. It can burn you and your temporary henna tattoo
will become permanent. I strongly suggest that if you’re going to have henna applied
to you that you ask your artist what’s in their paste. They should be able to tell you
that there is no PPD in their paste. Or better yet, use an artist who advertises that they
do not use PPD in their henna. It is a very dangerous substance, and causes a lot of harm
to a lot of people. Not only does it cause burns to your skin but can cause liver damage
and other internal problems. So I don’t think it’s worth it to have a black tattoo
if it’s going to really harm you in the end.

21 thoughts on “How to Tattoo with Henna : Black Henna: Free Tips for Applying Henna Tattoos & Body Art”

  1. imab imab says:

    thank you your videos are very helpful 2 me

  2. Tiago says:

    thanks a lot

  3. MistyWitch2601 says:

    Thank you for sharing. I would never have thought to ask about that.

  4. missyme1995 says:

    to make it clear its not henna like what u usa ppl say its 7inah
    thats the real name in arabic

  5. missyme1995 says:

    i use brown henna is it NATURAL? PLZ PLZ SOME ONE TELL ME IN MY ACCOUNT OR SEND ME A MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ ppl!!! plz plz plz

  6. Autumn Rene says:

    When I went to Hawaii last summer I got a henna. They said that they were using a different herb or something like that, and it was black. I don't remember what they said they used. They told me to take the stuff off after about 2 hours. When I did there was nothing there, but in the morning I could see the design, and it lasted for about 3 weeks. does any body know what they may have used?

  7. tekilatree says:

    if it didn't harm you, felt itching or burning, and the moment you took it off you didn't see the design but it appeared the next morning, it's probable they used JAGUA on you. Jagua is a plant from south and central america. Its scientific name is "genipa americana". It's harmless. It works just like henna. The juice of this fruit stains the skin just like henna, bau you can't see it at first.

  8. tekilatree says:

    And just like henna, it oxydizes with time, except the color turns deep blue almost black within a few days. It lasts also just like hena. Awesome plant.

  9. lasalle1alpha says:

    she'e right. I got 'black henna' tattoo in Boracay, then a week later it started to rash; red and itchy swelling. The allergic reaction didn't start after it almost faded.
    I didn't know about it not being real henna.

  10. Life with Krystle says:

    @J0KKiNMASWAG Yes and PPD is dangerous and should not be used in henna

  11. Sara Roth says:

    Can you get an allergic reaction to regular red henna? I mean to the actuall henna and not to the lemonjuice or the oil. On the box it says that it's 100% real henna and it smells like herbals. I should be fine right?

  12. Tyler M says:

    maybe its just black ink….

  13. carla gallien says:

    Some lady made a video to Dangers of black henna.u guys should check it out

  14. riya6226 says:

    She s right guys do not get black henna done for yourself I did it for my cousin wedding and it was horrible I had the worst rash for weeks and till this day i still have a mark people said it was a allergic reaction but it happened to too many people to say that it's an allergic reaction.

  15. Aysha Yusufzai says:

    idiot i wanna know how to remove black heena :/

  16. HollowCouplet says:

    this may be an incredibly stupid question but why couldn't someone add food coloring or something of that nature to the henna to try and achieve a darker color?

  17. Jose Velez says:

    I see some prodruct black henna that it's free app and its natural and certified.

  18. Jose Velez says:

    sorry is ppd

  19. says:

    I have tried using black food coloring in my henna paste and it applies as a black colored henna but when the dry henna is washed off and the finish result is displayed, it displays the true henna color-the black food coloring washes away and does not stay. I like to use this technique but if I do the design on someone other then myself I will let them know it applies black but its not truly black and will not stain this color. It looks good in pictures.

  20. Laced By Swagg says:

    I think it would be better to use indigo.

  21. Tonya Ford says:

    Thanks, I was thinking about getting this done for my bday.

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