“Long hair UPDO” Prom Wedding day by Figaro hair salon
“Long hair UPDO” Prom Wedding day by Figaro hair salon

The magic of beauty. Women with long hair look more femenine and sexy, Unfortunately the caring for your hair is long procces full of effort. Because of that some women prefer to just get rid of their long hair. In today’s show I will tell you how to take care of long hair quickly and effectivly Dear viewers, today’s episode will be about how to style long hair at home and for that we have a model. Please tell us, where are you going today? Today I will be going to the wedding of my best friend, where I will the Bride’s maid, so for that I will need an excellent haircut. OK, She has very fine hair, this is her natural, beautifull, and healthy hair, and rigth now I will show you what you can do with long hair at home. Here are some basic techniques that will help you make a beautifull haircut at home if you don’t have the time to go to a hair salon. First we have to comb the hair, The next step is to figure out where your haircut will be based, that means, how will it look. Will it be high or low, will it be curls or braids It is very important to know this before you start. Our model told us what she will be wearing, what accesories she has, and based on that we decided upon a very specific haircut. we didn’t want to do a traditional wedding haircut because our model is not a bride. We’re going to do something a little simpler but equally beautifull When you’re working on a evening up-do, It is important to have sligthly dirty hair, if you’ve just recently washed it I suggest that you spray it with some hairspary, this is so that the the up-do will stay together when you’re done. The next step, we figure out where the haircut will be. In evening up-do’s it is very important to divide everything into parts. The look of your haircut will depend on how you divide the hair. I usually reinfore the ponytail with 2 hairbands, if one of them suddenly breaks, you can be sure that the 2nd one will hold it up. Clip the loose hair away so that they won’t get in the way during the process. We braid the 2nd braid with a black ribon in it, fastening it with an hair band. After that we do the most interesting part. We take the braid, and we start pulling out the hair, do the same thing with the other braid. When you do this you have to hold the edge. Don’t worry if it looks less than perfect, That same imperfection makes these up-do’s look natural. Now we have to take care of the braids that we left to the side and didn’t put anywhere. From these I want to make ribbons that will help us finish out haircut. When creating Evening haircuts you have to pay extra attention to balance, the haircut mustn’t be too heavy and it mustn’t have too many elements. What does this mean? If you’ve decided to add colour to you haircut there should only be 1 or 2 tones.
In this case we still had some leftover ribbons so we simply connect them around the whole up-do. The ends of the ribbon you can hide, or you can just leave them which looks good too. At the end, we have to secure the up-do with a strong hairspray. If our model goes to a wedding she is going to have fun and dance, rigth? We want this haircut to look perfect all evening.

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