I Tried Following A YouTube Haircut Tutorial
I Tried Following A YouTube Haircut Tutorial

Hello friends and welcome to another video. Today I’m gonna be following a YouTube tutorial’s instructions on how to cut my own hair. And then I’m going to be cutting my own hair. So earlier this year there was a trend of attempting to follow other people’s YouTube tutorials to see if they were actually doable. For example, I myself recreated one of Simply Nailogical’s nail art videos with solidly mediocre results, but apparently very upsetting nail shapes. So today I’ll be venturing into a different but arguably more high stakes genre of tutorial—hair-doing. As for my current hairdo, I haven’t cut it or done anything official to it since Brad Mondo snipped it for our perfect makeover video and I think it’s time for it to be short once more. Up until this point I’ve had trouble finding the right time to get it done, mainly because I don’t want to cut it in the middle of producing a video and have my hair just suddenly change. But because we’re sort of always filming something in the background, I decided to just make a video about it so it actually finally happens and maybe I’ll learn something in the process Maybe. *send help* Now, I don’t think I’m the first person to do this— in fact, I know I’m not the first person to do this and though my personal inspiration for this video was Jenna Marbles’ rachet salon, I’m gonna link a few haircutting videos in the description below for your viewing pleasure. So I guess with that, let’s begin. My only hope is that I don’t end up in a hairdresser reacts video. Uh-uh, that is a…. *shook* disaster Okay. So we have transformed our filming room into sort of like a hair studio and now I’m here ready to cut my hair with some hopefully protective layers on the ground and table and a giant vanity in front of me that I can barely see because my camera is right in front of it. Oh yeah, you can’t see anything So, after looking through quite a bit of the Youtube “cutting your own hair” video catalogue It seems like most of the tutorials that teach you a doable seeming method to cut your own hair are done by like recreational hair cutters and not really by professionals which make them seem more achievable but also way less sanctioned But I guess that just adds to the fun And for my hair type there seems to be like two general categories of self haircut tutorials The first of which is for like a long layered haircut and the other which is for a shorter, more blunt bob cut long bobs, short bobs, it’s up to you bob As I mentioned before, I’m looking to take out a little lenght, so I’m leaning towards the long bob path Which, actually, isn’t a super different length than from when Brad cut my hair though his style was more layered and he also lightened my hair a bit Which I think woked well and looked good for like spring and summer but know that it’s November and it’s becoming winter, I’m looking for something more severe Blunt and dark.
Sort of like how it is at 6 p.m. now that daylight savings time has kicked in Is it daylight savings time or standard time? Well…what? Did Ben Frankling do it? Oh my God I feel like that’s my first negative feeling towards Ben Franklin So I will be dying the leftovers of my hair back to my natural color or perhaps even a bit darker and we’ll also be following a Youtube tutorial for that This could be like a fun video transition.
Ready? *Funny wheuh noise* So the tutorial I’ve chosen is the one by Sharee Annonuevo And it’s called “How to cut your hair short and straight” Which is what I want And her technique is to basically put your hair into two pigtails with rubber bands and then use the rubber to measure where you should cut and then chop Now that seems to be the general advice from everyone. To use rubber bands and then cut along the rubber bands It seems like some video employ like a unicorn horn method, while others opt to tie your hair underneath your chin like a little goatee Do I look like a goat? Like the Taylor Swift goat? *goat yell by human in background* *goat yells by Sofia* And though I would have enjoyed either of those methods I actually don’t think that my hair is uniformly long enough to pull it off down here or up there. So we’re going with pigtails So I think that’s all we need to explain, so let’s turn on the tutorial and whip out the scissors “Hey guys, what’s up and welcome back to my channel” So, in today’s video I’m going to cut my hair Same So the tutorial starts with just combing out your hair, so let’s do that Oh, thare actually are a fair amount of knots in my hair And then step two is to make sure my part is where I want it to be I feel like my part is always a little bit uneven Is that a line? But is it straight? Whatever And then the third step is to divide my hair into two even sections, regardless of my part and put one side to the side “Now, here’s a close-up of my dry ends, and now you can clearly see that it is in need of a cut” Do my ends look like that? Kind of, honestly Alright, and then the next step is to make like a very smooth and flat pigtail on this side with the rubber band Alright, how is that? Oh, well this is not the chopping rubberband This is the intermediary