I Got Bangs & Dyed My Hair Purple | Hair Me Out | Refinery29
I Got Bangs & Dyed My Hair Purple | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I think I’m most nervous, I do have a relaxer in my hair, so the lift on my hair might be a little bit more difficult. So I’m just going to take a little piece and we’ll just do a test strand. That’s not good news. Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m from Minnesota. I’m taking my hair from black to rose gold
balayage. Before we get into this transformation, don’t forget to subscribe below. I wasn’t super adventurous with my hair growing up. I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary, partially because I just didn’t think I was edgy and cool enough to do an interesting
color. I just wasn’t sure if highlighting or balayage would work with my personal style. Also, I don’t think my parents would have been okay with that. My mom dealt with my hair by pretty much trying to, I guess, wrangle it. She tried a variety of different like straightening treatments, blow drying it, you name it, we probably tried it, but nothing with color ever. My mom knows that I’m dyeing my hair. She doesn’t know what the color is going to be and I was like, “Oh, she’ll find out when she finds out.” I’m most excited about trying a new look, kind of pushing myself out of my comfort zone doing something a little bit different. It’s a new decade, 2020 is coming up. I’m ready for it. Hey! So what do you want to do today? So I was thinking of a rose gold ombre. Lighter at the bottom like fading up into
my hair, maybe a little bit of balayage. Have you ever colored your hair before? I’ve never colored my hair before but I do have a relaxer in it. Okay and are you doing that relaxer at home yourself or at a salon? I’m doing it on my own. So I’m just gonna take a little piece and we’ll just do a test strand and see what our options are. Okay. So I did the tests. Okay. And I want you to see…. That’s not good news. It definitely didn’t lift even or well. So, I just don’t think it would be a good
idea. Well, that’s a little disappointing. So what we can do instead is, we can do a direct dye. We’ll just get a hint of a, kind of, deeper
color. I’m thinking something berry would be nice. I’m a little apprehensive. I don’t know if it’s going to actually look the way I think it’s going to look, I don’t know if it’ll look good on me. We’ll get a little bit of a reflection. It’ll just kind of give that hint of that
berry feeling. It’s not too permanent and I think you’ll get to test it out. You know what? I’m open. Let’s do it. Are you ready? I didn’t even really ask you. I mean, I am. Originally I came in thinking that I was going to get a rose gold ombre balayage style hair transformation but we found out because I’ve been doing relaxers at home, that my hair will actually disintegrate when I lighten it. So instead, I’m going to try to do an eggplant berry color and get bangs. This berry color is kind of edgy and I think it will look good on me. Because of the chemical relaxer, I think that it just wouldn’t be safe and we would damage your hair. Sometimes when people have previously relaxed their hair, the potential for damage or the hair actually disintegrating or breaking inside the foil is very high. The possibility of overlapping is very common. Also, the ingredients just aren’t as high quality as in the salon. Alright. So we are done, and Sarah is going to come over and she’s going to do your cut. Okay. So what we’re gonna do to start is cut your length and just get rid of all the dead ends and then we’ll come around and start the bang and have that flowed back to the nice soft long layers. In second grade, I believe, my mom cut my hair herself and it didn’t really work out, so it ended up getting shorter and shorter
and shorter. My mom was like, “You look like Halle Berry.” And I’m like, “I don’t. I really don’t.” We’ll throw a flat iron wave in it so you don’t have to leave with it straight and you can see it with some movement. Okay! Are you excited to see your new hair? I can’t wait. Wonderful. Oh my gosh. Wait. I love this. I love these bangs so much. I love how the red, the berry color sort of comes through in the bangs, too. When I first came in, I was really, really
set on the rose gold look, but I would rather have healthy hair than breakage and I love this deep berry, like almost eggplant color. And I love these bangs so much, they’re incredible. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any Hair Me Out ideas, comment down below. To subscribe to Refinery29, click here. To watch more videos, click here.

100 thoughts on “I Got Bangs & Dyed My Hair Purple | Hair Me Out | Refinery29”

  1. Refinery29 says:

    Have you ever had bangs before? Share your hair cutting experiences with us below!

  2. Nena says:

    Rose gold balayage but title says purple?

    Edit: I seen the stylist test her hair and what a professional she is, every stylist should do that.

  3. CiciTravels says:

    She probably has the prettiest curls and it would look so good rose gold! Stop relaxing your hair, ladies! 😩

  4. scarlett evie says:

    aww the sadness in her face when she couldn’t do the rose gold

  5. Syamira R. says:

    She was dissappointed about the colour but I love how they cheered her up with giving her that haircut. It really suits her!

  6. Kylee Stanton says:

    I want her shirt!

  7. Green Tea says:

    She could of did a semi rinse at home and got this result

  8. Arose says:

    Love end result! For people saying she dyed her scalp, it washes out of the scalp after a couple washes who cares

  9. Hannah Barton says:

    i didn’t see a colour change ?? love the bangs tho

  10. Rachel Collins says:

    Awwww omg bless her did anyone think that she was like hate hate hate my hair right up until BOOM she saw the finished product and was ecstatic hahaha

  11. Chanelle Fabrian says:

    She could have done this at home.

  12. Ari Entyse says:

    She looks so sweet with the bangs! This was my favorite episode so far and the stylist was awesome! I'm glad she knew what she was doing with diverse hair types.

