Kat Von D Pastel Goth + Alchemist Palette Review + Live Swatches + Storytime & Drama – vegan @phyrra
Kat Von D Pastel Goth + Alchemist Palette Review + Live Swatches + Storytime & Drama – vegan @phyrra

Hey guys, welcome back. For today’s video, I’m going to be talking
about the Kat von D Pastel Goth palette and the Alchemist palette. I bought the Alchemist palette quite a while
ago from Sephora.com, it arrived very fast, very well packaged. I bought the Pastel Goth palette from the
Kat von D website, and that was a nightmare. I ordered it on January 6th, it didn’t ship
out until January 10th, it didn’t get here until January 12th. I could have bought it from Sephora’s website
on January 10th, and it would have got here on January 12th (with free shipping). I was really irritated by that. I had to pay $5.95 shipping from Kat von D’s
website, I didn’t get it for free like I would have from Sephora. In addition to that, as if that wasn’t bad
enough, when I got my palette, it was wrapped in thin black tissue paper, which was fine,
but there was no bubble wrap around the palette. The bubble wrap was just loose, floating in
the box. I was really lucky that this didn’t arrive
shattered. I was very very upset to see how it was packaged. Needless to say, that was first time ordering
for Kat von D’s website, and it will probably be last time, because I don’t want to deal
with that again. For whatever flaws or issues there may be
with Sephora, at least Sephora packages things well, and you don’t get them broken. Kat von D, I love your products, but I do
not like who ever handles your shipping and packing stuff out from your website. They are not good. I had a little bit of drama getting this palette
from Kat von D’s website. There’s also a little bit of drama surrounding
the name of this palette, so for those of you unfamiliar with goth subculture, you may
not know that there are many different types of goth. You’ve got traditional, cyber, deathrocker,
metal, Victorian, tribal, pastel, gothic Lolita, nugoth, et cetera. Lots and lots of different types. Pretty much you can find a type of goth for
what ever you want to do, which is pretty cool. It’s probably one of the reasons why the subculture
is doing so well, because there are so many different types of goths. There’s that issue with the name, and then
there’s the other issue with the fact that people take issue with the fact that it says
it’s pastels. They’re like, “These are not pastel colors.” They think that the colors are too bright
or too dark. They don’t fit their definition of pastel. Pastel is a spectrum, the pastel color family
has low to intermediate saturation, which if you look at the colors in this palette,
that pretty much fits what the colors look like. I’m going to go ahead and show you the palette
up close. I personally think that the name is perfect
and fits. The Alchemist palette is much more straight
forward. It’s just a holographic palette that’s basically
meant for layering it on top of your lipsticks, your eyeshadows, your blushes. It’s a transforming palette, which is why
it’s called Alchemist. It’s very cute, only four shadows. I did do live swatches of both of these palettes
for you, I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and I also used the Urban Decay Moondust brush
to swatch the colors. Two of the shades didn’t swatch as nice on
my arm as I felt like they should have, because when I put them on my eyes, I had no problem. The colors Meow and Dope, which are my inner
lid and outer lid, both of the purples, they didn’t swatch as nice as I expected them to,
but I had no issues applying them for my look. Let’s jump into the swatches. Star is a daffodil yellow. Clementine is a pastel peach. Meow is a pinky-purple lilac. Dope is a blue toned purple lavender. Doom is a sky blue. This makes me think of Invader Zim. Doom, doom, doom. Gloom is a meadow green. This reminds me of Ruby Gloom. Dagger is a stone grey. Skull is a pure white. These are all mattes, which is awesome. Here’s the Alchemist palette. Emerald, green. Sapphire, blue. Amethyst, purple. Opal, pink. Here are all the swatches together. I wanted to make sure that you could see them
in all of their goodness. The next thing I wanted to do is to show you
what the Alchemist colors look like layered on top of the Pastel Goth palette. I thought you might enjoy just seeing that
because I’m planning on using these two palettes together. For the look I’m wearing today, I used this
