Jamsu (Diving) Makeup Setting Technique from Asia K-Beauty Hack – MAKEUP TALKS
Jamsu (Diving) Makeup Setting Technique from Asia K-Beauty Hack – MAKEUP TALKS

hi guys welcome to the video, today we are doing something very special. I’m trying out a Korean-Japanese beauty trick this one appeared on Vogue and several other blogs. It’s called “Jamsu” which means diving in Korean where, you know, this technique is for setting your makeup where you kinda put a lot of powder on your face, stick your face in a bowl for 30 seconds a bowl full of water, and it’s supposed to give you like this amazing, you know, flat smooth finish So, um I decided to be courageous and I wanted to see what it’s all about and I’m half asian. I need to try this because it just sounded so insane. and, who des that? Who gets a bowl every single morning to dunk their face in? If you do comment below and be angry According to the article, you have to um, put your foundation on, your concealer, and then you gotta set it with a lot of powder. So because you guys already saw me using a lot of the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and it is probably one of my favorite powders in the whole world. That’s what I’m gonna use today. The article actually tells you to use baby powder like Johnson and Johnson, but I don’t know if you guys remember, they were getting sued by this one crazy woman that said she used baby powder all the time on her face (actually it was on her vagina) and it gave her cancer, so I do not reccomend using Johnson and Johnson Dont’ be cheap your health matters. So I’m gonna go ahead and apply a considerable amount of powder right now. And I’m just gonna start right on my highlighting areas and you know, I wanna do this right so I’m gonna use more powder than I would usually use. I had to turn my face side ways to make sure the powder actually stays on. A little bit more on my highlighting areas. Oh shit. I’m wearing all black and all this shit fell on me hold on. Thank god it’s only translucent powder. Okay now that I look hella crazy, we are gonna go into the bowl of water which is right here. And I’m gonna stick my head in it for 30 seconds. And I’m trying to go for 30 seconds exactly so you will see a counter actually you won’t see a counter I’m just gonna speed up the video but trust me, it’s 30 seconds ready? Okay, so I’m gonna dunk my head in here for 30 seconds, and I’ve seen other videos trying to do that they don’t do 30 seconds, but I’m gonna do 30 seconds and I’m gonna make sure that it’s 30 seconds. let’s go! Did water fall somewhere? Yes, all over the floor. K, now I’m going to use the towel to remove the excess. Just like the thing said, just pat dry. And there we go, let’s see what this looks like. All right, let me go back to my throne, and we’ll go through final thoughts. Okay so that concludes the diving, drowning, jamsu thing I actually really like it, apart from the fact that it made my face lighter, you know, I was wearing a foundation that was a little bit darker, but then it brought it to the lighter side again so now I don’t match really well, but apart from making my face a little lighter which is the fact that I used translucent powder It actually kept all the concealer and foundation, all the coverage is still there. Which is crazy I thought it was gonna go away because there was water involved but it didn’t And when I look at my pores, they look so small, like they look tiny, and I feel like it’s because of the water it really shrunk the pores you know? and kinda cooled off my face and then it made the makeup set. It does give you a very similar finish to baking, but I feel like if you have pores this might be a little bit better so, if you’re going on a special night and you want your pores to be small bring out that bowl of water so, the article said that after you do that you can go on with your makeup. and it goes on a lot smoother. So I’m go on with Charlotte Tilbury’s Film Star Bronzing Glow CHARLOTTE TILBURY HOW R U? We are gonna see how it works. What’s cool about this technique is that my face feels super thin, you know like it doesn’t feel like I have a thick layer of makeup. And I don’t I was wearing a foundation stick which does tend to feel thick. But because of all that cold water it just kinda made it feel normal again. Okay so I just put the highlighter on. And I’m gonna do a little bit of the bronzer. Wow this bronzer is horrible on me. But it works for now. You know what Charlotte, I’m gonna use another bronzer because this bronzer is horrible on my face. Okay so I’m gonna use Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance Bronze in number 03. This is crazy, like, it’s actually not moving the concealer at all, so I can like so I really get the feeling that it set the makeup really well. And lately with bronzers I’ve putting it across my forehead and I feel like that works better. And I’m kinda done with the exterme contouring thing. I feel like if you contour just a little bit, and do a little bit on the cheeks, like right in the middle, I think that gives you a slimmer look. All right so that concludes the, um tutorial demonstration of the diving thing. It was a lot of fun, um apparently if you have this on like this, it feels really smooth by the way, if you have this on like this it will last all day and it’s also waterproof so i’m gonna wear it all day, I’ll tell you on instagram if it’s waterproof (@vix4here) but I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be. yeah, if you have any comments or questions let me know in the comment section down below I’ll see you next time with another video. BYE!

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    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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    This is very impressive, I'm going to try this technique, tyvm Victor!

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    I need to try this out. Great demo. Lol you typed out "boobie brown" instead of Bobbie Brown.

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    handsome !!! so cute

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    wow…… it's cool…

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    can you give us feedback aft 4 or 8hrs of wearing makeup aft doing jamsu.. pls? TIA

  7. Alina Vo says:

    You put too much and not even. You should evenly put the powder and dip in water that way it will keep foundation look good and not patchy or white cast I tested it out and like it 👍🏻

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    Hi Victor. I love your videos! Which software do you use to edit them please?

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    Great video!

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