I Tried An 11-Step Hydrating Facial At The Plaza’s Spa | What The Wellness | Well+Good
I Tried An 11-Step Hydrating Facial At The Plaza’s Spa | What The Wellness | Well+Good

– There’s something very luxurious
about having someone else apply your lip balm. I’m a lady, I’m at the Plaza! (upbeat string music) Hi, I’m Ella Dove and this
is “What the Wellness?” the show where I try out
the latest and greatest wellness trends,
treatments, and experiences to find out what’s weird and
what’s actually worth it. I’m having a very special day. I’m Ella at the Plaza,
specifically at the Guerlain Spa. So today I’ll be getting the
queen bee facial treatment. It uses a very buzz ingredient, honey, which is known for being antimicrobial, it’s full of antioxidants,
and it helps strengthen the skin barrier. All things I could definitely use. So, let’s go give it a try. – We start our facial at
Guerlain with breathing exercise. In order to do this we have four elixir, which are inspired by our fragrance. So aromachology usually
works with your brain. It brings back the memory
and it just relax the body. It’s very important for your skin to relax in order to absorb all the products and to get all the benefits. (bell ringing) This is the opening ritual
we do for every facial. (gentle ambient music) So all the products we are
using during this facial has the honey extract and
royal jelly concentrate. It’s gonna hydrate your skin and make the skin radiant. (bell ringing) I’m gonna remove the makeup and clean a little bit your skin. (bell ringing) Also I see a little bit unbalance, the skin with some breakouts.
– Yeah a little bit of breakout. – Okay, you know, honey,
it’s a natural antibiotic, it’s anti-inflammatory and soothing. So definitely honey’s gonna help you. So now we’re gonna do
a little bit of massage with this little sacket. We have the treatment
here, seven days treatment. And you can see here the little balls. They are pure oil jelly
and honey incorporated. (bell ringing) Don’t forget the neck. Neck is part of your face. You wanna take care of your neck, too. – Do I look like a queen bee? – Not yet, almost there. At the end. (laughing) And now we’re gonna use a rich cream. And we’re gonna do the massage. – Wow, we haven’t even
gotten to the massage yet. (bell ringing) So this massage was created in 1928. Since then, in every Guerlain
spa, you go, you’re gonna have the same massage. It was developed by a
dermatologist, actually. – What are the benefits of the massage? – Well this massage,
it’s more pressure points and lymphatic drainage, so it’s gonna help to eliminize the toxin. So we also stimulate the circulation, more blood comes to the surface. And more nutritions and
oxygen for the cells. – So what makes this mask so unique? – The way it was made, it pushed the products in.
(bell ringing) A very high concentration
of royal jelly and honey. Honey has also amino acids, which stimulates the collagen production. So honey is also good for the collagen and elastin production. (bell ringing) (upbeat ambient music) (bell ringing) (bell ringing) (bell ringing) And we’re done. How are you feeling? – Really, really,
– Like a queen bee, right? – like a queen. Like if a queen was gonna get a facial, it would be like this. (bees buzzing) Back in reality. Oh, I look just radiant. – [Masseuse] Yes, you do. – So hard being a queen bee. (bees buzzing) My whole face down to my lips
are like the most nourished, moisturized, radiant, they have ever been. “What the Wellness?” the queen bee facial. I did not deserve this. This facial was the the most pampered I have pretty much ever felt. There was a harmony to the full experience that you don’t often
find in other facials. You know, I’ve tried some
really expensive facials, and it felt a little bit
like they’re piecemealing different technologies together, but this Guerlain facial is rooted in basically 100 years of tradition. It just felt like an expert,
a really incredible expert facial that you just
could not do to yourself. And then having that
whole experience inside of this beautiful spa at the Plaza, like, of course it’s worth it. It’s the most delightful
experience in the entire world. It’s $210 for 60 minutes,
which is definitely pricey. But if you’re gonna treat yourself, come treat yourself at the Plaza because you just can’t
find that anywhere else. I’m Ella Dove and this
is “What the Wellness?” A very lux “What the Wellness?” Want more “What the Wellness?” Subscribe to Well and Good
YouTube channel right now. And if you have a treatment
you want me to try, let me know in the
comments below. (buzzing)

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