rubber band And then do the same the side I just put away Oh, how is that? I haven’t rocked the pigtails in a minute Maybe like ’98, like in kindergarden years Alright so, I will watch to confirm but I’m pretty sure the next step is the cutting template rubber band “Now with another rubber band, tie that beneath the ponytail you just did This rubber band will act as a guide as to show how short you will cut your hair” Yes This is the important one, the other one was just to throw away So, it’s in, and now I’m gonna pull it downwards I feel like my ideal length for this lob is like shoulder length or maybe a little bit above shoulder length But I feel like for the initial chop I should give a little bit of leeway and like go a little longer Just because like, when I’m gonna be evening it out and fixing it, I can only go shorter Alright, so the next I put in another measuring rubber band on the other side and I have to get the two rubber bands even so the cut is even I feel like this is pretty close to even, I’m just gonna go check in the bathroom really quick, just to make sure I think that this rubber band over here is slightly lower than this rubber band But I think the lower rubber bands are at the same height Or at least sort of like approximately close? Near to each other? Hopefully? Alright, so I’m pretty sure that the next step is just to cut, but let’s just double check to make sure *exhale* “I’m scared” “i’m scared” “It’s not that much, but I’m still scared” She is scared? Should I be scared? I mean, I guess it makes sense to be nervous, but I felt like we were just going along so well, so confidently She was telling me what to do and now I’m not so sure Though I guess she did publish the video, so it must not have turned out too bad in her opinion Alright, so she just cuts right above the rubber band She just goes for it. She just just starts sawing, basically I’m gonna do this this side first, because I can see it in this mirror here Oh my go(sh) Alright I just wanna make sure my scissors aren’t like at an angle I mean, I guess we would just end up with like an angled bob, but that’s not what this turorial is about Ready? Oh, Oh my God, it’s happening You can’t say that Oh my God, it was totally at an angle.
Oh God, it’s at an angle now, it’s getting worse Look *laughter* I don’t know. Oh my God. The weird thing is, it looks crazy right here, right? It looks crazy But right here it looks okay. Maybe if they like trim the video like just to this part.
I’m determined to come back And listen, we all start from somewhere. Like Drake I started from the bottom and now we “hair” What does that mean? Okay, so now I think we just do, hopefully, the same thing on the other side I’m trying to now mess up the same amount on both sides Ready? Are you serious? Oh my God Ty, I’m doing a really bad job. Oh my God. Oh, this is a hack job. This is character assasination You know what? The look pretty similar I think that if I were to ever do this again, I would need a couple more pigtails Because my pigtails are way too thick for me to hack through YES. It’s a similar sensation My hair smells good Here, do you want some? I call this serial killer ASMR Okay, so we’re here now, so let me just see what’s next up in our tutorial I think it’s probably take out your pigtails and look at what you have wrought But, I think we should just double check I guess. “Now it’s time to reveal how the actual cut looks” Yeah, (Background: Yeah.) Sofia: We’ll do that “I’m liking what I’m seeing but of course we need to go in and clean the cut up, a bit” Alright, there we go. I guess what I’m gonna see and then we’ll clean it up OOOOOOOH~ Oh it’s incredibly uneven.
Alright, ready for the other one? Oh, wow, that’s really uneven Okay, first eye check: the lenght itself I really like. I can’t see the back, so I can’t see the jaggedness But like, I like this *Triggered* That’s so rude I was gonna say I’m going for a Dua Lipa haircut and you say Lord Farquaad Well, regardless it’s still pretty choppy so I think we’ve to fix it so it’s even all the way around Which is in fact Sharee’s next step “Start by sectioning your hair off and work with the bottom layers” Alright so, now that I have sort of like half my hair down, I’m going to split my hair once again into like halves And then try and see if I can(t?) cut them even “Comb the hair straight, pinch your hair with your fingers, slide it down ’till you reach the end and then cut off those jagged ends straight Alright, so I’m giving that a go. Having a hard time with my depth perception, as you can tell Interestingly enough, that’s not doing a lot for me. Like, as I let go, it’s still realy long in the back there Alright, I’m going to do a first evening pass before I do Sharee’s method just because I don’t think that she anticipated my level of mess up See, I feel like now there’s less of that like crazy long stuff Now it’s more just like, generally jagged Alright, so now I’m gonna go back to Sharee’s method of like pinching the hair together and cutting straight across to even it But see, look. Now when I let it go, did you see that? Look, look, I let it go and then, what is that? How? Because it seems like every time I bring my hair