hey guys welcome back if you’re new here my name is Smitha welcome to my
channel many of you had requested me to do an emerald smokey eye so here it is I
hope you enjoy this video and without further ado let’s begin the lenses that
I’m wearing are in the color shadow gray and these are from melon colors super
comfortable lenses and if you want a discount you’ll find it in the
description box below let’s begin with the brows I’m going to be filling in the
sparse areas using my favorite brow pencil this is precisely my brows from
benefit in the shade 4.5 to clean up underneath the brows I’m
going to be using the Milani concealer in 145 and I’m also going to use this
on my lids as a base before I apply the eye shadows to make the blending easy
I’m going to set with some loose powder only above my crease and the one that
I’m using is airspun the easiest way to create an intense smoky eye is to use a
black gel liner as a base and today I’m going to be using the Maybelline gel
liner I’m going to apply this with a flat shader brush all the way from my
lash line to my crease before this dries I’m going to soften the edges with a
small blending brush to make it easy to blend it with the other eyeshadows to soften this further I’m going to be
using carnelian with the same blending brush I’m going to apply it at the
crease and then using a larger blending brush I’m going to diffuse it out now
for the fun part I’m going to be using emerald with my finger and applying it
directly on the gel liner on my lid and you can see how intense that shade looks
when you apply it on a concealer or a lighter base it doesn’t come out as
intense as applying it on something more deeper like the gel liner to add more
dimension to this I’m going to be highlighting the inner third of the lid
using peridot and I’m going to apply it with a flat shader brush from focallure in the lower water line as well as lash
line I’m going to first use the Maybelline gel liner over that I’m going
to be using this matte eyeshadow called turquoise I’m going to soften this using carnelian
I’m trying to achieve the same colors that’s on the lid just to balance the
lid with the lower lash line and in the inner third I’m going to be using
peridot for eyeliner I’m going to be using the
colourpop liquid liner in black and for lashes I’m going to be using brazen from
Blaq Label but before that I’m going to curl my lashes and prepare it for the
falsies by using a coat of mascara and the one that I’m using is the roller
lash from Benefit Cosmetics and here’s the completed look
I love how intense this turned out so always remember when you want to make an eyeshadow intense use a deeper base and there’s something so exotic about an
intense smoky eye I hope you enjoyed this video please let me know in the
comments section and if you enjoyed it please don’t forget to Like share and
subscribe I post new videos every Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays for your convenience I’ve listed all the products that I’ve used in the description box
right below this video you’ll also find my social media links there so make sure
you’re following me there for more giveaways and shout outs and whatnot I
love you guys so much and I will see you soon with a brand new video bye guys


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