Lifeline Nail Art Tutorial | CutePatzie
Lifeline Nail Art Tutorial | CutePatzie

Hello everybody and welcome back to my youtube channel my name is Patricia and today I will show you how to make this Lifeline nail art, so let’s get started I started by painting my nails like always with the base coat After that dry I paint my nails with this deep almost red color, and I paint all my nails When that also dry with white nail polish and nail art brush I start painting the lines from The side of the nail to another but in the middle I start creating like small mountains supposed to look like Jumps in the lifeline I did that on all my nails besides of my middle finger and my thumb And in the middle finger I said almost the same like the other nails But except of the middle I started creating the heart And it’s okay if you’re gonna repeat this process couple times trust me I did that over five times and in the six times this finding kind of looked at heart and if you still feel like it’s not Perfect you can also use the red nail polish and other nail art brush and kind of clean it out the outlines After you done put the thick coat of glass taco, and that’s it This is very super easy and very super quick nail art, and I feel like it looked gorgeous on your nails And I think it’s great for Valentine’s Day Anyway guys, thank you so much for watching Please don’t forget subscribe and we see each other with another video very soon. Bye

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