together, I end up cutting the front part of my hair Which is already like the lenght I want, and then the back part doesn’t end up doing anything You see what I’m saying And even though Sharee’s has more tricks as to how to even out the back, I’m worried that I’m gonna keep accidentally cutting the front as well. So I’m just gonna do some point cutting throughout to soften up the edges But beside that, I’m not sure there’s really much more I can do at this point I mean, listen, I actually don’t think it looks like too crazy bad right now. It’s just the back that is bad Yeah, so who can really tell? Now, in the rest of Sharee’s tutorial, she basically continues to even it out and then she straightens her hair to show you how it looks and I think in general, she seems to do a really good job with her own hair And I think that for me her tutorial definitely worked to a degree I had some fun doing the main choppage and I’m still pretty impressed by these guys right here But I think, in general, I may need to seek some professional help for my lump.
But for now, we’re just gonna move on to the dye and hope that if I darken evrything up a bit, it will be harder to see Okay, so I went to go take a shower because I was covered in hair, and getting very itchy In fact, uh, my station is still covered in hair and in fact my chair is also covered in hair I don’t think I knew this beforehand, but it seems that hair is the glitter of body parts Bur regardless, I have a hair dying video cued up, so let’s dye *making noises* Meh eh eh eh So this video is called “Watch me dye my hair” and it’s by mayratouchofglam and to be fair it’s not exactly a tutorial, she’s sort of walking through how she dyes her hair But her method seems easy enough and her hair ends up looking pretty good so, I’m on board “I’ve always done my own hair, my mom usually helps me dye my hair, and today I’m gonna dye it alone but, let’s do it” Alright, so the first thing that Myra does is that she protects her hairline and her ears So I have this stain barrier cream, so I’m just gonna put a little bit of this on my finger and then just put it on my hairline Whoo! Oh, it’s thick, it feels like Elmer’s glue.
I should go around the sideburns, I suppose and then the ears are really in danger here Alright, so her next step is that she pours the entire bottle of hair dye into her little bucket and the dye I have is this demi-permanent cream shade in the color 3n which, form what I can tell, looks to be about my natural hair colour I’m not sure how much I need. She uses her entire bottle, but she also has longer hair than I do Oh, it’s white! I thought it would be brown. Is that weird? Alright and then I match it one to one with the developer. Alright, so now I get take to out my fun brush and start mixing.
So it hasn’t turned brown yet, so I’m just gonna apply it to my head and hope for the best I mean the box says it was brown Basically, Myra’s next step is just to section off her hair and start putting it on so, I think we should just do that You know what? I should really put gloves on So, I’m kind of into the elegance of this brush, like, I feel very much like “hmmm” But I’m worried about covering the whole strand.
So I feel like I’m just kind of like starting with the brush end ending with the hand.
I feel like it should look more exciting but it’s still a light beige colour Oh! Interesting! Look at what has happened to my ear Alright so, clearly I’m going to have to clean off my ears quickly, once we’ve done this whole thing But, it seems like it IS working Alright, cool, so I’m gonna let down the rest of my hair and continue to dye Slowly To be honest, I’ve been so ready to dye my hair and even though I’ve like a bizarre carpet growing in the back I feel pretty good about this That’s how I feel every day of my life I feel like, you know, everyone wants to grow up and be like a Jim and I grew up and ended up a Michael Alright, so I think I’m pretty close to being done, I’m just gonna take the last bit of dye on my hands and give my head a final stroke There was like one slighlty grey hair over here, that hopefully is covered now Well at least he has Alright, here’s to hoping that’s enough dye in my hair. So I’m gonna wait another twenty or thirty minutes or so Then I’m gonna go and wash this out and then we’ll check back in and see how it is Okay, so this is my hair after it’s been washed and dried And I think that overall I’m liking the darkness, I’m feeling very Midnight in Paris I don’t know, just like a midnight sky or like an inkwell that a writer’s dipping into with their quill Did they still use quills in the 1920s? I think that in general the dye job seems to be pretty even I haven’t found any spots that were conspicuously not dyed yet But, you know, there’s a lot of my head that I can’t see So something may turn up.
