[#IPICKCA] How I became a makeup artist in Canada (with subtitles)
[#IPICKCA] How I became a makeup artist in Canada (with subtitles)

I came to Canada in 2013. And I loved Canada so I decided to stay here. Because I feel like if I wanted to stay here, I wanted to learn something different. I always loved my creative side so I searched on the internet if there’s anything
I can do And the Blanche Macdonald school just popped up. After this, I booked a tour about the school, everything I fell in love about everything in the school. So I joined it and I started to do the Global
Makeup Program. It’s very exciting because for the Global
Makeup Program, It’s not just beauty makeup sometimes they
will teach you TV and film and something like a tutorial, For fashion shows, you get a lot of experience. You will learn, in this whole year program I always think, “It’s a good thing to
learn everything, Because in the future, you’ll never know
how far you can go.” So everything, I just learned from zero. Yeah. So I learned everything from school, I learned everything from my colleagues, I learned everything from my classmates. So I’m kinda like a sponge. I soak in everything. If I want it… So I think it’s a good thing for you too. Because sometimes, like a lot of girls, they probably start makeup 12 or 13, So they think that they know everything. So they kind of stay at their standard. But I’m kinda like white paper So I’m just starting to build my experience,
knowledge in everything. I think for international students, we always
feel like language is our barrier. But just don’t be afraid. Just feel free to speak. Because I feel like Canada is very friendly. They’re always so nice to me. Even if you say something wrong, they won’t
correct you or anything. They always say, “Oh, excuse me, what did
you say?” Or “Pardon me?” Something like this. I think it’s more important you just face
your fear first. Don’t be afraid to fail anything. Just do your best. I think it’s a good thing. You can do everything. Your life, everything. I think it’s a good experience to join a
school or do something in Canada.

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