palette on top of colors from the Pastel Goth to create my look. I also used this as a highlighter on my cheeks. I think it’s pretty awesome. I’ve used it on top of lipsticks as well as
eyeshadows. The packaging for both of these palettes I
really like. The Alchemist is holographic, and it’s white
and so you can see the rainbow iridescence, or at least I hope my camera’s showing you
the rainbow iridescence. I like it. It’s also dirt resistant, where a lot of white
palettes just, I swear, the moment you touch them they get gross and dirty, like my Natasha
Denona, I’m looking at you. This one, no. It’s pretty much dirt resistant. I haven’t had a problem with it getting dirty
at all. It may just be that the type of material,
the way it’s coated on the outside, doesn’t seem to get dirty. That’s really nice. The Pastel Goth, this palette is very sleek
and sturdy. You already saw the mirror on that one, this
one has a sturdy mirror inside as well. I don’t feel like there’s a ton of wasted
space in the palette, so it’s just … I don’t know, it’s a nice size, it’s pretty travel
friendly. It’s a little bit longer than my hand. Maybe an inch longer than the tip of my nails. They’re both pretty light-weight, but pretty
sturdy. I think they would be fine for travel. Overall, I am in love with the Pastel Goth
palette. To me, basically the colors in here work well
as lid colors or transition colors on my hooded eyes. This is a way for me to be able to add more
brighter … Light to mid-tone mattes to my collection to make transitional colors on
the hood of my eye, which is awesome, because that’s what I would like. Basically, I feel like if you have this palette
and the Kat von D Metal Matte, you’re pretty much set for all of the matte shades you probably
need. I’m really thrilled about that. I also love that if you add in the Alchemist,
you can basically make all of these lighter shades that are … You put on the lid and
make them reflective while using just the matte counterpart on the hood of your eye,
at the crease of your eye to create a really pretty look. A monochromatic look. The thing that I don’t like about it is that
it does have a white, and the Metal Matte palette already has a white. I wish that this was either more of a pinky-pink
or a lighter grey. I mean, I did when I put the grey, Dagger,
in my crease today, I did mix it with the white to make it a lighter grey to transition
and have it blend out. I think it looks really good. I feel like with only eight colors, I would’ve
been happier if there was a warm pink in here as well. I will insert a picture of my look up here
somewhere, so you can see up close what I did. For me, overall, I love the Pastel Goth palette. I’m a huge fan of the Kat von D eyeshadow
formula. I find it works really well for me. I don’t find that I struggle to blend it out
like I do some eyeshadows from other brands. I fell like I can build up the colors exactly
the way I want them, and work with them. I love this palette, I think it’s totally
worth the $38, or in my case, $47. It still breaks down to something like $5.87
per eyeshadow if you bought it and had to pay shipping like I did, or it’s $4.75 an
eyeshadow if you buy it from Sephora and you don’t have to pay for shipping. Which is what I recommend you do. The Alchemist palette, while I do really like
it, I don’t feel like it’s as a good of a deal, because you only get four eyeshadows,
and while the palette is only $32, that still breaks down to $8 an eyeshadow. I feel like it’s on the pricey side, especially
because I do have indie dupes for these colors. I really like the palette, I just think that
for the amount of product that you get, it’s not the best value for your dollar, which
I feel like this is a really excellent value for your dollar. Much like I felt like the Kat von D Metal
Matte palette was a great value for your dollar. Really, if you have the Metal Matte, the Pastel
Goth, and the Alchemist palette, you can come up with so many different looks. You wouldn’t need to use anything else but
those three palettes. Yeah, anyway, I love the Pastel Goth palette
from Kat von D, I’m pretty fond of the Alchemist palette, too. What do you think of these guys? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
below. If you like this video and you found it helpful,
please give it a thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos. If you haven’t already, go ahead and click
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