So, with the cut and the dyed job done I think that this is like my final results of my personal handiwork I think that in terms of what you guys can see at this moment from the front I think it looks pretty decent But while the front might be an 8 out of 10, the back is more like a 4 or lower So, in light of that, I do think I shoud probably get the back cleaned up a little bit by a professional Just so I can, you know, continue filming videos without everyone commenting: “What is that on the back of your head?” So tomorrow, I’m gonna go visit our friend Natalie at “This or Dye” salon and she is gonna help me out Alright, so it is the next morning and we are here at “This or Dye” with Natalie Alright, so basically Natalie what I did is that I put my hair into two pigtails and then I just cut across And even though I took it out after and tried to even it out, there’s a part in the back that started of kind off kind of jagged that I can’t really get Okay so I definetely see it’s longe back there, you kind of have, like, a little duck tail The reason why it’s longer is beacuse you pulled the back to the front, so then when you bring it back again That’s why it’s got that rounded shape back there But, you know what? I mean it’s not the worse I’ve seen so that’s good So after we showed Natalie my handiwork, I had a couple of questions for her So I guess my first question would be, if I were to continue cutting my own hair, how would I get to the back? Well. It was wet, right, when you did it? No. Okay, and it worked for the person in the Youtube video? Her hair ended up looking pretty good And it was short like yours? It wasn’t as short as mine Right, well that’s why it’s harder to cut as well. Because it’s shorter in the back We came to that conclusion after we did it So, per Natalie, if I were to continue this haircut on my own, I should start off with a handheld mirror That’s my first really good look at it First what I would do is do your hair wet, bacause that’s how you gonna get the straightest But even with these suggestions, Natalie was skeptical that you could really pull it off on your own Especially at this length I just don’t think it would be ever perfectly straight So, it seems hard It’s very hard She aslo noted that my hair was probably a little thick for a two pigtail approach You have a lot of hair, so if your hair was finer I think it would have been easier That’s what I was encountering too because I think her pigtails were a bit, like, thinner So when she was sort of trimming (Right), she didn’t get like stuck Exactly But of course, hindsight is 20/20, unless I guess you’re trying to see the back of your head We can definitely help you out today, though.
I could leave the front though if you want me that could be your haircut and mine will be in the back Yeah, see, we could do a half and a half (Yeah!) Teamwork Now I think we were Natalie’s first customers to get ourselves into this predicament following a Youtube tutorial but we weren’t her first at-home haircute fix And though there were was no wine involved in our decision, it probably would have been a better excuse The front was good, the front was like a 8 The back was like a 3 Alright, that’s pretty similar to what we said So, after evening out the whole situation, Natalie also blow-dried and flat ironed my hair so it looked nice and styled Almost as if I had gotten a real haircut Damn it, Ty That’s funny And despite Tyler’s constant Shrek references I think we were liking it This looks very professional Yes, like the dark and the cut and the angle Oh you mean professional like a look like a business professional? Yeah I mean, you just look like, I don’t know, someone to take serious I am. I am someone to take seriously Cut back to UAAAAH Awesome, well, thank you so much Natalie for helping us (you’re welcome!) We needed some help It wasn’t so bad So bad, emphasis on “so” Alright so this is my cut-by-me-but-fixed-by-a-professional haircut Overall I would say the good thing is that I like my hair as it is right now I’m a pretty big fan of the bouncy length and I feel like I’ll get a good amount of mileage out of this haircut as in like I feel like it’ll be a length that I like for a long time and I’m also a pretty big fan of the color I’m glad we’re back to dark and I know that this color, even though it’s a little big darker than my old hair color, will fade over time but I also like it like this I feel like Edna Mode but maybe a bit taller and maybe less slap-happy.
So, with these Youtube tutorials, I think I did a better job with the dye than with the cut, but we weren’t so far gone that Natalie couldn’t salvage it So it wasn’t a complete hair fail All in all, though, I had a pretty good time and I do actually think I learned a few things And though I’m not sure my experience will inspire anyone to do this at home if you ARE gonna give these tutorials a go I would probably recommend that you do more of a trim than, like, a true style change like I went for Or if you want to do the full monty, just be prepared to get it fixed Thank you guys so much for watching.
If you liked that video make sure to sh-mash (smash) that like button And if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to sh-mash (smash) that subscribe button Also, if you happen to like the “hello friends” shirt I was wearing at the beginning of this video You can get it right now at fiendsbysaf.com As well as other things If you want those Also we’re making a mug, don’t tell anyone Here are my social media handles and a big shoutout to Didi Thanks for watchin Didi And I’ll see you guys a next time!

