I Tried A Chemical Foot Peel For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29
I Tried A Chemical Foot Peel For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Why the stigma on feet? Peel them. Make them beautiful like every other part
of your body. If you know what to expect, then there’s really
no anxiety in this. My name is Clarissa Melan, and I am getting
a chemical foot peel done today. I want to get a chemical foot peel because
I have very weird, cracked, funky feet. I think that a lot of times you can very easily
feel self-conscious about your feet, it’s really easy to be out here looking crusty
and ashy. And, you know, to me, shoes are what complete
every outfit. So if my feet ain’t looking right, I’m definitely feeling self-conscious and shy about what I’m wearing. I love open-toed shoes. I do not like for my feet to feel constricted. I love strappy sandals. I love Birkenstocks. I’m wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s right
now that have my heels exposed. I’m from the country. We don’t like to wear shoes if we can help
it. So I like for my feet to feel free. My name is Nidah Barber-Raymond, and I am
the founder of The Peel Connection in Beverly Hills, California. You name it, I peel it. People don’t realize that feet and your hands
have actually more skin than any other part of your body. Your feet never really get air. So they become really dry, and they don’t
absorb products anymore because you’ve got these layers upon layers of dead skin cells
building up on your feet, which is why I came up with Smooth Peel for feet. The DIY foot peel that I’ve seen out there
is pretty remarkable in a sense where your foot actually peels for several weeks it seems,
and very dramatically peels, which is obviously getting a lot of attention. Where my peel comes in, Smooth Peel for feet,
that we would actually pre-treat the area and hydrate that area so that when we actually
apply the peel, and it does peel in a few weeks substantially, you will be left with not only exfoliated feet, but very supple
feet. And I think supple feet are important to have,
especially in those heels. I don’t have very many questions about the
process. I’m kind of walking in blind, trusting that
it’s going to end up being a very good result. I think that anytime you do any type of, you
know, minor dermatologist procedure or cosmetic surgery, you can do as much research as you
possibly can. But the results are going to be what really
shows you if this is something you should continue doing. So with light to medium peels, there’s virtually
no risk as far as your skin condition getting worse, because when you go somewhere and you
get, let’s say a bigger brand peel or one from a physician, there’s gonna be some downtime. And there may be some scarring, just depending
on how strong it is, how sensitive you are, how much melanin is in your skin. That’s also a factor. I have a little bit of anxiety about getting
the foot peel done. I am moving this weekend. I don’t want to have a hot potato foot all
weekend because my feet are super sensitive. But I think that the results will be worth
it. Hello. Hi. Hi. I’m Clarissa. Hi Clarissa, nice to meet you. I’m Nidah. Nice to meet you. Just so you know, for 48 hours post treatment,
you cannot be working out. You have to avoid— That won’t be hard. Okay. First, I’ll have Clarissa seated and we will
prop her feet up. And then we will apply the first step, which
is the pre-treatment. I will be rubbing this pre-treatment into
her feet to make sure the natural moisturizing factor is well absorbed. After about two minutes, I will take a wet
towel and I will be removing this solution. And then I will apply the actual peel itself with a brush. I will be brushing it onto the feet from the
top to the bottom, avoiding in between the toes as that is a sensitive area. And just overall be brushing the bottom and
the sides of her feet. You want to make sure that you get these calluses
or these cracks on the sides of the feet, because essentially that is why the client comes in, is they would like to get that peeled off. I will be leaving this solution on and she
will be going home with open shoes. I will advise Clarissa to not wash her feet
for 24 hours. Okay, so today is the third day since I got
the chemical peel on my feet, and my coworker does this two or three times a year. And I asked her what to expect, and she was
like, “You’re going to get to know your feet in a way you never have before.” And holy s**t was she right. It’s just peeling in the most insane way. It’s like. During the process of the actual peeling of
the foot, there wasn’t any discomfort. I think that I was just really surprised by
how much skin comes off of your feet, and it happens almost immediately. And it comes sliding off, really sliding off
in big chunks and pieces. So that was— it was kind of gross. I had to wear closed toed shoes for a long
time. I researched a lot of foot peels out there before I made
my own. Everyone wants their own feet to be as soft
as a baby’s foot. The DIY foot peel that you would buy at home
is basically dramatic peeling. That’s why it’s getting all this press. It’s like you’re getting this visual, dramatic
peeling going on in a relatively short period of time. I think it’s very important not to be left with just exfoliated feet, but you want
them to be supple, and moisturized, and hydrated. For me, going to see a professional is completely
worth it. I don’t know that I would have felt very confident
in the chemical process on my own feet. And having a professional do it and being
able to have someone that I could reach out to when I had questions was really, really
valuable. So the aftercare process would be you cannot
wash your feet after you apply it for 24 hours. Chemicals are great for exfoliating. They decongest cells. They just have a way of slowly making the
skin peel off in a very safe manner, depending, of course, on the strength of the peel. I got my hair braided two days ago, and one
of my friends was massaging my feet while I was getting my hair braided. My birthday’s coming up, they want to pamper
me. And he goes, “Your feet are really soft right
now.” And I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say
that my feet are really soft ever before. So I want to keep doing this. I love chemical peels because it’s like a
reset for the skin. You are just getting rid of all the old cells
that have been sitting there for how long. And they are interfering with the absorption
of all those expensive products that you’re buying. So what you want to do is get a chemical peel
to actually make those products more effective. I feel ready to wear every shoe I can find. I want to go shoe shopping right now. I want the strappiest, tallest, most naked feet possible. I want to look, feel like Rihanna, you know,
with her little strappy things. They look great and I feel much more confident. Thank you for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, click here, and to subscribe,
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