How To Use a Triangle Makeup Sponge
How To Use a Triangle Makeup Sponge

hi this week is all about makeup sponges
and how you can use them so I’m going to show you each day a different makeup
sponge and I’m going to start off with the triangle makeup sponge I’m going to
show you how you can apply a foundation with it and if you like this video and
if you think this is helpful for you or for your friends please give me a thumbs
up and share it with them and my name is Melissa Van Dijk so let’s get right into
it this is a triangle sponge and you might have seen them in a drugstore or in
normal shops and these are normally the cheapest one you can get and sometimes
people think that it’s difficult to use them because of their edges but I’m
going to show you how you can apply your foundation with this sponge and you also
can use some cream foundation just make sure that everything is blended nicely
because sometimes you still can see the corners from the sponge so I’m going to
dab it at first in the foundation with this side and then to blend it into my skin
I’m going to use the flat side before you dab into the foundation just
remember that you’re going to wet the sponge at first and then you can apply
it with the thin side which you can see
here you can apply your concealer with it and this also can help you to get
into corners or into areas where you can’t use the bigger side so this is
really handy and I’m going to show you how you can apply your concealer this is now the finished look when
you’re using the triangle sponge and you can use it really well and I just love
this sponge because it’s so cheap and you still can get a really nice finish you
just need to know how you should use it so always make sure that you are not
seeing the edges on the sponge just blend it out really nicely from the
middle of your face towards the outside then you will get a really nice finish
so if you don’t know which sponges you should buy or if the beauty blender is
too expensive for you these sponges are really handy and cheap I hope that you
could learn something from this video and thank you so much and if you have
any questions about the triangle makeup sponge and let a comment below and I
will answer it and if you like to see another video about the round makeup
sponge this will be right here and if you like to subscribe to my channel this
is right in the corner thank you so much and I will see you soon bye

5 thoughts on “How To Use a Triangle Makeup Sponge”

  1. GRACE ALABAMA says:

    Hey sweetie. thanks for this review. please can you tell me which foundation did you use in this review? You look beautiful

  2. Yu Yuan says:

    I like these “IBEET makeup sponge” which shape like calabash, wet and dry use, both is perfect tool for makeup. Lightweight to carry and easy to use.

  3. J A Z Z P E R says:

    That looks like Bob

  4. Amritpal Sidhu says:

    Do we need to wash the sponge 5 min before applying?? Plz do reply

  5. Lufstd Fdsdxx says:

    I’ll buy it

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