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  77. andrea deniz says:

    you should have long hair

  78. Courtney Graulich says:

    You need sharper scissors. And you are overdirecting the back when you bring it to the front which will always make it longer resulting in a "mullet"

  79. Kylie R says:

    That's really cute saf!!!!!

  80. Rachelle Espartero says:

    I almost forgot that Myra is karina Garcia’s twin

  81. Queen Zara says:

    And this is how you cut your hair.

  82. Kawaii-chan 3601 says:

    You look like my mom 😂

  83. Emma B says:

    01:4 we all see those cards against humanity

  84. Burpingkween1375 says:

    Any other hairstylists that cringed with me??? Lol

  85. cutelife 001 says:

    With her hair in pigtails and with the second rubber and she looks like Anna from frozen (the towel helps) 😂😂😍😉

  86. Rachel Dornan says:

    i always see these vids and contemplate cutting my hair myself, but i have thick and curly hair, soooo that wouldn't work out well cuz all the people who do this have straight hair😂

  87. Guadalupe Ramirez says:

    ahhh i’m getting blue bangs saturday

  88. lone wolf says:

    What is that on the back of your head

  89. SnuffleTruffler says:

    SH doesn't stand for self harm anymore…

    It's self haircut now

  90. Mary Anne Lavender says:

    Safiya: "It's up to you, Bob"
    Bob: uh oh pressure's on!

  91. ArianaVocals says:

    Why does mayratouchofglam look like karina Garcia?

  92. Jinx The Destroyr says:

    its been a year since a YouTube video convinced me to cut off 6 inches of my hair, do it HORRIBLY, then live with the results. my hair is finally past my shoulders again, and im still salty about it.

  93. legendary creator- shahara says:

    Why do you speak like that

  94. Anita P. says:

    Saf: "It's not exactly a tutorial, she's just walking through how she dyes her hair"

    that is a tutorial saf

  95. a0kargra says:

    You're doing it wrong. Look at your cutting. You look down and have your chin up, when you cut your hair, while the girl have her chin up. It does the huge difference. Your hair get long in the neck just because of that, while she cut more of her hair in her neck because she has her chin higher and her neck lower than you. It's the small things you have to look for when doing tutorials like these. You can't do the same as someone else if you don't follow them the way they does it… It will never be the same if you don't do it the same way.

  96. knight night says:

    u look so freaking good with longer hair!!! but u r so beautiful that u look amazing no matter what

  97. knight night says:

    u look so amazing with longer hair!!! u should leave it longer more!!! ur hair looks so much thinner and flatter when its short

  98. Natalie Chan says:

    I’m ur friend

  99. *pinki Pop* says:

    I love the first add I saw clicking on this vid
    Was don’t cut your hair



  100. Ella Christensen says:

    " I don't want to end up in a tutorial"

    2019: in Brad's video

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