How to use henna to colour hair, and to grow thick and long hair #henna hair mask
How to use henna to colour hair, and to grow thick and long hair #henna hair mask

So in today’s video I am going to share henna hair mask And this henna hair mask give a beautiful colour to your hair It will look like you have highlighted your hair in spa Specially if your hair colour is light (blonde) And I use to share makeup videos on Instagram So follow me there Hi everyone I am Garima and welcome to my channel So today’s video is going to be about henna hair mask A very special mask Which give beautiful colour to hair And it will cover all your white hairs As we know henna is natural hair colour So it washed out very frequently And white hairs start appearing So this hair mask is going to solve all problems And I mixed many ingredients in henna Which will colour your hair naturally And I cared about winter season Because in winters there is problem of dandruff So this hair mask will remove dandruff And this hair mask will boost hair growth And if your hair is dry rough and frizzy This hair mask will moisturize your hair And added ingredients will make your hair stronger And I have shared many henna hair mask on my channel And all henna mask are very beneficial and different from each other Because I always apply henna hair mask And I love experimenting with henna hair mask That’s why I always share henna mask on my channel Henna hair mask is one of my favourite mask Because it gives colour to your hair And you can mix different kind of ingredients to make it effective So it also boost hair growth And also reduces dandruff And this henna hair mask is very effective And I will highly recommend you to try this You will get many benefits from this mask Before starting the video Please subscribe to my channel And press the bell icon So you don’t miss any update And if you like my video then don’t forget to give me a thumbs up And please let me know what you think about this video I always wait for your comments guys So don’t forget to leave your comment Let’s start the video First thing we need for hair mask is beetroot Beetroot is very good for hair It tightens the pores of scalp Which reduces hair loss It has lots of protein and vitamins And most importantly it has pigment So if you mix it with henna it will give you a beautiful colour And also controls hair loss It is also great for skin We are going to grate the beetroot With the help of grater And now we have to boil the grated beetroot We are not going to use raw beetroot Now grated beetroot is ready Now we have to boil it Take a pan filled with water Switch on the flame We have to make henna paste in this beetroot water We don’t use plane water Take sufficient water to make beetroot water We have to boil it till half So take double amount of water My hair is long and thick that’s why I took more water Because I am going to use more henna powder( 180gm) I will use only beetroot water to make paste Take water according to quantity of henna you are using But don’t use plain water for this hair mask Now I am going to add 8-9 cloves in boiling beetroot water Cloves are very good for hair It has antibacterial and antifungal properties Which kills bacteria And almost everyone has problem of dandruff specially in winters Cloves clean dandruff from scalp I added cloves specially for treating dandruff In winters we all have problem of dandruff Boil the water till quantity reduces half Now switch off the flame Now let it cool Once water is cooled Strain it in different pot Now beetroot water is cooled Now I am going to strain it Strain it properly Here I am using Nupur henna This is 100% pure henna I am using this henna since a while so I have total believe As you can see this is 120gm packet I used 180gm henna powder Because I have thick and long hair So I need more henna I am going to use only beetroot water to make henna paste We don’t use plain water in henna Otherwise henna will be diluted Beetroot water will give a very good pigment Pure henna is very good for hair Pure henna balances PH level of scalp and oil production It condition the hair and provide strength to hair follicles Now I am going to add hibiscus powder in henna I will 5 tablespoon of hibiscus powder This is pure hibiscus powder Hibiscus powder is very good for hair It has lots of mucilage content Which condition hair and makes hair silky and shiny Now I will add beetroot water to make paste And mix it properly But don’t add too much water at once Make paste very carefully Don’t make the paste runny Mix it well to make paste Now we will leave henna paste overnight Cover the paste with plate Now we are moving to the next step now I am going to make flaxseed gel Because I will add flaxseed gel into henna paste We need flaxseed, bowel and water Now I will take 2 big tablespoon of flaxseed Flaxseed gel is very good for hair growth and skin Works very good as a hair mask And works well as facemask And if we eat flaxseed then it is also very beneficial for health It has lots of vitamin E,omega 3 fatty acid Very good for overall health And if we use it as hair mask Moisturise hair very well,makes hair strong Deeply condition your hair Because it has lots of vitamin E It has natural oil And lots of omega 3 fatty acids Which nourishes hair shaft Makes hair strong I added boiled water After adding boiled water I left it overnight I added more water otherwise gel will be thick Leave it overnight to make gel Now our gel is ready I took more water to make applicable paste If gel will be thick it will be hard to apply Now I am going to strain it We use muslin cloth to strain gel Take cotton cloth to strain it But before straining Mix it well Now strain it You can see gel us ready You can add 5-6 tablespoon of gel into henna And you can store leftover gel into freez And you can use gel as a hair mask Now I am going to mix Tulsi(holy basil)powder This is pure tulsi powder Tulsi leaf is very beneficial for hair If you can get fresh basil leaf then use fresh one You can buy pure tulsi powder from Amazon Tulsi powder treats dandruff And treats dry scalp And boosts blood circulation Which promotes hair growth I will add ginger juice in this henna pack To make juice we have to grate it And I will strain the juice with help of strainer Ginger is very beneficial for hair growth It has circulatory agent And it has essential fatty acids Which maintains scalp health And makes hair follicles stronger And promotes hair growth and removes dandruff from scalp And makes hair strong Now I will add 2 tablespoon of ginger juice into henna paste 2 tablespoon ginger juice is enough Now I am going to add flaxseed gel Add flaxseed gel according to your henna paste My henna paste is already thin So I couldn’t add more But if you want to add more flaxseed gel then make paste a bit thick I added 5 tablespoon flaxseed gel Now mix everything together Now wait for 1/2 hours After waiting for a while apply it on your scalp and hair Now we are going to apply henna Apply henna all over scalp and hair Hair should be cover with this mask Make bun on the middle portion Making bun at middle will decide the pressure And your hair will not loose Wear gloves while applying henna Otherwise your hand will get dirty Once your hand will be coloured It will take a while to be cleaned I shared many hair care related videos Skincare related videos on my YouTube channel I shared yoga related videos Weight loss related videos Definitely check out those videos Videos will be helpful for you After applying henna you have to wait 5 hours After 5 hours you can wash your hair with normal water This was my today’s video And I hope you liked my today’s video If you liked my video then please subscribe to my channel And share my video with your friends and family Give me a thumbs up if you find my video helpful Now we will meet in next video ,till then bie and stay happy

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