Jeffree Star CALLS OUT Huda Beauty’s New Line!
Jeffree Star CALLS OUT Huda Beauty’s New Line!

Jeffree Starr called out who to beauty yet again on a recent pallet drop and fans are chiming in on this one From reach TV studios in Hollywood. You’re watching. What’s trending? I’m Shira Lazar now Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily Huda beauty just dropped a whole new palette and the color scheme looks pretty cute to be quite honest The collection called the mini pastel obsessions palettes come in mint rose and lilac on instagram Hyouta Beauty teas the collection with a variety of swirls and other shimmering images But it wasn’t before long that jeffree star decided to chime in and remind us all that These looks seemed pretty familiar trends mood a popular Instagram account that posts all the beauty news posted a photo of the new hooda line Jeffrey, saw the post and commented. Hey colour-pop cosmetics. Loving your new collection Congrats This is some hot tea honey now If you don’t know colour-pop cosmetics Another popular beauty brand actually created this palette in early 2020 the look and feel of the palettes are very similar honestly and the color pop palette included 5 matte shades and 4 shimmers a lot of fans also notice the similarity and Decided to share their thoughts Sorry to say these are almost identical to the color pop palettes, but more than double the price, too These are super cute But the color pop mint and lilac palettes are basically the same and cheaper and even this Wow Who’da just loves being a copycat I feel honestly like everything’s a ripoff imitation or a copy of everything else whether it be from like recent times or old times Everything was old is new again. It’s like a constant cycle and they hope that we forget we black out or something I guess some of the fans even called this a bold move on who does part many even pointed out that this isn’t the first Time she has ripped off another brands concept color pop even tweeted about the fiasco saying team pastel for only 34 USD and every start even shaded the brand with this tracksuit photo he posted on Twitter with the caption Feeling minty. Of course. It does take a bit of time to produce a product and a collection like this So who’da could have been first, but fans are so questionable for some of the concept images for the release fans Saw how Hooda used a crane as a key art? The palette release and a lot of people on the internet compared this to the concept art Jeffrey star used for his jawbreaker line now This isn’t the first time that we’ve all called out another beauty brand on being a copycat recently Manny MUA claimed that makeup revolutions glass collection was a Rip-off of the lunar beauty’s mirror line the line that Manny helped create He tweeted Disappointed but not surprised has to be one of the worst feelings ever a lot of people claim that Manny wasn’t even the original creator Of that style and it has been fabricated many times as well Maybe everyone should just look at the glass half-full, you know, this cliche imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Does that make you feel better? but as far as it goes for who – beauty fans are eager to see if she is going to respond to any of the Claims from fans colour-pop cosmetics and even Jeffrey star many are even interested to see if the quality is indeed better than colourpop’s line So who came up with these ideas first? And is it really imitation inspiration or perhaps originality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below be sure to follow us on Instagram at what’s trending and I’m at Shira Lazar

17 thoughts on “Jeffree Star CALLS OUT Huda Beauty’s New Line!”

  1. What's Trending says:

    Do you think this is a copycat scenario?

  2. racoon_king_69 says:

    How sad to copy someone just to try get more sales

  3. Kobe Royale says:

    What the helll the campaign is like jeffreesssss and it looks like colourpops to 🤦🏾‍♀️ shame on hudaaaa

  4. Tiffany Allen says:

    Huda stays copying!! Let's not forget beauty bakery. Now she's taking Jeffree's marketing images and colourpops whole launch design/ color scheme. Like maybe it wouldn't be so suspicious but they're literally both "mint" and "lilac" but instead of the 3rd also being peach it's "rose" …. cause that just makes it better?? Like nope. Bye with that.

  5. Trap Drip says:

    Great content. Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  6. Trap Drip says:

    Quite good video, awesome! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  7. Nessa Gorr says:

    I have never used anything Huda. Is it decent?

  8. m M says:

    Uhhh didnt Jeffree just get called out for wearing real animal fur? And he completely ignored it and didnt address it?? 👎

  9. Alexis Geraldo says:

    I thought the same thing when I saw them! I thought that they were colourpop palettes!!

  10. Goforth & Be beautiful says:

    This isnt the first time huda ripped someone off though. She straight copied images from beauty bakery

  11. BROOKgaming says:

    So you think these 3 palletes where made yesterday, and launched today??

  12. Zoom Zooms says:

    Lame. That’s a stretch. The palettes aren’t even similar aside from the colors of the packaging and general color themes, which are very much general Easter/spring pastels, but the actual eyeshadow colors aren’t even close to being similar to the others. The eyes can trick you into thinking it’s all similar because of the similar color themes but if you look closely, they’re not all that similar. 🤷‍♀️ who’s to say someone from Colourpop didn’t get the idea from Huda? Who knows what goes on behind the scenes with assistants and workers talking, and companies pushing to release their products prior to a competitor’s release.

  13. R H says:

    But still she is making money and still she is allowed to go forward with this sooo. What's the point in this and get over it.

  14. MAX MAX says:

    Product development takes FOREVER. Huda is an amazing brand. Jeffree Star is annoying AF. Brands have copied HUDA forever!! Because the minis she made popular. Also her formulas! Jeffree copies her too. Also the beauty bakerie thing… it’s not rocket science to associate baking powder with the baking concept.. like just because beauty bakerie did it doesn’t mean someone else can’t.. smh. Huda started the 9 pan mini first. Anastasia and colourpop (and others) copies her. Alsoooo when Huda came out with her gemstone obsessions, COLORPOP came out with the exact same AFTER HER.

  15. Shannon Evert says:

    still bought em tho lol oh well.. doesnt get better than huda eyeshadow formula sry not sry

  16. 600firefly1 says:

    Old news

  17. Shouq The leo says:

    But it isn’t huda‘s idea for the campaign her photographer decided to do that

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