Hey guys it’s Sher and today I’m going
to be unboxing and reviewing some products from my last three months of Ipsy
bags that I haven’t made videos on yet I have been waiting to open up the July
August and September Ipsy bags because I just wanted to save them all for like a
big Ipsy haul video I did not get to try all of the products from these bags but
I did get to try some of them and I think I found a couple new favorites too
like the Ofra highlighter that came in one of the bags which you will see in a
minute and this lip color and a couple other things before we get started I
tested out some of the brushes some of the makeup brushes that came in these
bags in another video that I did about how I came up with this eye look so once
that gets posted I will link that right here and also put it in the description
box for you to click on if you want to check that out
so if you want to watch me try out and review some of the products that have
come in my last three months worth of Ipsy bags then let’s get into it so the five
products that came in the July Ipsy bag are the Ciate London watermelon burst
hydrating primer I’m probably not saying that right but it is a British beauty
brand I did try out the primer which I don’t really use primer that much but I
liked this one because it did feel very hydrating and my skin does tend to be a
little bit on the drier side I guess we’ll see if it like actually works and
how well it keeps my makeup on and if it makes me have a major breakout but my
first impression of it was positive next was the Firma Beauty 204 wide
blending brush which I was able to try out in another video that I filmed on eye
shadow it also came with the Midflower
hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask which I did not get to try in this video but
it’s moisturizing so I’m looking forward to that
This Pacifica bronzer blush duo was my absolute favorite product out of all
three bags this was the bronze Rose rose and
coconut infused blush and bronzer in the shades wild rose and desert and they
were both just really natural-looking on me and and it’s definitely like a small
compact set of blush and bronzer that I would take with me or just if I needed a
good blush and bronzer duo because it felt like it was really good quality and
I felt like the shades that they sent me were very flattering for my skintone the
last product in this bag was the balm cosmetics eyeshadow in he said she said
and it’s like a purple cool toned shade called iced tea and I think this is funny
but on the front of the little tiny packaging box it’s labeled what’s the
tea so I mean that’s kind of cute moving on to the August edition of the Ipsy
glam bag the first product was this huda beauty lip contour in the color trophy
wife I don’t really use lip liners that often but the color matched up really
well with one of the other lip products that came in the last bag I’m going to
talk about, it felt smooth to apply and also I would just be curious to know
what it would look like if I just used the lip liner all over my lips, the next
product is the Jonteblu this was the Jonteblu felt tip Jonte, ugh
okay I don’t know I might be massacring that name it’s this felt tip eyeliner
pencil in black I definitely prefer liquid eyeliner so this was right up my
alley and it went on very smoothly and yeah it’s a great little eyeliner pen or
pencil next was the Apto skincare balancing
mask with chlorella and green tea, the IT cosmetics confidence in a gel lotion
moisturizer and the Luxe Beauty periwinkle blending brush 237 another
brush which I used to create this eyelook with, I really liked both of the
blending brushes that I tried to use to create this eye look yeah I can always
use more blending brushes because mine are always dirty and I never clean them
so the last bag is the September issue the September issue the September
version of the Ipsy glam bag the first product was the first aid beauty hello
fab coconut water cream which is a skin care product that is supposed to nourish
and moisturize your skin, the Ofra cosmetics
Ofra and Madison moondance highlighter collaboration I’ve always heard that
Ofra cosmetics makes really good highlighter and I must say that this was
definitely another one of my favorite products from these bags I would say
that this and the Pacifica bronze and blush duo palette were my absolute
favorite items that came in these three bags, the
highlighter was very creamy and I didn’t even need to use a lot to get the effect
I was going for, I really liked the shade I really liked how it applied like I love
this highlighter next was the Benefit Cosmetics gimme brow and volumizing
eyebrow gel in the shade 3 neutral light brown I thought at first this was going
to be a little too light for my eyebrows because they are kind of dark but
once I started to try to work with it it went on a little bit darker than I
initially expected and turned out to be a pretty good match for my eyebrow color
the gel is definitely something I could see myself adding to my everyday makeup
eyebrow routine because it just helps to keep all the little hairs in place and
keep everything looking more clean in my opinion the fourth
product was the Ceste Moi Beauty reflect lip gloss in the color bliss
which I did end up pairing with the lip liner from the last bag because they
were just very similar shades of pink and I felt like they would go together
last was the Too Faced mascara honestly I was not overly impressed with this
mascara I’ve heard a lot of people go on and on about Too Faced mascara products, it
was just like kind of another mascara for me and the wand is really big and I
just prefer like smaller wands because they can
I feel like smaller wands work better with my eyes because they help to
separate my lashes and not make everything look so clumpy when I’m
applying mascara so I’ll probably still be sticking with my usual mascara which
is the covergirl super sizer fibers because that is my go-to mascara all the
time but it was nice to try a two-faced eye mascara product because I’ve always
heard people say such good things about the brand and the quality of their
mascaras that I was a little bit underwhelmed and confused as to why like
what all the hype is about I guess like it’s a nice black mascara but nothing
life-changing about it and those are all three of the bags alright guys that is
it for this video I hope you liked it if you did then make sure you give it a
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favorite or which product that I tried was your favorite that came from a
certain bag thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next
video bye

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