Lador Anti Yellow Shampoo 아도르 안티 옐로우 보색 샴푸 리뷰 | K-BEAUTY
Lador Anti Yellow Shampoo 아도르 안티 옐로우 보색 샴푸 리뷰 | K-BEAUTY

Hello Friends! This is me Leneha Junsu. Welcome to my channel which is all about enhancing what you have! Today, we
are reviewing Lador Anti Yellow shampoo. It’s basically the infamous
“purple shampoo.” The product claims that, “Reduces yellowness and brassy tones in
bleached or gray hair. Cleanses and strengthens the strand along with deep
moisture. Avoids discoloration after hair coloring and bleaching.” It comes in a 300ml plastic bottle with pump for $22. It has Korean and English instructions on
it. Expiry date is mentioned on the bottom. It doesn’t have sulfates in it. The
bottle is quite sturdy. Let’s open it by twisting the cap. The shampoo is quite
thick and dark purple in color which looks almost black. It has very mild
scent of bubblegum in a chemically way. It doesn’t stains skin but stains
everything else it comes in contact with. My bathroom’s floor got stained. So, be
careful! So a month ago, I dyed my hair pink and
that’s the result of constant washing. I have orange and brassy tones in my
hair which I wish to eliminate. You can use the shampoo with damp or dry hair. I have dampened my hair and then applying the shampoo. Just a heads up, I
went overboard with the quantity of shampoo because it wasn’t foaming up. In case, you tried this shampoo just don’t get as crazy as I did in this video. This
shampoo is formulated with hydrolyzed proteins from corn, wheat, soy and blue
pigment about which they claim that it will neutralize yellowness; will bring
back shine and silver tones in your hair even if you have gray hair. It claims to
even saturating hair strands for the useful vitamins. To be honest, the
companies claim so much yet ten percent of these things work. So, I’m going in
with an open mind. The foam is light blue color of this shampoo. Now, I will wash my hair after three
minutes. The foam has started to bleed on my clothes, unfortunately. The brassy tonse have been eliminated
from my hair completely. My hair colour has deepened a bit which I don’t mind.
Maybe, if I used less product I would have been better off but it’s okay.
My hair looks shiny as well. The only thing that I didn’t like about this
shampoo is that it completely stripped off the color from my grey hair and it
turned into a vibrant white color which was noticeable.
I will rate the shampoo 5 by 5 as far as performance is concerned. I will
recommend this to people with no gray hair because it’s useless if after
shampooing we need to just go in and dye again

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  1. paty roman says:

    Silky hair improve (>ω<〃)~♡

  2. Hobi Naswar says:

    Ahan niceeeeee

  3. the wandering spirit of k-pop says:

    iska mtlb product sahi kaam kiye hy.. shabash bahoot ache .. xD

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