  13. rose191991 says:

    she is so pretty ♡

  14. auti says:

    She looks like teala Dunn

  15. yelin Castro says:

    Did anyone think she was having some attitude with the first hair stylist

  16. Hely Subervi says:

    Hmmm.. go natural! And express your natural given texture, relaxers are a no go anymore…

  17. Anis Nadim says:


  18. King Realist says:

    This lady still putting relaxers in her hair to fit in with her white friends you can tell by how she talks

  19. Dominique Shelley says:

    I’m sorry but wash day must a nightmare for her

  20. Octavia Mcburrows says:

    Glad the stylist did a strain test and let her know that she couldn't do it and showed her the damage it would cause her hair. An doesn't she know that you're not supposed to get color so soon after hair has been relaxed

  21. Gold Benasas says:

    Thats not purple

  22. Valerie Quarles says:

    Minnesota represent!!

  23. Natalie Torres says:


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    Issa no for me dawg.

  25. BabiBritt88 says:

    I’m so happy her stylist didn’t lighten her relaxed hair!

  26. hang1iderswing says:

    I think the hint of red is actually pretty cool once she has the face shaping pieces

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    I was so nervous for you! I’m glad it turned out well

  35. Justin Reynolds says:

    I love that the stylist chose not to use bleach on this client, but pulp riot needs to be applied on prelightened hair levels 6-10. She could have lightened the hair with haircolor since she didn't have any previous dye on her hair and then overlayed the direct dye. The color would have popped a lot more.

  36. Hair Trendy says:

    perfect hair color transformation

  37. epic arachnids says:

    The. Eyes!!!💖💖💖 Beautiful!

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  43. Laila Rari says:

    I’m surprised that she has a relaxer. Her hair type seems like it would be straight with just a blowout and wrap. She’s going for bone straight and it’s not going to work for her hair type/texture. Clear case of overprocessed and heat damaged hair.

  44. Perla Pedroza says:

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  45. sausage link says:

    She's freaking gorgeous omg

  46. Sophie Auld says:

    "Rose gold" another hair colour Refinery made up

  47. Just Tee says:

    Gurl get out of that shop!

  48. Chelsea Tao says:

    The colour wasn’t really purple… not a big colour transformation

  49. Troll Bot says:

    I think you all need to be more inclusive, and by that I mean next time you all should have a male get a hair cut and hair bleached/dyed!

  50. Sara without h says:

    I hate it when they talk about how their mom is gonna kill them or something, like you’re not a child anymore, it does not matter.

  51. Vi A says:

    wow . Bangs and a red scalp

  52. Emma Torode says:

    Why does her skin look so pale compared to her baby photos

  53. Rimjim Borah says:

    The stylists here are so careful with their clients hair and it seems like they really do care about the hair. At my place the stylists while washing and combing pull my hair as if they've sworn to make me bald.

  54. Maria Vaz says:

    The title of the video said purple hair, she wanted rose gold but ended with a red/berry colour. lol

  55. Lisa Messikommer says:

    Myeah. Not super convinced with the spontaneity of her reaction since it’s completely different from her first idea.. still pretty tho

  56. Tara Angel says:

    I feel like that was the fakest reaction 🤷🏻‍♀️ she looked better before. I don’t think what she original wanted would’ve looked good either.

  57. J.C. Taylor says:

    Why would you go to get your hair bleached and dyed if you knew you had relaxer in it? That purple is gonna wash out of her hair almost immediately…

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    The red hair looks great on her! Better than blonde for sure

  59. Neda Naseem says:

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    After one wash… It will go off… 😂😂

  63. haikaranaru says:

    Girl was lucky she got this stylist otherwise she wouldn't have no hair by the end of this process… relaxer 101 relaxing and bleaching don't go together

  64. Julia Herni says:

    Yeah absolutely… red equals purple. And she ended up having almost the same hair colour :/

  65. J O says:

    Her hair is red not purple

  66. banxna milk says:

    I think she should go natural one day, I can picture her with really beautiful curls!! But when she ever gains the confidence for that cuz I don’t think she’s willing to do that anything soon…

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  71. Anon says:

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    I had relaxers for years and went natural in highschool, it's wayyyyy easier to bleach coarse hair I had red and bright grape purple (and every shade in between) my hair was damaged but I still had my curls.
    When I saw that test strand I fell out, I was like "Noooooo" I knew homegirl was not gonna be able to go any lighter with that relaxer.

  86. Annalycia Matthews says:

    if she likes her hair straight then I don’t see the problem. people should stop trying to tell others what to do with their hair, not everyone is about wearing their hair naturally curly, and that’s okay! She looks great imo. The color is a fun and subtle enhancement!

  87. Beatrice Bee says:

    Amazing how a little bang can change the way you look. Her hair looked so pretty and healthy at the end.

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    She looks GREAT, but I can't stop looking at her (stained?) part!

  91. nimbu says:

    It sucks to be limited when you have curly dark hair. I’m about to peace out of it all and just wear wigs to get the silky ice blond out of my system

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    They did her soooo dirty

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    Makes me sad when people’s parents prefer straightening (perms etc), instead of promoting curls! I’m biracial and both my parents, both races, always said my natural hair was perfect!

  94. Elaine Gumenyuk says:

    What is a relaxer? Sorry, I’m not very knowledgeable with hair

  95. Jenae Thomas says:

    I'm from the same state as you too

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    She's beautiful and I like her new color (it's subtle but nice) but I'm not a fan of the bangs .

  98. Farrah, I guess says:

    Once I went into a hair salon wanting the ombre effect as well, she told me i couldn't do highlights because my hair was too damaged so instead she ended up bleaching me whole head 🙃 which was 10 times more damaging. Moral of the story is I will never go to a hair salon every again. Girls, do it yourself and do your research lol.

  99. Sam Smithy says:

    Honestly colour is shit no difference in colour

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